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The Best Way To Cook Soups & Stews! #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway


The days are getting chilly and soup and stew weather is upon us. There is something about this time of year that makes it more comforting than any other time to enjoy a savory stew, flavorful soup or even a hearty chili.


I love to cook stews and soups this time of year. One of my very favorites that I grew up with, is Pasta Fagioli which means pasta with beans in Italian. It is a warm-you-up, stick-to-your-ribs, bowl of deliciousness.

This weekend I cooked a huge batch of it in my brand new Emile & Henry Stewpot. I love this huge 7 quart, red covered stewpot. It is big and that is good because being Italian we never cook a little bit of anything. I believe it had to be an Italian that coined the phrase “Go Big or Go Home”. We just always have enough for anyone that stops by. I have a big family, but stews and soups are so good the next day and even to freeze.

Emile Henry Pot

emile henry pot 1

Emile Henry 5

Emile henry pot 4

This huge stewpot is an entirely natural cooking vessel. This stewpot is part of Emile & Henry’s Flame® product line and can be used direct on heat  (gas, electric or halogen), in the oven, the microwave, even on the barbecue.  The cookware is highly resistant to thermal shocks and you can take it from the freezer and put right in a hot oven.

The cookware itself retains heat so your food stays hot longer. The cookware is wonderful for cooking simmered dishes like stews and soups but  recommended by word renown chefs to use when cooking caramel due to its even heat diffusion. This stewpot makes caramel quickly and easily. We are going to try that out as my husband has been going on about wanting to make a sea-salt caramel.

Flame® Cookware is produced using raw materials directly from nature like non-treated clay, sand, filtered water and mineral oxides for the colorful glazes. So you know you are cooking in total safety. There is no lead, cadmium or nickel in them cookware and so no risk of contamination when cooking. The cookware is made in France from high fired Burgundy clay.

emile henry pot cook

Since it is such an excellent heat diffuser as opposed to metallic cookware, it diffuses heat and does not conduct it. The cooking process is gentle and food does not burn, so you are left with the flavors of your food intact. Since it is such a great diffuser it performs well on lower temperatures. So very high temperatures are unnecessary and it is advised to start with low heat.

Emile Henry 7

The cookware is very sturdy and resistant to mechanical shocks that make it a great choice in restaurants. The glazes used are very resistant to the dishwasher and the most aggressive of detergents

While my Pasta Fagioli was simmering I made a nice crusty round bread in my Emile & Henry Bread Cloche. You may remember when I showed you those last year. They are still one of my favorite kitchen items and the only way I make bread now!

Emile Henry 8

When my Pasta Fagioli was done I served it with fresh grated Parmesan cheese and the fresh sliced bread. It was the perfect weekend dinner on a cold night for this family.

Emile Henry Pot 8

Emile Henry Pot 9

We think the Emile & Henry Stewpot makes a gift that will delight any cooking enthusiast on your gift list. You will find it on Mommy Ramblings 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Emile & Henry is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win their own 7 quart Emile & Henry Stewpot ($240 ARV) . Thank you to Emile & Henry for this gorgeous stewpot and for sponsoring this awesome and extremely generous giveaway for our readers at Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US residents.


emile henry stewpot

Emile & Henry 7 Quart Stewpot Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!


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Back-To-School-Keep You Kids Belongings Safe & Save Money

I don’t even want to think about back to school yet, but I know some of you in the south are facing that reality. I am sure you have spent a big chunk of change on your children’s new backpacks, shoes, sneakers, jackets, clothing and supplies to start the year. Don’t let anything get lost because it wasn’t labeled. Right now you can save 20% on Label Daddy labels!

Label-Daddy-School Pack - pencils

Label Daddy is the number one solution for labeling your belongings! Remember to label all clothing, sports equipment, electronics, musical instruments, backpacks, calculators and other personal belongings your kids bring to school, camp, sports practice, day care, vacation, and other places. Label Daddy labels keep them from getting lost or mixed up with others. These labels are great for adults too! — Put them on your sunglass/eyeglass case, phone, camera, sports equipment, tablet, e-reader, hats, clothing, and more.

These labels are super durable, peel-and-stick washable labels — they’re washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also fun and attractive. You design your own labels! Pick from tons of colors, sizes and logos, including Disney and Marvel characters, MLB, NBA, and NHL team logos, other sport and fun logos, and more. Their exclusive laminated coating gives labels an extra layer of protection and is a must for camp! These labels are made in the USA and shipped directly to you worldwide.

label daddy tile save 20%

I just ordered both of my boys MLB, NY Yankees Label Daddy Labels! They are just going to love them and we also have the Marvel Label Daddy Labels in Hulk and Captain America.  I label everything! Better safe than sorry, we spend too much money on their belongings to just leave it to chance.


