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Funny Prank on Windows Technical Support Scammer

If you have ever received a call from someone in India claiming to be calling from Windows Technical Support, you will love this post. I cannot stand those calls, and worse, I feel sorry for the people they scam. They call telling you that they received a report, and something is wrong with your “Windows Computer”. Don’t worry though, because they will help you fix it.

They usually want you to grant them access to your computer. NEVER DO THAT!!! They tell you that you have a virus, or outdated drivers and your computer is going to crash. Then they want money to fix your computer and they are ripping off tens of thousands of people every day.

So, I thought rather than just hanging up on this guy, giving him time to scam other people, I would turn the tables and have some fun with him. This would tie him up from pulling his scam on others, and give us all a bit of entertainment.

I recorded the call and it is quite funny. Best of all, even though these scammers can get very vicious and go into profanity laced rants (Yes, that has happened before with another of their scams for a medical mesh product), this call is G rated. Hope you like it.

So what did you think? Let me know if you receive these calls and if you have ever done anything like this. I would love to hear all about it.


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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Funeral

My last living uncle died last week. He was my Uncle Arthur, my father’s brother and we were very close. He was a big joker and his favorite thing to do when I was a kid was to pretend he was stretching my arm by pulling down on my wrist and pushing my shirt sleeve up. I was sort of transformed into a real life Stretch Armstrong doll.

My parents along with My Uncle Arthur and Aunt Ruth purchased second homes on the same lake in Upstate New York. Our houses were 2 houses apart and so needless to say, our families were very close. After my parents died, we grew even closer, especially when I had my fourth and fifth child who never had a chance to know their grandparents. My uncle and aunt happily took on the role of surrogate grandparents to them.

My uncle was 91 and a half, he lived a long, full life, but still it was sad to let him go. It was comforting when I learned from my cousin, that my uncle called my father’s name as if he were in the room, a few days before he passed. I imagine my dad was there to lead his younger brother home. We take great comfort that we have such loving angels watching over us.

My uncle’s wake was not a somber one. His son and two grandchildren printed out several, tiny heads of my uncle and placed them strategically on the photo boards lining the room. Then, my cousin encouraged everyone to find the “Little Arthur” heads. My uncle has forever said, he did not want anyone to be sad at his funeral. In fact, he said, he wanted a mechanical coffin that would open and raise him to a sitting position as his arm would swing out with a drink in his hand and his voice would invite everyone to toast to his life.

I should explain that humor and laughter are a big part of our Italian family. My uncle’s only son, claimed the photos were a way to put the fun in funerals just as his father would have wanted. When the Elks Club came to perform a tribute to honor my uncle’s lifetime of service, we actually joked that this was when the mechanical coffin would open. My uncle would have liked that we were laughing and joking, because he would not want us to be sad. As I said, he was always telling jokes. That is why I know what happened the next day, had to be orchestrated by my humorous uncle.

As we left the church the next day to head to the cemetery, my sister and I, who were driving together, asked how far the cemetery was. My one cousin said it was nearby, while another said it was not so close. Not really knowing which was the right answer, we hurried out of the bitter cold into the car and figured we would just follow along in the procession.

We were at least 5 or 6 cars behind the black hearse as we pulled out of the church parking lot. We had to get on to the highway, right after we did, a lane that was merging on caused a few cars to dart in front of us. As this happened, there was a bit of congestion on the road and we started to get nervous that we were going to get lost. I looked ahead and saw the hearse. “We are okay, the hearse is a few cars ahead of us.”, I said.

I did wonder how we got so close to the hearse and thought for a moment that maybe the other cars just went on ahead. We joked for a second about how bad it would be if we were behind the wrong hearse. I reassuringly stated, how unlikely it would be for the same black, Cadillac hearse, to be on the exact same stretch of road, at the exact same time. That seemed to make good sense, and we stayed where we were, following a Chevy Tahoe in the procession.

As we entered the Catholic cemetery, the cars came to a stop. The funeral director got out of the hearse and entered a building on the premises. We wondered why we were stopping, but after a few minutes, the funeral director emerged with someone else who drove ahead to lead the way to the correct plot.

