Remembering The Motherless on Mother’s Day

I wrote something 2 days ago on Facebook that received many comments and resonated with many people. I thought I would share it here today, for all the motherless on Mother’s Day.


The Cardinals’ Kiss

10 years ago on Mother’s Day, I lost my mother, my best friend, and life was forever changed. 364 days later I would lose my father. It was the end of an era. Yesterday on the anniversary of my Dad’s passing I saw a male and female cardinal who are nesting in our yard. The male cardinal kept flying over to where I was sitting on the porch and would sing sweetly, the female sang sweetly as she stayed clearly in my view and then they would fly back to a bush in the front yard together.

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May 9 1_edited-2

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I saw them throughout the day and it was a comfort to me and I am certain it is a sign that their spirit is still here. I am so grateful for signs like this. My two youngest children never met their grandparents, which is so sad to me. Last spring I told my youngest son, Luke, that the Swallowtail butterflies that always come in a pair every spring and summer remind me of them.

When the Swallowtails stay on the lilacs, my mother’s favorite flower or when I see them circling around my two youngest children as they play, I know it is a sign they are here. Well, he came in after that and he said, “I saw your mother in the garden.” He meant the butterfly, a preschooler’s take on it. It made me smile.

Swallowtail Lilac Mommy Ramblings Blog

Swallowtail Lilac Mommy Ramblings

The other sign is that we never had a pair of Eagles on our lake until after they passed away and now we have a pair of bald eagles living here. Some may say I am crazy and it is my own wishful thinking but it pulls me from the darkest moments where I have thoughts that maybe “this” is all there is, maybe Heaven and eternal life is something many have to believe because the truth of “this” being all there is and the fact we would never see our loved ones again is too painful to believe. When I see these signs it pulls me out of that thinking and gives me hope and faith that there is so much more to “this.” I love and miss you every day Mom and Dad and please keep sending signs to let us know you are near and watching over us, I need them more than you know.

After I wrote this status, I later went outside and I saw the most amazing thing as I was going back inside. I know the picture below is not the best but I am so glad that I was able to capture the moment. The male and female cardinal flew to a branch off my porch near the door I was entering to go back inside and they kissed.

Cardinals Kiss Mommy Ramblings

When I went out early that afternoon, I sat on the porch and the male cardinal flew right across my field of vision to land in a bush directly across the yard from where I was sitting. He looked at me, and twisted his head in all sorts of ways and then sang his beautiful song and he just stayed singing and looking at me.

May 9 14_edited-1
I was blown away by that and so very grateful. I hope that all of the motherless have a moment like that, one so profound it lets you know their spirit is around you. I hope it gives you comfort and peace on a day that makes you remember more than ever what you have lost. I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day and most of all I hope you see signs!

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  1. Janet W.

    I, too, am motherless on Mother’s Day and have been for years now. I miss her and think of her almost daily. It’s nice to celebrate my daughter being a mother now and watching her raise my two grandsons.

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