How to Help Kids Be Internet Awesome #BeInternetAwesome #ItsCoolToBeKind

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As the month of October is coming to a close, I think it is important to remind ourselves that it is National Bullying Prevention Month. Let’s hope that we carry the message through every month of the year, because bullying, especially on the internet, is prevalent.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did our part to spread some kindness online. There is something about the ability to hide behind a computer screen that brings out the worst in some. Online bullying and hateful behavior is real, and it can cause real hurt and have devastating consequences.

Be Internet Awesome:

Be Internet Awesome (BIA) is Google’s free multifaceted program designed to teach kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety, so they can explore the online world with confidence. You can find the program in both English and Spanish and consists of an ISTE standards aligned curriculum, ready-made Pear Decks for each lesson, Interland – an adventure-packed online game about digital safety and citizenship – and plenty of resources for educators and parents.

BIA will help families and students to learn how to make choices that disempower bullying behavior and create healthy, productive spaces to interact.

Some Important Facts About Bullying:

  • 28% of students have experienced bullying personally.
  • 71% of students have witnessed bullying directly.
  • Only 20% – 30% of students notify adults about bullying.
  • Over 50% of parents are concerned about their child being bullied.

If you are an educator, you should check out the teacher curriculum online. A family guide is coming soon, in the meantime, the Interland games   covers each of the 5 areas for Internet awesomeness shown below. It will give you vocabulary and talking points to help you have family discussions that help build a strong foundation for your kids’ safe, successful use of the Internet. The ability to have honest and open-minded conversations with your kids is the most important tool to keep them safe online.  

In the curriculum you will find helpful ways to open up family dialog that will help you encourage one another to step up and become “upstanders”. Upstanders are people who help the person being hurt when they see something hurtful happening, and help turn negative situations into positive ones.

You can play Interland with your kids and put your kindness skills to the test at, but don’t stop there. Learn more about how you can Be Internet Awesome at and tell your kids’ teachers about the online curriculum so they can introduce these activities in the classroom.

I implore everyone to help make a positive difference and to start today by spreading kindness online. It is an easy thing to do, and it can make a real difference. Let me know how you are spreading online kindness in the comments. Together we can make the Internet a kinder place. Won’t you join me?



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11 Responses to How to Help Kids Be Internet Awesome #BeInternetAwesome #ItsCoolToBeKind

  1. Cynthia C

    This is so important and I hope the movement gains traction. It would really make a difference.

  2. Andy G

    Excellent article about bullying and BIA, very informative!

  3. Angela Ingles

    Oooh – thanks for posting. I teach 21st Century Skills in a middle-high school. I need to check this out!

  4. Amy D

    I have 2 little girls, and there is a major problem with bullying and fighting at the middle school we are zoned for. My oldest daughter is in kindergarten and has some physical and social challenges. I am so afraid of bullying. I will check out these sites. I am trying everything I can to make sure my daughters have a great experience at school.

  5. June C.

    I am glad to see awareness around bullying, my son was bullied years ago and at that time there was little to nothing that was done by the school and hardly anyone talked about it. I felt very alone.

  6. Mandy B

    So, happy to read this and that Google is stepping up and taking a stand. Bullying is much more harmful than people have thought. I grew up with sticks and stones but names will never hurt me philosophy, but names do hurt you!!!

  7. Nancy W.

    Bravo, this is long overdue!

  8. Jenny Roth

    Finally, let’s get real awareness about this issue because it has only gotten worse due to cyber bullying. We cannot sweep it under the rug.

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