Stress, Anxiety and You – It’s Time To Fight Back

Stress is something that affects everyone. The main difference being that everyone handles stress differently and some recover quicker from stressful situations than others. If you’re a sufferer from long-term stress, or you worry that it is taking over your life, then now is the time to take a step back and see how you can tackle your stress and anxiety head on.

Get outside

Studies have shown and proven that getting away from technology, our phones and even other people and heading outdoors has a positive effect on our stress levels. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, then why not transform it into a little paradise for you to visit when things are getting on top of you.

Fill your outdoor space with beautiful blooms, shrubs and hedges and anything else that will be a feast for your senses. If you’d like to know more about which plants will work best in your garden, check out this website.

If you don’t have a large garden space to play with, consider growing plants indoors, or make use of the space you have on a little balcony or a windowsill.

If having something else to look after merely makes your blood pressure soar, then don’t worry. Take a trip to a park, a large wooded area, a lake – somewhere you can appreciate nature. Studies have proven that your blood pressure will drop and your heart rate decrease.

Unnecessary commitments

We all have so many commitments. To our families, our extended families, clubs, online activities, work, studies, social groups, things to do at home, DIY, and charity work just to name a few. Having too much on your plate is a huge trigger for stress and anxiety. All these things seem to demand your commitment and the last thing you want is to let anyone down. But if you’re putting your own health at risk, is it worth it?

Be brutal, go through your list of commitments and remove the ones that don’t bring you as much personal value as the others.


Avoid, avoid, avoid. I’m sure if I asked you the names of people who add stress and difficulty to your life then you wouldn’t be thinking for long. It could be bosses, co-workers, relatives, even friends that make like just difficult. You could try to do battle with them, to explain to them the issues you’re having, however they may take it personally, or simply not care enough to do anything about it. Cut them from your life where possible.


Getting hot, bothered and tired sounds like the complete opposite to reducing stress, but studies have proven that getting up out of your chair and moving will help you see things more clearly. Exercising is a great way to eliminate your stress build up. You get quiet time, time to contemplate and best of all – a fit and healthy you, means you’re in better shape than ever to take on whatever life throws at you.

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  1. Amy D

    Great article! I have anxiety. Exercise has been the best thing to help me change the way I feel both physically and mentally. So, now I am a fitness instructor to help others.

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