Embracing Dandelions!

All Winter Ethan has been waiting for the “wishy flowers” aka Dandelions.  He has tried to blow on many other variety of flowers but nothing gives him the satisfaction of seeing the little seeds take to the air with a simple puff of his own air.  Little children love to cause a big change.  This is the reason they love to throw rocks in the water because they can cause such a big reaction.  Well, when that first Dandelion went to seed and he saw them again he was elated and spent a great deal of time going from one to the other and spreading their seeds.  Now, many people would be mortified to find these “weeds” on their lawns, in fact they labor over eradicating them from their property.  Not here, here we embrace Dandelions. 

I am proud of our natural, organic, chemical free lawn and that comes with Dandelions.  I cannot fathom how people put pesticides and chemicals all over the lawn that their children and pets walk and play on.  I cannot even understand companies with the name ChemLawn.  I mean really…let’s just pour poison all over our lawn.   I know that my son revels in the Dandelions and that a perfectly manicured weed free lawn would never bring him that joy.  Let’s face it, if Dandelions were hard to grow then everyone would want them.  We however will just leave them and when we cut the grass they are gone for a few days and that is okay with us.  After all God created them and we know he does not make mistakes.   At our house we will continue embracing Dandelions.

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