Save 20% on your entire Label Daddy order – this is the best discount available anywhere. Use code USFAMILY20 at checkout, to start shopping click HERE!  Do you have any tips for keeping your child’s belongings safe? I would love to have you share with me in the comments.


Label Daddy Banner 1




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Don’t Bring Home These Unwanted Guests When Traveling This Summer!

With summer vacation fast on our heels, families are traveling, going on road trips, visiting relatives and getting out and about.  Great memories are what they want to bring back from vacation, no one wants to bring bed bugs back!  Unfortunately, many do bring home these unwanted stowaways.   They could come  from a hotel, Airbnb, relative or friends house but if you have them, one thing is for sure, you want to kill them quick. If you have kids and pets you don’t want to use toxins especially on surfaces like your mattress that you spend so many hours on each night.  If you are looking for something you can treat bedding with when your travel or if you are dealing with an infestation at home, there is a safe, eco-friendly treatment.  Bed Bug Killer Spray

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer kills bed bugs on contact and is made with all natural ingredients like essential geranium oil.  The spray works to eliminate all stages of bed bugs (eggs, nymphs, adults). The spray is odorless and non staining so you can apply it directly to your sheets, mattress and bedding to kill bed bugs on site. Spray is safe for kids and pets and the organic, non-toxic ingredients put your mind at ease, which is what you need when you are already stressed.

bed bug killer 1


Bed Bug Checklist Guide Graphic

Bed Bug Killer Comparison

When you have bed bugs you want to get rid of them fast, going to bed can literally be a nightmare when you know they are just waiting to feast on you and your family. The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is the fastest bed bug treatment on the market. Works faster than bed bug powders, traps and interceptors. The spray was formulated by professional exterminators and is guaranteed effective to work and comes with a 100%, no questions,  60 day, money back guarantee. 

bed bug killer 3

The threat of bed bugs does not end with summer.  Did you know if you have children who are heading off to college, there are outbreaks of bed bugs in college dorms nationwide.  Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is a great product to send your child away with.  This bed bug killer should be the top of their college packing list. You can purchase Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer on Amazon, there is a link below.

I received a free product to facilitate my review from Eco Defense.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.


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Keep Multiple Mobile Devices Charged In Your Car Easily #PlusLifeGuard

Car Chargers for our smart phones are essential.  We need to know that we have the capability to charge our phones and mobile devices in the car.  Not only do I work from home and need my cell phone to be ready for me at all times to check and respond to business emails, take and make calls, check on the weather or other important things, it’s a contact point for my family.


I recently tested out the white and black +LIFEGUARD Car Charger 2.1 A and I was very impressed.  It has two USB ports so it can charge 2 devices at once, the front glows a nice blue color to show you the charger is working and believe me, it really is bad when you can’t tell and find out the hard way.  This way I know my charger has power and my connected devices are recharging.

Lifeguard Car Charger



They device is compact and easy to take when traveling.  I am very impressed with it and you can purchase them right on Amazon.  Let me know if you have them and what your think.  Also let me know if you have any other questions about them.  I will be happy to answer them.

Lifeguard Car Charger White Boc

Lifeguard Car Charger Black Box

Type: Dual USB Car Charger
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: 5V – 2.1A (Max)

Compatible Devices:
USB Output 1 (+IQ): All devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Google Phone, Motorola, Sony, cameras, power banks etc.
USB Output 2 (1.0A): Cell phones and other small usb devices.


I was provided with 2 chargers by the company to facilitate my review.  As always all of my words and opinions are 100% my own.





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The Easy Way To Keep Your Smartphone Secure & Accessible In The Car

I have a great universal car mount for your smartphone to share with you.  You can use the K2R Universal Car Mount in the car or even on your kitchen counter.  The adjustable sides ratchet closed to hold your phone securely.  Holder rotates 360 degrees to hold your phone in all kinds of angles for portrait or landscape viewing.

K2R Universal Car Mount

Out of the package it’s super easy to just connect the 2 pieces and tighten with the lock nut.  Next remove the protective film from the bottom, place on a clean, flat surface and push down on the lever lock to secure.  You will not be able to budge the holder.  When you are ready to release you push up on the lever and pull the little strip on the back and the holder will release, leaving no damage to your surface.

K2R Smart Phone Car Mount

K2R Cell Phone Mount

K2R IPhone 6 Mount

K2R Cell Phone Holder Mount Car Holder Vlog


We tested this mount on the counter at home and in the car and were very impressed with the secure seal and all the viewing angles.  You can see our video review to see it in action.  Please let us know what you think.



