Blast Zone, Ultra Croc Inflatable Water Park Review!!! Exclusive Discount Codes!!!

You may remember our review of the Blast Zone Hang Ten we did a few months ago.  We love that inflatable so when we had the chance to review the huge Ultra Croc Inflatable Water Park we were ecstatic.  It arrived quickly and was very easy to unpack and set up.  All we had to do was unroll the inflatable and then hook the blower up, plug the blower in and voila, we were up and ready to attach the water hoses and sprayers.  It was pretty easy for my husband to attach them and they have multiple velcro fasteners to hold the hose and sprayer heads on securely.  We were also able to just leave them attached and deflate and inflate time and again.  We have used in multiple times in the few days we have had it.  I like that the hose tubing is clear so you can see that it is clean and if there was ever an obstruction.

This inflatable has three separate pools, 3 slides, a climbing wall and that all equals a tremendous amount of fun on a hot day.  My three-year old climbs the wall no problem and there are lots of safety handles for him to use.  They have a blast with this inflatable and we have to literally drag them out when the sun starts going down and they start shivering.  Even then they don’t want to get out.  We never hear that they are tired of it or don’t want to go in.  We simply set it up and start the water in the morning and they are in for the majority of the day.

The quality is great, and we are so glad it has so many commercial features because it is going to hold up very well to the tremendous amount of use it is going to receive.  If you are looking for something super fun to keep the kids active and cool this summer, check out the Blast Zone Ultra Croc Inflatable Water Park or any one of their other great inflatables.  A big thank you to Blast Zone for this incredibly generous and fun review!!!

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The Ultra Croc 13-in-1 Inflatable Water Park takes the Rockin Croc to a new level of Splashing, Sliding, Crawling, Climbing fun! This enormous Water Park Offers fun for kids of all ages. The inflatable beast includes 3 commercial vinyl Slides, 3 commercial vinyl Splash Pools, 2 commercial vinyl Spray Tunnels, and a commercial vinyl Climbing wall!

Adventurers scale this monster inflatable by climbing the back ramp, complete with safety handles, foot holes and a safety platform. From the top, kids choose any of 3 raging water slides to race down:  The 8-foot-long Snout-Slide, The 9.5-foot-long leg-slide, or the 17-foot-long Tail Slide (w/pool).

The most daring explorers will have a blast crawling underneath the Ultra Croc’s Belly, through either of the 2 spray tunnels. Each tunnel is soaked by an overhead sprayer assembly (included), which rains down like a car wash! Parents: There is no longer any need to fight your kids to bathe: The Croc-Wash will clean them for you!

For those who want to chill-out in the 2 Croc Lagoons, these 2 mini swamps are approximately 50 (left) and 75 (right) square feet of  maximal chill-zone!  Inflates in under 2 minutes.  Keeps kids splashing for hours!


  • 3 Commercial Vinyl Slides
  • 3 Commercial Vinyl Splash Pools
  • 2 Commercial Vinyl Spray Tunnels4 Water Sprayers
  • Commercial Vinyl Climbing Wall
  • Included Fan with GFCI
  • Carrying Case

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Total Footprint: 21′ Deep x 21′ Wide x 8.25′ High
  • Length of tail slide from top of slide to bottom of slide: 8′
  • Length of tail slide from top of slide to end of tail pool: 17.5′
  • Length of Nose Slide From top of Slide to bottom of slide: 8′
  • Height of slides: Approx 5′
  • Length of foot slide: 9.5′
  • General measurements of 2 splash pools:  Left :9′ x 8.25;   Right 9′ x 5.25′
  • Diameter of tunnels: 28″
  • 4 in Splash Pools
  • 1 Per Slide
  • 1 on Climbing Wall
  • 100 Lbs Per user

About The Blast Zone “Ultra” Line

The Blast Zone line of Ultra inflatables takes our most popular Home-Use inflatables to the Next level. Each Blast Zone Ultra Inflatable is based on inflatables that have proven themselves with years of fun, safety, durability and quality. We have taken these inflatables and made them BIGGER and BETTER, adding additional features, designs, reinforcement and more commercial grade materials.

What do I get?

Each Blast Zone inflatable includes the inflatable unit, a UL approved blower a carrying case, stakes for the blower and stakes for the bouncer. The inflatable unit rolls up to about the size of a medium to large sleeping bag (depending on bouncer). Most of our inflatable toys ship via UPS in one box that includes everything. To set up the bouncer, just unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, turn on the blower and stake it down. The blower runs continuously while kids play, and air escapes through the seams and fabric.




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