What’s It Like To Go Time Traveling With a Hamster?

I love reading aloud with my kids. This summer we had the chance to check out Time Traveling With A Hamster by Ross Welford.


This book is packed with adventure and time travel. 12-year-old Al Chaudhury’s dad died when he was just 8 years old. On Al’s 12th birthday he received  a pet hamster, a letter from his dad. The letter directs Al to their old house where he will find a time machine. The time machine is an ancient Apple laptop and a metal wash basin.

His father’s letter contains a mission that will require Al to travel back to 1984 and save his father’s life. You see there was a go-kart accident when he was 12 that is the cause for his death at age 39. If Al can go back in time and prevent that accident, he can change the outcome of events that happened after. Al is given a choice of accepting the mission or not and you can bet Al accepts. Time travel is not easy and Al finds out that going back in time 30 years requires more than courage and imagination. It requires lying to his mom, stealing a moped, setting his school on fire and keeping his pet hamster safe through it all.

This book makes a great read aloud book you can read a chapter at a time with your kids or one that older kids can read on their own. It is a really fun book to read together and leads to lots of great conversations afterward.

Ross Welford worked as a business journalist before becoming a freelance writer and television producer. He has worked on shows such asThe Big Breakfast, The Morning, and Bridezillas. This is his first novel. Follow Ross on Twitter.

So are you excited about this new book? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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