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How To Keep Your Pet’s Body & Mind In Top Shape

If you’re an animal lover like me, you want to do all you can to keep your pet healthy and happy.  Healthy skin, coat, eyes, coat, immune system and brain are the keys to your pet living a long, vibrant life.  Did you know fish oil is one of the most important supplements to help keep your pets body and mind in top shape.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil provide widespread benefits. It helps support healthy skin, coat, joints, heart, kidney and the development and maintenance of the brain, eyes and immune system. It also helps promote weight loss in overweight pets and may help reduce certain allergies.You have to be careful of the kind of fish oil you choose because they are not all the same.  The source, purity and concentration make a huge difference in the quality of the fish oil.

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Pets Icy Water

TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil is the highest quality fish oil you’ll find anywhere. Carefully crafted from deep-sea, cold water fish and molecularly distilled for purity from all toxins, it’s refined for maximum potency without the overwhelming scent of other fish oils.

Some of the benefits of using TerraMax Pro Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Are:

* EPA, one of the two omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil, acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can help with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints.

* DHA, the other omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil, is important in brain and eye development in puppies and kittens and is recommended for pregnant or nursing pets.

* It can help ease inflammation due to allergies, and reduce dry, itchy skin. This can be an effective way to potentially decrease the incidence of hot spots.

* It promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and may reduce shedding (For cats, this may mean fewer hairballs, since they won’t pick up as many loose hairs while grooming).

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Dogs

Only the finest fish oil is used for TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega 3 Fish oil: Wild Sardines, Herring, Anchovy and Mackerel. Wild caught exclusively from the clean, icy-cold waters of Iceland, using only sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing methods safe for Dolphins and other protected species.

The fish oil is then purified with one of the best purification methods that exist, called Molecular Distillation. Molecular Distillation is one of the few methods that can remove heavy metals, PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable limits, making it safe for consumption.

TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil is guaranteed to contain 100% of the purest, most potent fish oil on the market to provide optimum nutrition for your pet. Their fish oil is all natural, human grade and does not contain any additives or preservatives. The proven science behind TerraMax Pro’s product makes it truly unmatched! Their proprietary formulation means a 100% Unmatched Experience. Try it now, keep your pet active, healthy and happy!

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Pets

Would you like to win a 16 oz bottle of TerraMax Pro Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil?  I thought you would, just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!  Open to US residents.


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The Secret To Never Dropping Your Phone Again

Ever find yourself frantically patting your pockets, looking for your smartphone…trying to capture that perfect moment, only to miss it because it took too long to get your phone out? Maybe you like to mountain bike, or rock climb, and wish you had easy access to your phone without having to stop and unpack it from its super safe location? Are you a mom with a  2-year-old that screams bloody murder until you hand over your phone at which point they throw it at the ground and laugh at you hysterically?

This lanyard design turns your smartphone from being a concern and a hassle to being an accessory and easily accessible. Wear your phone several different ways and keep it safe from being dropped but at the same time right there in your hand when you need it.

ReelCase is sponsoring this giveaway in celebration of their Kickstarter Campaign! Head on over and show your support!  You can contribute as little as $1 and it goes a long way, or just stop by and leave an encouraging message on the Kickstarter Wall! 3 winners will each get their own ReelCase and a $25 Amazon Gift Card! US residents only please, Ends 5/12


  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prizes will be fulfilled by the sponsor. Winning entries will be verified. Winners will be contacted at the email address used when signing into the Rafflecopter. Winners will have 48 hours to respond otherwise forfeiting their prize and a new winner will be chosen.



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Say Goodbye To Soggy Sandwiches For Good!

Americans consume over 45 billion sandwiches a year!  Sandwiches are a great lunch option and very cost-effective compared to buying lunch out.  With more people packing lunch from home, the problem of soggy sandwiches was one that needed a solution.  No one wants to eat a soggy sandwich for lunch and yet that was the fate of many a sandwich by lunch time.  Now you can say goodbye to the soggy sandwich for good!  Perfect Sandwich is the patented, one of a kind solution to transport all your sandwich ingredients separately.



When lunch time arrives you can open your Perfect Sandwich and create a fresh sandwich from the separated ingredients.  The PerfecCHILL Technology keeps your sandwich ingredients within the USDA guidelines for perishable foods of under 40 degrees F for over 5 hours at room temperature and under room temperature for a full 8 hours.