As we started toward the gravesite, I turned to my sister and said,”How did we get so close to the hearse? Where are all the other cars that were in front of us? Where is our cousin Bruce and Aunt Ruth? They should be behind the hearse!”

She looked at me a bit puzzled. As we came to a stop behind the hearse, someone directed some of the cars to come right along side of our car and park. This meant we were completely blocked in. As the people started to get out of their cars, we did not recognize anyone. “Oh wait, isn’t that the lady that was sitting near us in the church?” My sister asked. Before I could answer, she said, “Oh no, that woman is much younger.”

What really shocked me is that no one was waiting for my cousin or aunt before going on to the gravesite and standing around the coffin. My sister and I were concerned,  I turned to look toward the last car. It looked like my cousin’s car, phew! “How did he end up all the way back there?” I asked. Then I turned and looked toward the coffin. The white flower spray looked like the one that had been on top of my uncle’s casket in the funeral home, but the casket itself…looked different! “Wasn’t Uncle Arthur’s coffin darker?” I asked my sister, hoping it was just the bright sun making it look so much lighter.

“Oh my gosh, you’re right! His coffin was much darker! That is not Uncle Arthur!”

We both looked frantically at each other and then pondered what we should do. We were completely blocked in. We could not say anything, that would be disrespectful. We quickly texted our oldest brother who is terrible at checking texts in a timely fashion.

When he did not answer, we called our other brother who answered his phone and asked where we were. We explained the situation, and he told us that my uncle’s service at the cemetery was already over and they were en-route to the restaurant. Then he asked if we had seen our aunt’s brother, because he was at the wrong funeral too. That made us feel a little better.

We started thinking about if the people around the casket were looking at us and wondering why we were still in the car talking and texting on our phones. Did they think we did not want to brave the cold, February wind or that we were too busy updating our Facebook statuses to join everyone else gathered around the grave? As we sat in disbelief wondering how this could happen, the graveside service ended, and the people started to walk toward their cars.

As the cars in front of us started to pull away, we could not help but laugh, because we knew that our uncle was pulling one of his best jokes on us from Heaven. We could hear him laughing and imagined he was telling everyone how his nieces, brother-in-law and later as we found out, our other 2 cousins, ended up at the wrong funeral.

Over the course of the next several hours at the restaurant, we laughed again and again at what had happened. It truly was straight out of a sitcom or movie script. I guess we know Uncle Arthur had the last laugh that day and that filled us with a great feeling.

As I write this, looking out on the lake I live on, the same lake my uncle’s and parents’ houses are on, I hear the Cardinals singing. I smile as I  know that Heaven is not so far away and angels are all around us. In our case, we have angels with a sense of humor along with great love. Love you Uncle Arthur, never lose your sense of humor!


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My Mom Confession-I Hate Halloween!

There, I said it! I am not one of those moms who obsesses for months over the perfect costume. I don’t look forward to going out trick or treating with my kids. It is not that I don’t enjoy being with my kids, it is just that there is so much I would rather be doing with them. In fact, it is their happiness that keeps me doing it. It is nothing religious or anything like that. As a kid it was fun, but it was not over the top fun. When we were done trick or treating, I was glad it was over and actually liked answering the door for the kids and handing out candy better.


The weather in upstate New York is so unpredictable. I can remember so many Halloweens where my kids had to go trick or treating in winter coats. You could not even see their costumes. It would be raw and bitter cold and you would go to as many houses as you could before your ears froze off. Of course our neighbors are few and far between as we live in a rural area so that means driving and with little kids that means buckling them in and out of car seats every 2 minutes. Car seats with costumes is not fun, car seats with costumes and winter coats is excruciatingly not fun.frost

On the years when the weather is nice, it is tolerable once we arrive at a quaint neighborhood in town. There we can park and walk from house to house. We meet up with friends and it is enjoyable, for a while.



