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Dannon Light & Fit Tiramisu Flavored Greek Yogurt Helps Me Fight The Urge To Splurge–#IHeartTiramisu

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dannon. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All views and opinions are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of Dannon.”Dannon Light & Fit Greek Tiramisu Yogurt

I have to admit, I have a sweet tooth, maybe a couple of them. I often find myself craving a sweet dessert or late night snack and I don’t want to be eating something laden with sugar and calories late at night.  I recently discovered Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt and it’s full of all the creamy, sweet, delicious flavor I am craving and none of the guilt.  This custard like yogurt has only 80 calories and it great for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Anytime you need a little something sweet but don’t want to sideline your diet with a massive intake of empty calories, Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt is the answer.

danon yogurt 2

I have been eating this dessert flavor yogurt for breakfast and snacks and I am enjoying the satisfying, rich flavor without feeling bad or beating myself up for consuming loads of sugar or calories.  This yogurt leaves me feeling full and gives me the energy I need with 12 grams of protein to keep going through my busy day.

danon yogurt 1

I love that it only has 80 calories and 0% fat in each 5.3 oz container.  For the times you are craving something sweet or heading toward less healthy snacks,Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt can help you fight the urge to splurge on empty calories.

danon yogurt


danon yogurt 4

It really leaves me satisfied not like I’m missing something, in fact, it’s just the opposite, I feel like I should feel guilty, but I don’t have to! Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt makes it deliciously easy for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Light-Fit-Greek-Tiramisu-Infographic

Let me know if you have tried Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt.  If you have, let me know what you think in the comments. You can stay in the loop with Dannon on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, InstagramYouTube and the Light & Fit Facebook Page.



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The Secret of Great Fried Food Without the Fat or Calories

Do you love the taste of homemade thick cut french fried potatoes, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, friend zucchini and more but don’t like the fat, greasy mess and calories?  If so, you are going to love the Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100.  This sleek Airfryer uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect results. Fry, Bake, Grill or Roast your food for you and your family. Its time you experienced this revolutionary way to cook your food. Dont Fry Your Food, AirFry Your Food. ab-airfryer100r-ls1-l

This appliance is like a Mini Convection Oven. AirFryers work the same way as convection ovens, but better. The fan technology removes the fats & oils from the food, by allowing it to drip through the drip basket. It then AirFrys the food by lifting the oil and making your food airborne by coating it. It does this continuously throughout the cooking process. The result is, you don’t need to use oil. Meaning less waste, fewer calories and less guilt.

airfryer red counter

The Air Fryer uses a combination of high-speed circulation, which makes the hot air rapidly circulate within the AirFryer. All the ingredients within the non-stick food basket will be heated at once, as the heat will come in through all sides. This guarantees that with the Avalon Bay Airfryer your food will be cooked evenly due to the optimal heat distribution. The 30 minute timer lets you customize the settings to cook your favorite foods the way you want.  The AirFryer turns itself off when your food is cooked and the timer dings. The AirFryer has a fully adjustable temperature range from  200-400°F.

Avalon Bay Airfryer


  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect results
  • Mesh metal basket helps provide extra crispy results.
  • Safety Element: 30 minute timer
  • Hassle free clean up with dishwasher safe parts
  • Stainless steel 304 heating element

Avalon Bay Red AirFryer
With the Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER100 you have so many choices when it comes to cooking or reheating food for your family. The 3.2L mesh metal basket has a quick release allowing you to easily remove it. This striking red shaded AirFryer from Avalon Bay has a compact design and a stainless steel 304 heating element. The non slip feet, you can be rest assured that it will stay in place and not slip off your bench top. A unique feature on this appliance, is its top handle, which is great for carrying and storing away conveniently. For a quick clean-up this Air Fryer does come with some dishwasher safe parts.airfryer 100 red

What We Love:

We love this AirFryer because it is so sleek and secure, it does not move when cooking and with kids we do not have a safety issue.  When you fry in the conventional way, it is messy and dangerous. You can not leave the frying foods unattended and there is always the risk of splattering oil burning the person preparing the food or someone nearby. Oh and you know what is amazing, you can even bake a cake in it! It’s great to have the food we love without the calories of conventional frying.  If you want to try eating healthier the Avalon AirFryer is a great way to get the taste you love without the mess or calories you hate.

French Fries Avalon Bay

See our video review below to see how we made the thick cut fries pictured above:

Thick Cut Fries:

Five or Six Large Potatoes

1.5 Tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt/Pepper To Taste

This is such and easy recipe, just peel the potatoes and cut into thick homestyle fries. Put the fries in the basket and coat with extra virgin olive oil. Cook in the AirFryer for 10 minutes. Take out basket shake and return to fryer to cook 10 more minutes.  Remove fries to plate and season to taste with sea salt and pepper.


