Blast Zone, Hang 10 Wet/Dry Bounce Slide Combo Inflatable Review!!! Bonus 25% Off Discount Code!!!

  One of the things my kids love about their mom being a review blogger, is that I get some pretty cool stuff to review.   We recently had the opportunity to choose a Blast Zone Inflatable to review.  We ended up choosing the Hang 10, which is a large inflatable with a bounce section and a huge slide that can be used wet or dry, for fun year round.  We have been having such a mild winter here in NY State.  We have not had snow and sledding parties needed to be cancelled.  So we had planned to do the review on a mild day and during the night we had a brief dusting of snow.  We however went ahead with our plans, and just so you know, it was very mild even though there is some snow on the grass. The inflatable comes with everything you need, the blower, the stakes (please note that since we were doing just a review and the ground was hard we did not put the stakes in as we would do if we were planning on using the unit for a party or for the kids to play in for a long time.  You may also want to use sand bags to make it super secure, especially if there is any wind.  It also includes the hosing and sprayer attachments to make it a wet slide in the warmer weather and a large storage bag is also included.  You take the inflatable out and unfold it and then just hook the blower up and in minutes the unit is inflated and ready to be staked down.  This inflatable is very attractive with its bright, bold colors and cute little palm tree accents.  The bounce portion has a handle and foot holes so that a child can boost up to the slide for a fun ride out of the bounce house.  

There is an entrance ramp to the bounce house and it is completely enclosed for safety.  The bottom of the slide forms a bit of a pit that is great for a water pool when using it in the summer and you can also fill it with those small colored balls to add even more fun during other times.  The bouncer is very well constructed, made with quality materials and is very impressive.  My kids just loved this inflatable and burned off lots of energy.  It is so easy to set up and take down that you can really use it anytime quickly and easily.  If you are looking for something that will provide hours of fun, exercise and giggles you need to check out Blast Zone Inflatables.  They have such a great selection of products!

Discount Code:

The coupon code to receive 25% off is FNF25 and must be used on




Please note; we do nothave the stakes in the inflatable as explained above.You would normally secure it with the included stakes.



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16 Responses to Blast Zone, Hang 10 Wet/Dry Bounce Slide Combo Inflatable Review!!! Bonus 25% Off Discount Code!!!

  1. Rob

    I was searching on Google for a coupon to and your blog came up. I was able to use the code you posted to get a discount and lower the price of an item. Thanks!

  2. Debi

    Hi. Have you used this with water yet? Ive been looking and have pretty much narrowed it down to this product – especially if the 25% discount is still active! Would love to hear if you’ve tried this with the water. Thanks!

    • Hi Debi,

      No, we have not used it with water because by the time it was warm enough we were sent the Ultra Croc from Blast Zone to review. You can see that review and videos on our site as well. Since that is an inflatable water park we decided to keep one for wet use and one for dry. At first I thought it would be nice to have a bouncer and slides in a wet inflatable too but I think having the bouncer section with the water sildes would be really hard to get clean and dry. I like the ultra croc a lot as a wet inflatable. I love the Hang 10 as a dry inflatable.

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for the code… still seems to be working….
    Long Island

  4. Chris Robinson

    FYI, the coupon code works, but it only takes off 10% now. I chatted with the company to ask why that was and this is the response I received:

    “Andrew L: Okay, the code FNF25 was an internal-use only coupon code from 2009 that has expired. We left the coupon code active for 10% off as a courtesy to our customers.”

    Still cool to get the discount though.

  5. Brittany

    Currently the code is only taking 10% off.

  6. Nancy


    Just wondering if you had any difficulties sliding down the slide as an dry bounce house. Also, do you usually stake it down?


    • No we don’t and I will be putting a review up soon for a jump house that is dry only with slides and we love it!!! We do stake it and we put tarps underneath, if you have them outside they are a bit of upkeep to keep them nice. They are so worth the work though because our kids play in the wet ones all summer and the dry versions up until the snow flies. They get lots of active play and stay nice and cool in the summer heat.

    • No difficulties, wear wind pants or similar material for best results. We do stake it down.

  7. Mike

    Hi Carolyn–

    You have had this bounce for a little while now. I am thinking about this unit, however some reviews indicate the slide does not work well (if at all) as a dry slide.

    Do you have any updates to this bounce that you can share?

    • Well for dry it works best with wind pants or some material like that, of course it is not as slick or fast dry as it is when wet but still fun. However it is much more fun wet when you want to slide fast and stay cool.

    • Slides work great wet and good dry. If you use wind pants or similar clothing they will work best when used as a dry slide.

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