Rethinking Our Dog’s Diet After a Cancer Scare #NourishForLife #Petcurean

This past winter, our American Bulldog, Delilah, developed a growth on the side of her neck, that grew very rapidly over the course of a few days. Having lost one of our dogs years early to Mast Cell Cancer, we took her right to the vet. He believed that was what it was, but would not know for sure until it was removed and sent to pathology.

We were very upset. I did a great deal of research and started her on an antihistamine until her surgery. Antihistamines are recommended for Mast Cell Tumors, because it can help stop them from spreading.

She came through the surgery fine and came home with an inflatable donut on her neck. About a week later we got better news than we could imagine. Mast Cell Tumors are classified in different grades and by their mitotic index. A grade 1 or a grade 2 with a mitotic index that is less than 5 can behave like benign tumors. Delilah’s came back with as a grade 2 and a mitotic index of 0. That was fabulous news, especially since the vet had thought it was a very aggressive, high-grade Mast Cell Tumor.

This meant Delilah did not need additional treatment and the average life expectancy before a recurrence was 5 years. Since our sweetheart is 7, this was great news to us. Of course, we want her to have more than 5 years, but considering what we thought we were dealing with, we are ecstatic.

The cancer diagnosis got us thinking about all of our dogs ( we have a Westie and Maltese too!) and keeping them as healthy as possible. In speaking with my vet and other pet owners, it seems cancer is so very common these days. When I see that, it makes me think that it is coming from what we are feeding our pets. With so many pet foods on the market, it can be a challenge to know which are best.

I found a dog food I really like, and wanted to share it with you. Petcurean is a family owned Canadian company that manufactures premium-quality pet food recipes; Go!, Now Fresh, Gather and Spike Treats for dogs and cats. They took the time to speak with me and recommend the best food based on our pets’ needs.

Every Petcurean recipe is created using the highest quality, healthiest and most flavorful ingredients available, selected through a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers, who must meet or exceed very stringent health, safety and quality criteria. All ingredients are sourced from North America, New Zealand and Australia. Petcurean does not use by-products, un-named meat or any ingredients from China in their pet food or treats. 

Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in the United States, Canada and more than 20 countries internationally.

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We ordered the GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Whole Body Preventative Care for Life. The GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ recipes are nutrient packed and nutritionist-recommended to give our dogs the preventative care they need to stay strong. All 3 love the chicken flavor and we love that they have healthy food we feel good about.

Even the bag is different and has a very nice resealable strip that keeps their food nice and fresh.

Petcurean has many different pet food recipes and treats. With the wide selection of premium-quality food for dogs and cats, you are sure to find something that addresses your pet’s’ needs.


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This post was made possible by iConnect and Petcurean. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


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48 Responses to Rethinking Our Dog’s Diet After a Cancer Scare #NourishForLife #Petcurean

  1. Sandy Klocinski

    I would like to try the Gather dog food for my dog

  2. Lynne B

    I learned that Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company.

  3. Lori Walker

    I like that they have an organic version.

  4. Robert Young

    They help protect our water supply

  5. Tiffany Banks

    My dog would love the Now Fresh

  6. Cynthia C

    I learned that I can buy this at my local Pet People store.

  7. Ashley C

    I like the Summit Three Meat Original Large Breed Recipe food.
    My German Shepherd was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor this past spring. I was absolutely devastated; however, her diagnose is “good” and they were able to remove all of the tumor. We have done herbal tincture treatments and they have given her an average life expectancy of 3 more years. She will be 6 in February, so I suppose that is pretty good, but its so hard to lose a dog. Good luck with your situation!

  8. Will G

    I learned they use market fresh meat.

  9. crystle tellerday

    Grain Free Turkey Stew with Bone Broth

  10. nickie

    They use fresh meat

  11. paige chandler

    I learned the ingredients are selected from a trusted organization of producers,
    ranchers and farmers.

  12. Dan Dykstra

    Organic with whole food from the earth and oceans, with nothing added that’s not needed.

  13. Bryan Vice

    I learned it is family owned and they use fresh meat

  14. Sab Edwards

    Premium-quality meat proteins are the first 6 ingredients ..I’ve read up a lot about this product as I could use it for both my cat and my ferret

  15. buttmuffin

    you can take a quiz and it will tell you exactly what food your doggie or kitty should be eating!

  16. Rachel

    I learned that the food does not contain grain, wheat or soy.

  17. Cheryl

    I like Now FreshGrain Free Small Breed Adult Recipe.

  18. Erica B.

    Their food is organic.

  19. Nickole Heim

    Organic with whole food from the earth and oceans, with nothing added


    I really like to try the grain free red meat version. I didn’t even know that was an option available.

  21. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the Grain Free NOW FRESH SMALL BREED dog food.

  22. Josh S

    I learned it is family owned and they use fresh meat

  23. Kelley Moore

    I learned their food is organic

  24. Brenda Penton

    I love that you can do a little survey and find out what food is right for your pet.

  25. Monique Rizzo

    I love that they have organic options.
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  26. susan smoaks

    i like that they use fresh meat. i like to use high quality food so that my dogs stay healthy.

  27. beth shepherd

    I learned that it is family owned. That is awesome thank you

  28. Susan Smith

    My dog would like the Summit Three Meat Adult Recipe

  29. I would love to try the GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE
    LIMITED INGREDIENT Pollock Recipe for Cats

  30. I should use their Grain Free Kitten Food for our kittens Nitro and Squeaker 😉
    Janice Crespo recently posted…Enough is EnoughMy Profile

  31. Lisa

    I learned their products are organic and grain free, and they pay more attention to quality of food than to just making money.

  32. Sonya Allstun

    I like that they have an organic version.

  33. Jae Park

    I took the quiz and learned that GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE
    LIMITED INGREDIENT Duck Recipe for Dogs would be recommended for Remington. Ironic, due to the fact that 8 of his closest friends just happen to be Pekin Ducks! Too funny 🙂

  34. brandy c

    I think my cat would like the Now Fresh Adult Cat food, and I like that it’s grain free.

  35. Docia Vagnerini

    Wow what a site full of lots and lots of good information! I’m impressed! And if they put this much into their website then I’m sure they put this much and most likely lots more into their products! I love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. jeremy mclaughlin

    Learned they use fresh meat.

  37. Francine Anchondo

    i learned they help protect our water supply

  38. Jill Rivera

    I fresh meat or fish and fresh omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola. It’s also grain free are in the food. I have been trying to help my cat not have crystals in his bladder. It was one surgery and now his is on a grain free diet. I am interest in Petcurean cat food.

  39. Peggy Rydzewski

    Petcurean is a family owned business, and is still owned by the two people who originally founded the company in 1999

  40. Rust

    I wold like to try the Fresh Now Grain Free Large Breed Adult Recipe.

  41. Philip Lawrence

    I learned that it is grain free.

  42. Kathy Pease

    I like the Grain Free Turkey Jerky for Dogs

  43. Judy Gregory

    I like what they say about sustainability,”by producing responsibly, reducing consumption and empowering people.’

  44. Renee G

    We have an older cat that would love to try the Daily Defence Chicken Stew.

  45. Breanne

    I’d like to try the GO! FIT + FREE
    Grain Free Adult Dog Food

  46. Buddy Garrett

    I like the Summit Three Meat Adult Dog Food.

  47. Sand

    My Heidi would like the Spike Grain Free Catfish Jerky for Dogs.

  48. Christian Alejandro

    I like the grain free options, since grains seem to give our dog a reaction.

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