Once the chill creeps in and the kids start comparing who got what and bickering over the fact, that one got a Snickers and one got a Kit Kat at the last house.  Soon after that I will make the announcement that we are going to the last 2 houses and calling it a night. Sometime they moan that they want to do more even though their buckets are overflowing with candy and sometimes they are just as glad to be done. As soon as we get to the car, you can see their exhaustion and they are happy to be headed home.


The worst part is when Halloween falls on a weekday. Of course, this year, it is not only on a weekday but that weekday is Monday! It is getting dark earlier, the kids don’t get off the school bus until 4:10 pm. If we are lucky their teachers will not assign the usual mountain of homework. It will still be an immediate rush to get them dressed and in the car to head out to a Trunk or Treat in town and then to that little neighborhood and hit our neighbors who want so much to see the kids and always have special things for them.

After that it will be a rush home, fighting about who got what and why can’t they eat any more candy. Then it will be showers and bedtime. After that, I will be so grateful we survived and we don’t have to think about this for another year! Oh wait, where was dinner? Where does dinner fit in here? See what I mean? It is crazy! Does any parent really enjoy this?


Let me not forget to mention, Halloween comes on the heels of a jam-packed weekend of a Halloween Parade we all marched in down to the youth center where there were games, cider, donuts and more. On Sunday, the last soccer game of the season was on despite the torrential rain and chilly weather. Everyone was drenched, freezing and wanting to get home and warm. We all had to wait until the awards and the party was finished.


So there is my big confession, I don’t like Halloween! There would be no argument from me if it was cancelled. If it cannot be cancelled, I wish we could all agree to celebrate it on the last Saturday of October, so no one needs to juggle all this on a school night.

Oh, one more thing, I am not a huge fan of birthday parties either.


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Amazon Deals That Make You Say…WTH?

Things That make me say WOW!  Decisions, Decisions…some are hard and some are like this:



melissa and doug 1



Not a bad deal and not an add on right? Might want to get a few at that price. Let me check the price on 2.


melissa and doug


I don’t care what kind of math you are doing, you would have to be smoking something to think that is a good deal.  Stuff like this never ceases to amaze me. I see it all the time at Walmart too. Where you spend more buying multi packs of products. Chobani Yogurt I can buy individually and hand pick each flavor or buy the multi pack and spend more for 2 flavors. Really makes you wonder who is in charge of this pricing.  So have you seen any funny ones lately?  Would love to hear. Just leave me what you found in the comments.


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Make Our Get “YOU” Back To “YOU” Treat Bags -#EatASNICKERS

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EatASNICKERS #CollectiveBias

#EatASnickers Collage

Have you ever been so hungry you turn into a different person? Do you find it hard to even think straight at that point? If so, you need something to take the edge off that hunger. You need something fast that’s going to satisfy that extreme hunger that’s transforming you.

Many people including myself seem to turn into someone else when that hunger strikes. I have found it is better to be prepared for these hunger attacks. For me, SNICKERS® bars are an extremely satisfying and delicious way to curb my hunger. Mine usually strikes mid day for me.  SNICKERS® has been one of my favorites as far back as I can remember. I love the caramel, milk chocolate, nougat, and roasted peanuts that are packed into each bar.

SNICKERS® Get “YOU” Back To “YOU” Treat Bag Tutorial:

I want to share a fun and easy gift bag tutorial with you.  These SNICKERS® Get “You” Back To “You” Treat Bags are funny and serve a purpose. Keep some in a basket on your counter, on your desk at work or in your purse. You can hand one to that mom in the school pick up line that is clearly not herself. Give one to your coworker who is coming unhinged or your best friend, who is turning into someone you don’t know. Whoever you share them with, they are sure to appreciate you helping them get back to themselves. Don’t forget about yourself, you want to be able to get back to you fast too!

snickers gift basket

I was in Walmart recently and picked up some multi packs of SNICKERS® full size bars in the candy aisle. SNICKERS® individual full size bars can be found on store displays and in/near the checkout aisles. While I was there I picked up some craft ribbon, treat bags in clear, red and yellow and some colorful paper napkins.

