It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood To Celebrate Mr. Rogers’ 50th Anniversary #Giveaway

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and it holds a special place in my heart. I was thrilled to receive the It’s A Beautiful Day Collection on DVD.

This special set of 32 memorable episodes and over 15 hours of content celebrates the 50th anniversary of the beloved Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the pioneering children’s television series from The Fred Rogers Company. Mister Rogers helps children learn the importance of being kind to others, appreciating what makes everyone unique, recycling and taking care of our planet, and much more in the classic series.

The new release also includes a very special bonus episode – the series premiere, in original black-and-white!  The four-disc collection has a total run time of 928 minutes. Episodes of the program are also available for digital download.

Through his popular daily TV visits, generations of young children have grown up with the kind and gentle Mister Rogers, who created a calm and safe place that welcomed all to his neighborhood.

With real-life guests, adventurous field trips and charming make-believe segments, the iconic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood encouraged kids ages 2-5 to learn about themselves and the world around them, speaking directly to the series’ young audience with his unique one-to-one affirmation of their self-worth.

Celebrity guest stars have included: Tony Bennett, Julia Child, Margaret Hamilton, Michael Keaton, Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Rita Moreno, and Bill Nye.

Episodes featured on the DVD include:

Helping Children Know What to Expect at School

Creating with Friends is Different than Playing Alone

Play is the Work of Childhood

Respecting All Living Creatures

Opera Day

Ups and Downs of Friendship

Learning about Rules and Limits

Appreciating the People Who Came Before

Food and Love Go Hand in Hand

Music As a Way to Express Feelings

Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Celebrating Big and Little Things

Lots of Different Things for Play and Pretending

Each Person is Unique – Yet We All Have Much in Common

Being Kind to Ourselves and Others

Nobody Knows What You’re Thinking Unless You Tell Them

Games Can Be Fun, But Not If You’re Left Out

Recycling and Other Ways to care for Our Planet

Learning to Take Care of Yourself

Trying on Different Roles

We All Have Art Inside of Us

Understanding Concepts of Up and Down

The Strength of Love – Even Through Angry Times

Appreciating our Uniqueness

Some Things Change…Some Things Stay the Same

Needing Help and Giving Help

Feeling Good About Who We Are

Encouraging Generosity and Gratitude

Strengths and Limitations, Abilities and Disabilities      
Wondering and Asking Questions

Enjoying Books and Recognizing Symbols

Valuing All Kinds of Art


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48 Responses to It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood To Celebrate Mr. Rogers’ 50th Anniversary #Giveaway

  1. Angela Saver

    Curious George is one of my favorites, so would love that as well!

  2. Krystal pena

    My kids love peg + cat

  3. Nancy

    We also love Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

  4. barbg

    I also like the Martha Speaks program. This though is a great set of dvds to own.

  5. Bernie Wallace

    I visited PBS and my family enjoys Sesame Street. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  6. cyndi br

    my kid like the cat in the hat series

  7. vera wilson

    The kids also enjoy Curious George.

  8. bill norris

    Curious George looks fun.

  9. Rachel

    I also like Arthur.

  10. Abigail Gibson

    I always enjoyed watching Curious George.

  11. Dan Dykstra

    Our children always loved CURIOUS GEORGE .

  12. Adrienne Gordon

    I like Arthur.

  13. PattiAnn Green


  14. Jean F

    The Electric Company


    I remember watching Clifford-the big red dog & loved it !!

  16. Elizabeth Ray

    Sesame Street

  17. Glendy C

    Love Arthur

  18. Leela

    I like Arthur.

  19. Christina Gould

    Another PBS program I like is Curious George. He’s really cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  21. Michelle Fuller

    I grew up on Sesame Street!

  22. Ashley C

    We like Dinosaur Train

  23. Julie Waldron

    We love Arthur!

  24. Dave L

    Another PBS program we love in our house is Dinosaur Train. Thank you for the chance to win.

  25. Sam

    When you are a kid you always try to act adult. So when a kid says hey that is to childish to do or watch (without any proof you believe them because you are a kid) so you say that you dont watch it either. I used to watch Barney and I liked it. I used to watch Author, Curious George, and Mister Rodgers Neighborhood to. You cant forget Sesame street and Lamb Chop. I miss those good ol’ days. I am so glad my son will get to watch them because PBS Cares 🙂

  26. susan smoaks

    we love the electric company reminds me of my childhood.

  27. Emily R.

    I also love Curious George!

  28. Kelly McGrew

    I would have to say Clifford! My dad used to work for Scholastic so Clifford was big in our house!

  29. Leslie Davis

    The Electric Company

  30. Sesame Street is a favorite one!

  31. Nicole C

    I like Arthur.

  32. Melissa Nix

    The kids have always enjoyed watching Wordworld.

  33. Daniel M

    sesame street

  34. Kayla Klontz

    I also love Arthur!

  35. Ronald Oliver


  36. Christal M


  37. Amity J

    My little loves Daniel Tiger and Dinosaur Train also..

  38. Jodi Kershuk

    We love so many of them, but Daniel Tiger is our favorite!

  39. Jason W

    We love Sesame Street

  40. Tammy iler

    I loved reading rainbow as a kid!

  41. Lisa V.

    My granddaughter likes Cat in the Hat.

  42. I really like WordWorld! It’s so cute and clever….and I loved Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood when I was young….especially the places that “Picture Picture” took us to to see how things were made. Good memories, for sure! Thanks and God Bless!

  43. Laura Emerson

    I like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. My son and daughter love it!

  44. Stephanie Larison

    Splash and Bubbles looks really cute.

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