5 Easy Spring Lawn Care Steps #ILoveMyLawn

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We are transitioning into spring in New York and the massive snowfall we were buried under, is finally melting away. As the ground becomes visible, I am filled with excitement about being able to see green grass again.

Grass evokes so many emotions, there are songs about grass, we relish the smell of fresh-cut grass and love the feel of grass beneath our feet. Our yard has a large lawn and it is where we spend a great deal of time. It is a place where our children practice their baseball skills, we gather on a blanket for a picnic, our dogs happily sprawl out for an afternoon nap, we watch the squirrels and birds frolic, entertain our friends and family and sit at night gazing up at the stars.

Lawn games are fun too, our neighbor just gave us a bocce ball set and my kids cannot wait to play. Our lawn adds beauty to our home; it is like a gorgeous carpet that compliments my perennial flower gardens. I am so thankful to live in a community where lush, green lawns are plentiful.

Lawns are beneficial too! Living on a hill at the top of a mountain, our lawn helps prevent erosion from heavy rains and wind. Beyond that, grass is beautiful and naturally calming. The visual appeal of green grass helps our mental health and reduces stress levels.

Having a nice lawn does not mean you need to be a slave to it. Sure, lawn maintenance is important for a healthy-looking lawn, but it does not have to consume your life. Did you know that the best season to revive and repair your lawn is spring? If you follow five simple steps now, you will ensure an amazing, summer ready lawn!


I like to enlist the whole family for this. We each grab a rake and get to work removing old leaves, dead grass and other debris that accumulated over the winter. Raking allows us to easily see any areas that need attention as well as providing more soil contact when seeding, which helps grass grow more easily.


This is very important if your lawn is like ours, and has been buried under snow which causes the soil to compact. My dad used to joke that by walking on the grass wearing his golf shoes, he was doing his part to aerate the lawn. Seriously, there are core aerators you can rent or you can hire a professional lawn service to do this for you. Aerating will pull small plugs of soil out of your lawn which allows increased movement of water, nutrients and oxygen into the soil. It will also help to promote growth of new seeds by providing more soil contact.


Spring is the ideal time to seed any spots that are bare or thin. If you are planning on expanding your lawn, spring is the best time for that too. When you start in spring, the grass has ample time to grow healthy and strong before summer. Selecting the right seed for your area is imperative, ask a turf specialist at your local garden store or university extension office for guidance. After seeding, water lightly and regularly to ensure the area stays damp until the new grass grows.

Control Weeds

Did you know healthy lawns will squeeze out weeds? They will, but damaged lawns that are overrun with dandelions and crabgrass may need some help.

You can find out how to get rid of dandelions here, but your local garden specialist can help you decide what other weed control options may be right for your lawn and your family.


Tune up That Lawn Mower

Get your mower in top shape with an annual service including changing the oil, replacing the spark plug, cleaning or replacing the air filter and sharpening the blade. When the grass is about 3 inches high, it is time to mow. Newly seeded areas should be mowed when they reach 2 inches in height until the new grass is established. Mow with a frequency that allows you to cut less than one-third of the height of the grass. An easy-to-follow rule is to not let grass grow taller than 3 inches and not to cut it shorter than 2 inches.

Following the steps above will leave you with a lush, green lawn to enjoy this summer. I can’t wait to kick off my shoes and feel that grass between my toes! What do you love most about your lawn?



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36 Responses to 5 Easy Spring Lawn Care Steps #ILoveMyLawn

  1. Brenda Dobs

    Excellent tips and garden work like this is such good exercise. Really good for the upper body and arms. Get your workout and improve your lawn, Win Win!!!

  2. Mark N

    Thanks for the tips, I started this last weekend. Cannot wait to see the results.

  3. Amelia R

    I hated living in Arizona because the house we lived in had no lawn and people near us that tried just had a yard of brown burned yuk. Love living in the northeast now where I can have a beautiful lawn. Thank you for these tips.

  4. Cheryl Lynne M.

    Green grass is definitely therapeutic, feeling it under your feet, laying on it, the scent of it. All a natural antidepressant for me.

  5. Bobby K

    They can keep their concrete jungles, lol. I want my lawn. This has inspired me to make the most of the day and start working on our lawn today. The grass is going to be greener on my side of the fence this year!

  6. Rachael Clark

    Awesome, these will really help it just got warm here in New Hampshire and our lawn is in some rough shape. I will let you know how it goes.

  7. Abigail Simmons

    We love having lunch picnics on our lawn as a special treat during the summer when the kids are off from school. Sometimes we even do it for dinner.

  8. Melanie Sykes

    Who doesn’t love a green lawn? I love our lawn. A reason why I could not live in places where grass can’t grow.

  9. Brice T

    That lawn looks so nice, headed off to our local garden center now for some seed and some other supplies. I will make my lawn look like that if it kills me. Let’s hope it does not kill me. I would like to enjoy it. LOL

  10. Patricia B

    So glad to come across this article and your blog! I sent this to my husband. Our lawn needs serious help.

  11. Phil Thompson

    Totally needed article for me, love your blog too. Thanks for this, I have it bookmarked and I am starting on it this weekend.

  12. Rosie

    This lawn sure looks luxurious! I don’t have a lawn right now, but I keep hoping I will someday. I want a lawn like this, and now I know what to do!

  13. Larry M

    Thanks for the tips, starting on ours today!

  14. Mary Ann Cloud

    Love your blog as I can always count on you for great tips like this.

  15. Anna L

    Bocce ball! So happy to see you put this in your post. We love lawn games and not many play Bocce Ball anymore.

  16. Maggie VanValen

    These are great simple tips. Thanks.

  17. Tom O'Keefe

    Sweet, I needed this today, just bought a new home and I am going weekend warrior starting this weekend. Never having a home before, I am headed off to home depot to depart with some serious cash to buy a lawn mower and garden tools. Hey, it is a great investment, right? Please tell me yes, even if you don’t think so. lol

  18. Frank W

    LOL at Tom. Don’t worry Tom, it is all part of home ownership. Hang in there it is an expensive ride but well worth it! Welcome to the weekend warrior club my man!

  19. Janet W.

    These are great tips! We’re learned over the years that Aerating is very important and beneficial.

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  21. Thanks for your useful sharing. All information are really essential.

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