Snickers in store collage

I made three different bag labels with PicMonkey and Microsoft Word and printed them. You can add your own touch in saying what you want. Next, I glued them  to some heavy construction paper using a glue stick. You could also use card stock.

Snickers printable tutorial

Snickers printable 3

After that, I cut them out and punched a hole in the tag for the ribbon.

Snickers printable 4

Snickers printable 6

Snickers Printable 7

I took a treat bag and put one full size SNICKERS® bar and a colorful paper chevron stripe napkin. You need the napkin because as you or someone else turns back into themselves they will remember their manners.

Snickers Gift bag

Then use the little twist ties that come with the treat bags to close the bag. Use any kind of ribbon your like to attach the tag. That’s it! Wasnt’ that easy. You can do all kinds of variations of this idea. All kinds of treat bags can be used, you could add a mini bottled water if you like. You really can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. Customize them for your child’s teachers, bus driver or babysitter.

Snickers gift bags 3

Snickers Gift Basket 1

snickers gift basket 3

Now I have something really fun to share with you. Find out who you are when you’re hungry by taking the quiz below. Let me know your results in the comments. I also love to hear what you think of the treat bags and if you are going to give them a try.



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The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown Review And Giveaway! #FlintstonesWWE

Flintstones Smackdown

The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown is coming to Blu-Ray on March 10th!


Get ready for some raw-kin’ action in this all-new, original movie that brings some of WWE’s toughest, wildest superstars to Bedrock!

When Fred loses his family’s vacation money, he hatches one of his hair brained plans to get it back. It’s a sports entertainment spectacle that involves throwing his best bud, Barney into the wrestling ring with the likes of John Cenastone (John Cena), Marble Henry (Mark Henry) and even The Undertaker, with Fred himself as event promoter!

The crowds roar, the “clams” are pouring in from ticket sales and even Mr. McMagma (Vince McMahon) is taking notice of all the hoopla. Can Fred keep serving up bigger and badder matches or is he in for the rocky ride of his life? Including all-star appearances from The Boulder Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella) and Daniel Bry-Rock (Daniel Bryan), it’s time to get the whole family together for a collection of hard-hitting, side-splitting laughs from the most epic event in all of prehistory!


• Take the quiz to find out which Flintstones & WWE Stone Age Smackdown Star YOU are?
• Download the fun activities – and do them together as a family while you watch the film at home.
• Watch the official trailer & click the box art to bring the film home today!

The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown Blu-Ray Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Each household is only eligible to win The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown Blu-Ray via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck.  Open to US and Canadian residents.

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Message To The Oversharers- Thanks So Much For Not Sharing!

Facebook Thumbs Down

Did any of your friends post that powerless legal notice on their Facebook timeline to protect their copyright and privacy rights?  I’m sure you know some that did. You know what I find ironic about that?  They are the very same friends posting pictures on their timeline that I would like to be protected from!  They think just about every life situation calls for a quick smartphone pic and upload to all social media accounts.

I don’t know if the oversharers understand,  the few minutes I spend scrolling through my news feed are accompanied with a cup of coffee.  I  don’t want to see how your C-section scar is healing or the 42 staples in your husband’s leg.

No to compound fractures.  I don’t want to see how you severed your finger opening a can of corn.  I will pass on the chance to see your tibia sticking through your skin following your fall  on the ice. I know your killing time waiting for the ambulance, but please, the visual is not necessary.

I  don’t want to diagnose your mystery rash or see the contents of your new baby’s diaper, nor do I want to see your just delivered placenta.  Please spare me the dismembered rodents your cat brought you, parasites in tuna cans, your bloody nose or the gash you’re taking your child to the ER for.

Oversharing Meme

Come on now people! If you must share that kind of stuff, it needs to have a cover and disclaimer that the following image may not be suitable for all audiences. Then those truly interested in seeing how you just lost the nail on your big toe, can click to view.

Really, I can’t even imagine what it will be like 5 years from now.  Will you ask the nurse if she can take some video with your iPhone as you’re wheeled down the hall to have your gall bladder removed?  At least a few Instagram pics, she should be willing to do that.