Do you have an AirFryer?  If so let me know in the comments. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments as well.  I look forward to reading your comments and questions.  Follow Avalon Bay on Facebook.


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How To Keep Your Pet’s Body & Mind In Top Shape

If you’re an animal lover like me, you want to do all you can to keep your pet healthy and happy.  Healthy skin, coat, eyes, coat, immune system and brain are the keys to your pet living a long, vibrant life.  Did you know fish oil is one of the most important supplements to help keep your pets body and mind in top shape.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil provide widespread benefits. It helps support healthy skin, coat, joints, heart, kidney and the development and maintenance of the brain, eyes and immune system. It also helps promote weight loss in overweight pets and may help reduce certain allergies.You have to be careful of the kind of fish oil you choose because they are not all the same.  The source, purity and concentration make a huge difference in the quality of the fish oil.

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Pets Icy Water

TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil is the highest quality fish oil you’ll find anywhere. Carefully crafted from deep-sea, cold water fish and molecularly distilled for purity from all toxins, it’s refined for maximum potency without the overwhelming scent of other fish oils.

Some of the benefits of using TerraMax Pro Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Are:

* EPA, one of the two omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil, acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can help with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints.

* DHA, the other omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil, is important in brain and eye development in puppies and kittens and is recommended for pregnant or nursing pets.

* It can help ease inflammation due to allergies, and reduce dry, itchy skin. This can be an effective way to potentially decrease the incidence of hot spots.

* It promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and may reduce shedding (For cats, this may mean fewer hairballs, since they won’t pick up as many loose hairs while grooming).

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Dogs

Only the finest fish oil is used for TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega 3 Fish oil: Wild Sardines, Herring, Anchovy and Mackerel. Wild caught exclusively from the clean, icy-cold waters of Iceland, using only sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing methods safe for Dolphins and other protected species.

The fish oil is then purified with one of the best purification methods that exist, called Molecular Distillation. Molecular Distillation is one of the few methods that can remove heavy metals, PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable limits, making it safe for consumption.

TerraMax Pro’s Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil is guaranteed to contain 100% of the purest, most potent fish oil on the market to provide optimum nutrition for your pet. Their fish oil is all natural, human grade and does not contain any additives or preservatives. The proven science behind TerraMax Pro’s product makes it truly unmatched! Their proprietary formulation means a 100% Unmatched Experience. Try it now, keep your pet active, healthy and happy!

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Pets

Would you like to win a 16 oz bottle of TerraMax Pro Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil?  I thought you would, just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!  Open to US residents.


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Are You Having Trouble Achieving & Maintaining Balance In Your Life?

I’m really excited to let you know about The Balance Project!  Did you know that research has shown that 98% of Americans believe that reaching and maintaining a balance in their lives is important but only 14% say they always feel balanced.  That’s a huge gap!  Balance Bar Company wants to help fill that gap and so the makers of Balance Bar, a uniquely balanced energy nutrition bar, launched The Balance Project.  The Balance Project is a multi-year, multi-platform program that is designed to open a dialogue that will help improve America’s level of balance.

Do What Matters

The Balance Project is an online hub to share ideas, day-to-day victories and challenges while having fun and joining others on a journey to sustain balance.  Did you know that research shows the most common ways Americans try to achieve balance is by keeping their finances in order and through activities that improve overall health like getting more/enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

Despite this, 2 in 5 Americans believe it’s difficult to find balance. Gabrielle Reece is the exclusive guide of The Balance Project.  Gabrielle, a worldwide fitness and wellness role mode, entrepreneur, wife and mom of three, will provide tips, advice and personal insights for addressing and achieving balance in these areas. Visit project.balance.com for Gabby Reece’s tips & videos on staying balanced.

“One the biggest reasons I see people fail at achieving their health and wellness goals is because they don’t go into a program with a balanced approach,” explains Reece. “I’m thrilled to share my perspective on balancing busy lives, families and work with healthy diet and exercise habits that anyone can incorporate into their lives.”

“One the biggest reasons I see people fail at achieving their health and wellness goals is because they don’t go into a program with a balanced approach,” explains Reece. “I’m thrilled to share my perspective on balancing busy lives, families and work with healthy diet and exercise habits that anyone can incorporate into their lives.”