Perfect Sandwich-Container

No need for plastic sandwich bags, foils or plastic wraps which are wasteful and bad for our environment not to mention costly.  The BPA free, Perfect Sandwich container is dishwasher safe and durable so it will last for years!  You can also use it for more than sandwiches adding to the versatility and expanding lunch options.  You can visit No More Soggy Sandwich on Facebook

Perfect Sandwich-Colors



Enter to win a Perfect Sandwich below!  Good Luck!!!


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How Safe and Secure is Your Home? The Answer May Shock You! #MySafeHome #MomBuzz

Do you ever wonder if you are truly prepared for an emergency?  I mean, we all try to be but life gets in the way.  We have some things in place but are lacking in other areas of preparedness. We have an escape ladder for our second and third story windows in case fire prevented us from exiting the home through the stairways.  However, if you asked me right now where it is, I would tell you where it should be but since that area of our home is under construction…yeah. I think you understand what I mean.  We do have big things in place but I suppose we need to go over things and find out where we are lacking.

Recently, I found out about a site that does just that for you.  MBIntel is a site you can go to and begin a free home risk analysis.  It only takes about 15 minutes to answer the questions about home safety and security as well as emergency preparedness. When you are finished you will be given the results and shown the areas that need improvement if applicable.  I went to their website today and answered the questions to get my home risk analysis.  Overall I did well, but there are some issues we need to address to really be in top-notch shape.  I plan to go over this with my husband and get the things we need in place to ensure our home is as safe as can be.  You can upgrade to a paid version that gives you more detailed reporting of any issues so that you can see clearly what you need to do to fix them.  I upgraded to a paid version and was able to print out a full report so that I could share that with my husband and we can make the changes we need to.  If you are looking to see how secure, safe and ready you are for a disaster, check out MBIntel and get your free home analysis.  If you do please let me know your results and what you thought in the comments.


The image below is a sample of how the overall results are shown.

The chart below outlines the differences in the free and paid version.

You can follow MBIntel on Facebook and Twitter!


This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media. As always all  my words and opinions are 100% my own.



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How To Burn More Body Fat and Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast! #PostNatalFatBurner

Pregnancy weight gain and postnatal weight loss are subjects that most moms can relate to.  It’s amazing how weight gain and subsequent weight loss can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy. There are some of my 5 full term pregnancies where I gained very little weight and others I gained a lot.  With my 5th pregnancy I only gained 13 lbs and was less coming home from the hospital than before I conceived.  With my first pregnancy I was 20 lbs underweight when I conceived and  gained around 4o lbs. The day after I delivered, I weighed myself in the hospital and was already down 20 lbs!  Since I had been underweight, I left the hospital at a normal pre-pregnancy weight.

With my second pregnancy, I gained about 35 or so pounds but I remember I had to jump-start the weight loss with major diet changes and fat burning workouts.  When I started losing, it came off really fast. In fact, it seemed my metabolism went into overdrive and I kept losing weight no matter what I ate.  I ended up losing too much and was back down to the 20 lbs under weight mark.  With my 3rd I only gained about 30 lbs which was the least of all to that point and the baby was almost 9 lbs.  I remember taking him for his two-week check up in my prepregnancy jeans.

My fourth was almost like my second in that I had to work harder to lose the weight but I also was not in my 20s any longer.  The 5th like I said was easier but I still wanted to lose more weight so I started an exercise and food plan that worked for me and lost about 20 more pounds.

If you are trying hard to lose pregnancy weight, there is something that may help you get rid of the baby weight faster than diet and exercise alone.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner is a 100% natural supplement that is safe to use even when breastfeeding.  After you give birth you go through so many emotions and physical changes.  It can be a very challenging time, adjusting to a new baby, not sleeping well, not eating well and hormones running wild can make you feel worse about the weight you need to lose.

FitTea PostNatal Fat Burner

If you looked into herbal or other weight loss supplements they may have a warning that they are not safe or should not be taken if you are breastfeeding your baby.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner  is not only safe but increases your mild supply.  In fact if you are breastfeeding and taking FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner you are giving your post baby body a 1,2 Punch!  Since breastfeeding burns calories, taking the supplement can double the amount of fat you are burning.

One of the other benefits of the PostNatal Fatburner is that it increases milk supply and healthy antibodies for baby.  That means it can help build your baby’s immune system while it increases lactation and lets you burn more fat.   There are no stimulants like caffeine or anything hazardous to the health of your child.  The supplement is safe, effective and 100% natural.  It will increase your energy levels and is a thermogenic fat burner. Before starting anything new it is wise to check with your doctor.


 Would you like to win some  PostNatal Fat Burner from FitTea?  Then just enter the giveaway below for your chance.  Good luck!!!

This post was sponsored by FitTea but as always all words and views are 100% my own.

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