How about we ask ourselves if we really need to share the things we do?  Could we do that before we post them and send them streaming though our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts?

Until they come up with the cover and disclaimer, how about asking who ever would like to see the stitching of your perineum to send you a private message . Then you can send them the link to the YouTube video.

Thanks so much for not sharing.


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Trio of Peanuts Classic Movies, Remastered on DVD Giveaway & Printable Coloring Page

I absolutely love the Peanuts gang.  I always have and my kids do too.  I loved watching their full length movies as a kid and now that joy can be shared any time.  Three Classic Peanuts full length movies, Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, A Boy Named Charlie Brown and Snoopy Come Home are remastered on DVD and available for purchase Tuesday February 10th!

Peanuts Movies

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

A boy named charlie brown

Join Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang in their very first big screen adventure! This movie follows Charlie Brown to the streets of Manhattan after he qualifies as a contestant in the National Spelling Bee. Poor Linus in a supportive effort to bolster Charlie Brown’s shaky self-confidence, lends him his treasured security blanket.  However, when Linus finds out Charlie Brown lost it, he is the one who needs help.  Nearly passing out from withdrawal and anxiety, poor Linus is beside himself.  What an adventure and you know at the end, Lucy will say, “That Blockhead!”  Charles M. Schulz and Bill Melendez weave a world made of witty dialogue, magical security blankets and bright-eyed beagles, all set to an Academy Award®-nominated score by Rod McKuen and Vince Guaraldi.

A boy name Charlie Brown

Snoopy Come Home

Snoopy Come Home

I think this is my absolute favorite Peanuts movie.  Who can forget when Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock set off to visit Snoopy’s first owner Lila in the hospital.  Poor Snoopy must hear “NO DOGS ALLOWED” more times than he can even remember being tossed out of libraries, hospitals, buses and more.  The Peanuts gang is going frantic trying to find the beloved pooch and bring him home.  My favorite part is when Snoopy and Woodstock are mistaken as a stray sheepdog and parrot by a little girl who is determined to make them her pets.  After giving Snoopy a sanitizing bath and putting Woodstock in a parrot cage she dresses Snoopy in a dress and sits him down for a tea party.  Snoopy is less than impressed and must come up with a way to get himself and Woodstock out of there.  In the end it is a heartwarming story showing there really is no place like home!

Snoopy Come Home image

Race For Your Life Charlie Brown

Race for Your life Charlie Brown

Ah, the joys of camp: The fresh air! The lousy chow! The obnoxious kids from that other tent! But Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Woodstock and all the rest are ready to face whatever camp throws at them. And when the day of the Big Rafting Race comes around, they’ll fearlessly take to the water, pitting the boys against the girls – and Snoopy and Woodstock against all of them –as they face raging rapids, wild weather, and sneaky sabotage from a bevy of bunkhouse bullies. Teamwork, courage and leadership are the keys to success. Will Charlie Brown have what it takes to be a leader?

Race for you life Charlie brown river

Click The Following  Link for a Great Peanuts_PROMO_COLORING Page With A Rafting Scene From Race For Your Life Charlie Brown!

Paramount is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win all 3 Peanuts Movies Above on DVD. Thank you to Paramount for the review DVDs and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Trio of Classic Peanuts Movies  Remastered on DVDs Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil? Who Should I Believe? #GroundhogDay

It’s Groundhog Day! Living in New York but close to the boarder of PA, it’s hard to know which groundhog to trust.  Do I listen to Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil?

This morning Staten Island Chuck, in a new Plexiglas enclosure made his prediction. Chuck said we would have an early spring. I want to take the word of  Chuck, really I do, but I saw some shadows under him on the video replay.  The prediction of early spring is a bit ironic on the day of the first major blizzard we have seen this year.

staten Island Chuck


It is snowing like crazy outside right now, so Chuck’s prediction was very welcome, not sure how realistic though.  However, I decided to embrace Chuck’s prediction.  That was until Punxsutawney Phil had to see his shadow and predict 6 more weeks of winter.  I should share that old Phil has quite a track record of calling for more winter, he has predicted more winter 102 times and early spring a measly 17 times.  Chuck has a track record of being right for the last 5 years.