Balancing Act
Balance is a very fluid goal, as our levels of balance are always fluctuating, even day-to-day and season-to-season. For example, Americans report being the most balanced on Saturdays, and the least balanced on Mondays. They also indicate that they are most balanced during the summer months, and least balanced during the winter months, when 61% of Americans report feeling unbalanced.

Gender Wars
According to the survey, 70% of male respondents indicate that they are more likely to feel balanced, while only 63% of women indicate the same. What are men doing differently? Staying calm. When looking for balance, ladies should take the idea of “don’t sweat the small stuff” to heart. In nearly every area tested, women are more likely than men to admit something has a significant impact on throwing them off-balance, including finances, sleep, health, and family.

Maternal Instinct
A mother’s work is never done, but at least she knows where to focus her attention to find balance. Nearly every single mom agrees that health (99%) and family and personal relationships (99%) are important to achieving balance in life. How can the busy mom get to a Zen state of balance? For starters, get outside. Enjoying nature (67%) and taking vacations (66%) are the top actions that have a significant impact on achieving balance for moms. Spending time with a significant other (63%) was revealed as the next most impactful way for moms to try to achieve balance.

Want to see and learn more?  Visit The Balance Project by clicking HERE!  Let me know what you think and how well you are achieving and maintaining a balance in your life.

The Balance Project Infographic


This is a sponsored post and I received product as part of a collaboration with Balance Bar.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.

*This study was conducted by KRC Research via an online survey of 1,002 American adults ages 18-64 from November 11-14, 2014.

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ReThink Your Sports Drink with BODYARMOR


As we move into spring, we are more active and involved in outdoor activities and sports.  Being active is great, but we have to remember especially when we are outdoors in warm or hot temperatures, to stay hydrated.  If you want a sports drink that’s healthier, check out BODYARMOR.  A premium sports drink that has more potassium and is packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and coconut water.

BODYARMOR is low in sodium and contains nothing artificial unlike other sports drinks on the market.  Perfect for young children like my own who don’t have a need for extra sodium in their diet not to mention the artificial ingredients found in most sports drinks.  As  moms, we know if our kids won’t drink it, it really doesn’t matter how healthy it is.  So, I was anxious to see what they thought of BODYARMOR  and find out if it passes the kid taste test in our house. I tried it first and found it delicious and refreshing.  Then he kids tried it and gave it 2 thumbs up for flavor and thirst quenching power!  Well, it looks like we have a unanimous high-five for BODYARMOR!



BODYARMOR is available in 7 delicious refreshing flavors:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Mango
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Tropical Punch
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mixed Berry
  • Grape

Body Armor


body armor drink


Many of today’s top athletes choose BODYARMOR as their sports drink of choice, including: Mike Trout, Andrew Luck, James Harden, Buster Posey, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Love, Richard Sherman, Skylar Diggins and Sydney LeRoux.

  • BODYARMOR is available at the following retailers:
  • Target
  • King Kullen
  • Fresh Direct
  • Food Emporium
  • Wegmans

Do you want to try BODYARMOR?  I thought you would.  You can download a coupon for $1.00 Off! Make sure you follow BODYARMOR on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up on the latest news and offers.  Let me know what you think if you do try it.  I would love to hear!


BottleLineup NEW with LL

This post is sponsored by BODYARMOR.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.

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How To Keep Your Family Hydrated In Sickness & Health #DrinkDripDrop

I know it’s almost spring on the calendar but most of the country is just starting to feel temps warm up. We experienced one of the coldest and snow filled winters on record! Our weather in New York this winter was horrendous and the bone chilling cold was brutal.  Cold and flu season was the worst this year.  Everyone I talked to said they had never been so sick.  I had a fever of 103 for over 3 days and I don’t remember the last time I was that sick.  If there is one piece of advice we all probably know about colds and flu, it has to be to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.

When you’re sick your body needs the right kind of fluids to replenish lost electrolytes.  DripDrop is a hydration powder that was developed by a Mayo Clinic-trained physician.  DripDrop activates the sodium-glucose co-transport system, one of the fastest hydration mechanisms in the body. It literally pulls water from your gut and hydrates you faster.


You simply mix the great tasting powder with water and drink.  Clinical studies show that drinking DripDrop rehydrated the body 34% faster than water alone and 20% faster than sports drinks or pediatric solutions.  DripDrop is a great choice for rehydrating when battling gastrointestinal illnesses.  I know those are running rampant right now.  I have even heard that some schools had to close because so many students and staff were affected.


