A Matter of Perspective: Still Embracing Dandelions!!!

I have never been obsessed with my lawn, dandelions don’t bother me. I would rather have them grow instead of coating my lawn with chemicals.  I really don’t see the need to go nuts over it, when you cut the lawn they’re gone and by the time they’re really blooming all over, it’s time to cut the lawn again. If we did not have dandelions my kids would never have “Wishy Flowers” to make a wish and blow on.



dandy 4


dandy 2


I see posts on Facebook from people upset that the dandelions are growing on their lawn They talk about bringing out the “big guns” (pesticides), to get rid of them.  I cannot understand it when they would rather expose their kids and pets to the pesticides rather than let a few or maybe a lot, of pretty yellow weeds grow.

As I was pondering the thought, my little ones came out onto the lawn and scanning it they marveled, “Look at all the pretty yellow flowers!  Don’t step on them they are so nice.  How did we get so many?”

Today I was the recipient of a very special dandelion placed on my laptop while I was out of the room.  A very special flower from my seven-year old.


My preschooler brings me home dandelions in his backpack and by the time he gets home they are closed and dry, but he still asks me to put them in water.  I treasure the dandelion bouquets they bring me as this time is so precious and their vision so pure. Seeing these weeds as beautiful yellow flowers, something to share with their mother and something to preserve.  The innocence of these children makes me think of something I heard once, if dandelions were hard to grow everyone would want them.

A few years ago I wrote a post entitled Embracing the Dandelions and today I am still embracing the dandelions and embracing the love that brings me them and asks, “Aren’t they so pretty mommy?”  You know what? They sure are! They are more beautiful than roses because of the thought and love behind them.  It’s only a matter of perspective and this mom will forever be embracing the dandelions and the sweet memories.

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