Safari Tales-Kids Learn Reading, Vocabulary & Reasoning Skills Through Games!

Earlier this month we went on a family safari. My kids loved it and so did my husband and I. It was all our younger kids talked about in the following days. They are still bringing it up and asking all kinds of questions about the animals. They are so curious about the lions, tigers, bears, rhinos and more!  In keeping with the safari theme, I want to introduce you to a great learning game. One that parents won’t mind their kids playing, because they are learning reading, vocabulary and reasoning skills through highly engaging games.

SAFARI TALES™, is an enchanting animal adventure game which encourages exploration in reading and vocabulary skills by casting the player as both adventurer and storyteller. Following in the fossilized footsteps of award-winning DINO TALES™, children join five baby animal friends as they explore a vast African Savannah bursting at the seams with wildlife, mini games to master and artifacts and relics to discover and collect. Throughout their in-game adventures, kids learn countless facts and figures about the various environments, their inhabitants and items they encounter on their way, building knowledge and enhancing reading skills.

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I downloaded this app on iTunes to try it out. My husband and I were both amazed at how much there was to do and how interactive and fun it was. You start out with an adorable baby elephant named Eshe.  You can change Eshe’s appearance with fun textures and colors, teach her tricks and walk with her to find other animals and go on quests together. The graphics are so much fun and there are lots of surprises to discover at every turn. screen640x640

You also learn about what your animal can eat and what is not an appropriate food or drink for them. All along  the way you can stop and ask questions to your adorable Meerkat host, Darwin. The game has great music and realistic sounds that make it even more fun. I have only just started discovering all there is to do and I can see why Kuato Studios, is the world-leading developer in learning-through-games.

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SAFARI TALES further feeds inquisitive minds through an adaptive gaming engine built around Apple’s SIRI technology. Curious kids are encouraged to construct over a thousand different questions to ask their in-game guide, Darwin, who will supply intelligent and fact-filled answers, aiding literacy skills in sentence structure, reading and creative thought.

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At the end of each play session, SAFARI TALES uses patented technology to convert children’s adventures, discoveries and achievements into an incredible interactive storybook. Each new tale can be saved and stored to be read over and again with parents and loved ones, strengthening literacy, reasoning and inquiry skills.

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I was happy to see this game encourages parents  to participate in their child’s SAFARI TALES playtime through ‘Parent Corner’, selected from the home screen. From here, access to the game can be PIN-restricted, parents can set their child’s reading age and can control game length from a variety of session times, ensuring playtime fits the family routine. Additionally, notifications can be received each time a new creative artwork is produced in the game, allowing parents to monitor their child’s learning and share in their creativity.

Aimed at children aged between four and ten, SAFARI TALES has been developed in conjunction with pupils and teachers, to ensure that content is age-appropriate and game play fun. “Feedback from both kids and adults is invaluable for us as a studio,” said David Miller, award-winning teacher and now Director of Learning at Kuato Studios. “This participation in the development allows us to pinpoint particular opportunities where the child’s engagement with the game play, their creativity and performance peak, producing the perfect learning experience.”

Safari Tales is avail able now on iOS and Android platforms on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Just click the links and check it out yourself. You can join the adventure at Safari Tales and follow Kuato Studios on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and Instagram. Get a Safari Tales Coloring Book HERE!



About Kuato Studios

Kuato Studios is a learning company building fun and interactive products that inspire kids to learn the new skills of the future. Kuato Studios was founded in 2012 by the creators and investors behind Siri, to disrupt, innovate and lead the education market, and is working on integrating the latest cutting edge technology, like next generation conversation AI from SRI International, into a smart tutoring platform. Beginning in March 2013 with the release of Hakitzu, a game that teaches coding skills and problem solving, Kuato Studios has pioneered the next generation of educational video games. Through the recent release of Dino Tales and Safari Tales, Kuato Studios continues to be at the forefront of educational technology.

I was provided with a code to download this app for free and while compensated my words and views are always 100% my own.

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