A Whale of a Sale!!!

It does not matter how much money I have or don’t have, one thing is true.   I get almost giddy when I get something I need on an incredible sale. Yesterday, I hit a jackpot of sorts.  I got myself 4 pair of Jones New York velour cozy yoga pants (I walk and workout in them), that were originally $59 for $4 and change. If that was not a great enough deal, I then picked up Levi jeans for Ethan at $6.81 a pair.  I could not believe it but I love it!!!  Got a few more bargains but those were my biggest.

It was a glorious and warm day here and I took a great walk outside with the puppies.  It felt wonderful and you can definitely smell spring in the air.  All the snow is melting so rapidly.  I know it is supposed to be cooler the next few days but there is no denying spring is coming.  Yesterday, when I was shopping the bathing suits, gardening supplies, swim toys and Easter candy were a very welcome sight.

Remember, a few weeks back I told you all I was stressing over Ethan’s birthday cake and that it was going to be a construction scene.  Yesterday, I got the trucks for that and then in another store I found the perfect things for a John Deere tractor cake.   I bought those too because with two little boys they are not going to go to waste for sure.  I plan to ask him what he would rather have, and then start my mental planning.

It is a time of planning isn’t it? Springtime, and the anticipation of rebirth and renewal.  I am mentally preparing my garden and I decided I am going to ask my husband to build me another large raised bed.  I already have 2 but I want to add a third.  I cannot wait to get my hands into the soil and to start planting.  Are you all planning a garden?  I love being able to grow healthy food that I know was not sprayed with pesticides.  I also love showing my kids how things grow.  I would love to add some free-ranging chickens for eggs and for fun, but with our pack of dogs, it just does not mix.  Heck, I have even wanted a goat or two and a miniature donkey.  That does not sit so well with my husband, who knows he is the one who takes care of all the animals.  I try to sell him on the healthy benefits of our own goat milk and making our own goat cheese, but he just points to a farm down the road where we can pick that up.  So no chickens, goats or donkeys but I will have my garden.

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  1. Aprile Mazey

    Those are some great deals you got there!

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