DripDrop 2


DripDrop is an excellent choice to use for children.  Children, especially small children can become dehydrated very quickly when sick.  When my son was 12 months old, in less than 24 hours with an intestinal bug he became so dehydrated the pediatrician admitted him to the hospital.  Many young children are admitted for the same reason.  Fevers especially can dehydrate children fast! DripDrop can help to keep your child hydrated when they’re sick or playing sports.

DripDrop 6




DripDrop 6_edited-1



drip drop ethan

The best part is DripDrop is available in two yummy flavors, lemon and berry.  As parents we know, if our kids won’t drink something, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is!  We tried DripDrop recently and it was super easy to mix, it mixed up well right in a water bottle. In our family taste tests, the flavors received a big thumbs up all around!  You can purchase DripDrop at your neighborhood CVS, Walgreens or HEB stores. You can follow DripDrop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Stay well, stay active and stay hydrated.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by  SheSpeaks/DripDrop, my words and views are as always, 100% my own.

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Frieling Smart, Round Planter Review & Giveaway!

If you like fresh herbs for your cooking but can be a little forgetful with watering plants, the Smart Planter from Frieling may be just what you need.  Ideal for kitchen herbs and more – the Smart Planter lets you know that the plant needs water before it is too late.  No more chiding yourself about your brown thumb.  Now it’s easier than ever to cultivate tasty herbs right on your windowsill.

frieling smart planter green

Frieleng Smart Planter


  • Innovative cotton wick irrigation system: Simply add water to the white flower
  • Integrated flower rises or drops down to indicate water level
  • UV resistant, ABS plastic pot (will not discolor)
 Frieling is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a Frieling Smart Round Pot Planter . Thank you Frieling  for the review product and for sponsoring this green and healthy giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Frieling Smart Round Pot Planter Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Orkin #BedBugFeud Game & CleanRest Pillow Encasement Giveaway!!!

Did reading this post title make you itchy?  Bed bugs are no joke and you can bring them home from vacation because some hotels are infested with them. Without even knowing you are transporting home some unwelcome tourists, they will make their presence known when they set up their new residence, in your mattress!  Yuck, I know but I have heard it happen to more and more people.  

College dorms have also experienced bed bug infestations. So if prevention is the best defense, play the Orkin  #BedBugFeud Game and test your bed bug knowledge to see if you are keeping a clean bed in 2015!  Play the game and beat the clock to make it on the leaderboard!  Hint: Use the “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite” PDF as a cheat sheet.

Orkin, uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that’s right for your needs. To learn more about our pest control based in science or to schedule an inspection, visit orkin.com or call 1-800-800-ORKIN.  You can visit and follow Orkin on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Don’t worry we are not giving any bed bugs away! Would you like the chance to win a CleanRest Pillow Encasement (retail value $20.00 )?  If so please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

CleanRest Pillow Encasement Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Open to US residents, each household is only eligible to win (1) CleanRest Pillow Encasement via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

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Luma Comfort HC12B Humidifier Review-Give Dry Winter Air The Boot

Luma Comfort Logo

With winter weather comes dry air, dry skin and chapped lips.  This can make us very uncomfortable and even miserable.  If you get sick with the cold or flu  and have a cough, dry air in your home can have you losing sleep by exacerbating the issue and have you up coughing all night.  Dry winter air can cause stuffy sinuses, make allergies worse and lead to headaches.  We need to replace the moisture in the air.

I just went through this recently in my home.  I had a very bad bout with a sinus infection and then a cough that kept me up almost every night for over a week as a result.  I could literally feel my nasal passages and throat drying up while I was trying to sleep, my cough got worse and I woke up with a terrible sore throat and laryngitis.  I had to get some moisture in the air and fast.

Enter the Luma Comfort HC12B ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  Now, this humidifier not only keeps the air moist and comfortable, it looks great!  Available in black or white it has a sleek and slim vase design that  just fits in with home decor.  Designed to cover rooms up tp 650 square feet make it perfect for medium and large rooms.

Luma Comfort Piano

This humidifier was so easy to get up and running right out of the box.



My husband filled the tank up, screwed the demineralization cartridge into the water tank cover and then screwed the cover on.

Luma Comfort fill

Luma Comfort Filter

Luma Comfort Assembly

You let sit it for a few minutes and then plug in.  You can use the attachments to create 3 different height settings so it will be the perfect height whether you place the unit on the floor or table.

Luma Comfort Assembly 1


Luma Comfortr Short


Luma Comfort med


Luma Comfort Tall

When you turn it on a musical chime will sound and that means the unit is in standby mode.  Press the power button and the unit will turn on at the lowest setting.  To increase the mist volume you just press and hold the power button and you will hear the musical tone which lets you know that it is increasing.  A visual changing of the light from blue to white will also signal that the mist volume is increasing toward the highest level.