punxstawney phil groundhog

So while I want desperately to believe Chuck, that negative Nelly Phil is probably right.  On a side note the new enclosure for Chuck was thought to be a safer alternative given what happened last year when Mayor de Blasio dropped Charlotte (the unlucky Chuck stand in), several feet.  Poor Charlotte died a week later of internal injuries, however the Staten Island Zoo has not officially declared that it was a result of the fall.  Come on now, we all know that Mayor de Blasio has Charlotte’s blood all over his hands.  Speaking of hands, back in 2009 Chuck bit then Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the hand.

Not to throw any more puns in but back to the question at hand. Who do I believe, fellow New Yorker Chuck or my friend in Pennsylvania Phil?  Phil or Chuck, Chuck or Phil?  I think I will go with Phil and hope to be pleasantly surprised to learn that Chuck was right.  I just can’t get those shadows I saw under Chuck out of my mind.

What do you think?  Let me know who you think is right.


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Elf On The Shelf-Worst Parenting Fail!!!

I love the Elf on the Shelf but not for the reason you may think.  I love them because they remind me of my absolute favorite childhood Christmas decoration. My parents had the kneehugger elves from Japan and every year I would arrange them hanging with acrobatic skill through the house.  I remember telling my mom they were my favorite and she told me they were hers too.


When I had my own family she and I were shopping one day and found some very similar elves of which I scooped up more than a few to decorate my home.  So, when the Elf on the Shelf came out, I loved it just on its looks.  I am not one of those over the top parents who cannot wait every night to plan some elaborate hijinks that the kids will find the next day.  Truth be told, my husband and I forget half the time to move them (we have 2) and have to tell the kids things like,”I guess he likes the top of the picture frame so much, he went right back.” or “He is really being tricky, guess he thought you would not look there since he was there yesterday.”

Elves-On-The Shelf

My kids love elves too, in fact I picked up several more this year and my little guys was so cute.  In the store they asked if they could touch them and if they were the real elves.  To which I answered, “No, they are just adorable decorations.  Which ones should we get?”  So I have elves all over and the irony is in my biggest confession which I will tell you next.

Last year, someone I know posted on Facebook that her children were traumatized when going through the Christmas decorations to find the Elf on the Shelf packed away with the ornaments.  He was supposed to be at the North Pole, not in a box that was in their basement all year!  The magic was spoiled and I am not sure if the mom or the children was more upset.  So, last year I told my husband we could not put our Elves away with any of the Christmas decorations.   Instead we hid them really good, in fact we hid them so good, we don’t even know where they are!

I am so mad now, because I either have to buy 2 more and you can’t just buy replacement elves, you have to buy the whole set up and I have the books and boxes because they do not take those with them to the North Pole.  I would still need to come up with a story of why they are so late, but I am good at stories so that is not the part that bothers me.

My husband found my childhood kneehugger  elves and a bunch of others along with an Annalee Santa that looks like an elf and asked why don’t I just spin some yarn with these characters.  I have thought about some very elaborate tales, like telling he kids that one of the older and very wise kneehugger elves just made it here, he is old and his magic is not so great any more.  He brought a note that our elves Jingle and Jangle had a very odd thing happen right before they were leaving to come to our house.  They were decorating the tree and their legs got caught in some of the lights in a way that twisted them and they both broke both legs.  They were in excruciating pain and the doctor could not clear them to travel.  That is when the wise but old elf said he would make the journey to explain.   It took him a long time to get here and he cannot possibly fly back every night, so he will just phone in reports and ride back with Santa on Christmas Eve.

No matter what this goes down in the parenting fail book.  I am sure they will both be found January 1st.


A few hours after writing this Jingle and Jangle were found.  They were tucked inside a santa hat behind some of my dolls that were on a shelf.  Hubby tucked them back there and it was like a Clark Griswold moment when he thought about the switch being off when he remembered.  Now they are perched one in the tree and one hanging from a cabinet door handle for the kids to see in the morning.  Better late than never!


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