Luma Comfort button

Luma Comfort mist


Decreasing the volume once it has reached the highest  setting is easy too. Press the power button, the musical chime will sound and the light will change from white to blue as it cycles back to the lowest setting.  If you find the ideal setting, the unit will remember and as long as it is not unplugged, will return to that setting when turned on.  Unplugging the unit returns it to the default settings.  The humidifier also comes with a matching remote control that operates the unit up to 65 feet away.  When the tank is low on water it will beep and if not filled the light on the front will blink red until the tank is filled.  On its lowest setting it will run for 45 continuous hours.This humidifier operates with a demineralization cartridge that lets you use any kind of water.  Distilled water will keep the unit running in peak condition longer and eliminate white dust.

I just love this humidifier!  From the first day I used this, I could feel a difference.  It helped me breath better, I didn’t  feel like my nasal passages were dry and my cough was so much better.  Since using it, I have not noticed the sinus pressure and pain that I suffered with for so long.  It truly does eliminate dust particles and the table I have it on usually shows dust like crazy but since placing the humidifier on it, there is no visible dust! I had the humidifier on its highest setting for these pictures because I really want to get rid of the dry air as quickly as possible.  Once the air quality was better I used it on a lower setting. If you are looking for something to improve the air quality in your home, take a look at the Luma Comfort HC12B ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  I am certain that you will be breathing a lot easier if you do.

You can see more of the great Luma Comfort product line on their website and follow them on Facebook and  Twitter.


Luma Comfort final

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Success® Whole-Grain Boil-In-Bag Brown Rice Is a Pantry Staple For Me!!! #SUCCESSRICE

Success Rice Box

You know what’s one of my go to foods when I want a quick and easy side dish or to make to eat for lunch or a snack? It’s Success® Whole-Grain Brown Rice and Salsa.  I have been eating that for the last several years so I was absolutely stoked to be chosen to write a sponsored post for Success® Boil-In-Bag Rice.  I absolutely love it the brown rice and mild chunky salsa combination.  I have no idea what ever led me to mix the two, but from the first time I did, it was love at first bite.

Have you tried Success® Boil-In-Bag Rice?  If you have, then I am sure you will relate to how convenient it is to have in your pantry, I consider it a pantry staple.  It’s simple to make and the brown rice can even sit for 30 minutes in the hot water (with the heat off) before serving making it foolproof and worry free.

If you’ve never tried it, you should! Success® Whole-Grain Brown Rice is 100% whole grain and gluten-free. The rice has a great chewy texture and nut-like flavor that are a nice departure from traditional rice products on the shelves.  The cooked brown rice can be used in a variety of recipes from salads, soups, main entrees to desserts just like white rice.  Success® Whole-Grain Brown Rice is available in two sizes (14 oz. and 32 oz.) to accommodate different household sizes.

I tried a recipe for the first time with Success® Whole-Grain Brown Rice.  I improvised on one of the recipes I found online at the Success® Rice website. and made a fried brown vegetable rice.  It was super easy.  I just prepared 2 bags of Success® Whole-Grain Brown Rice according to the package directions.

Success Rice

I put the rice in a bowl and mixed it with peas and carrots (you can use cooked fresh, canned or frozen) and green beans. Then I  heated up some oil in pan to cook 4 beaten eggs for about 40 seconds, began to break up the eggs  into small pieces while they finished cooking.

success-rice 1

When the eggs were cooked I added the rice and veggies and cooked until heated through adding a few tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce. An easy way to a healthy side that tastes great.

Success Rice 4

Success Rice 5

You may also like Success® White Boil-In-Bag Rice.  I hope you will share with me if you are a user of this rice and what your favorite way to use it is or if you try a new recipe with it.  If you have never tried it, I hope you will let us know your thoughts if you do and what you made with it.  For inspiration you can browse more than 300 recipes from breakfast to dessert on the Success® Rice website at www.successrice.com. For additional recipe inspiration, lifestyle tips and more, you can connect with Success Rice on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Success® Rice is one of the participating brands in a “How Are You Cooking This Fall?” Sweepstakes from O, The Oprah Magazine! Would you like to win a variety of culinary-themed prizes?  If so, head on over to O’s Magazine and submit the entry form and pin with inspiration from O’s PROMO: “How Are You Cooking This Fall?” Pinterest board for a chance to win.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Success® Rice.

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