How To Burn More Body Fat and Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast! #PostNatalFatBurner

Pregnancy weight gain and postnatal weight loss are subjects that most moms can relate to.  It’s amazing how weight gain and subsequent weight loss can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy. There are some of my 5 full term pregnancies where I gained very little weight and others I gained a lot.  With my 5th pregnancy I only gained 13 lbs and was less coming home from the hospital than before I conceived.  With my first pregnancy I was 20 lbs underweight when I conceived and  gained around 4o lbs. The day after I delivered, I weighed myself in the hospital and was already down 20 lbs!  Since I had been underweight, I left the hospital at a normal pre-pregnancy weight.

With my second pregnancy, I gained about 35 or so pounds but I remember I had to jump-start the weight loss with major diet changes and fat burning workouts.  When I started losing, it came off really fast. In fact, it seemed my metabolism went into overdrive and I kept losing weight no matter what I ate.  I ended up losing too much and was back down to the 20 lbs under weight mark.  With my 3rd I only gained about 30 lbs which was the least of all to that point and the baby was almost 9 lbs.  I remember taking him for his two-week check up in my prepregnancy jeans.

My fourth was almost like my second in that I had to work harder to lose the weight but I also was not in my 20s any longer.  The 5th like I said was easier but I still wanted to lose more weight so I started an exercise and food plan that worked for me and lost about 20 more pounds.

If you are trying hard to lose pregnancy weight, there is something that may help you get rid of the baby weight faster than diet and exercise alone.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner is a 100% natural supplement that is safe to use even when breastfeeding.  After you give birth you go through so many emotions and physical changes.  It can be a very challenging time, adjusting to a new baby, not sleeping well, not eating well and hormones running wild can make you feel worse about the weight you need to lose.

FitTea PostNatal Fat Burner

If you looked into herbal or other weight loss supplements they may have a warning that they are not safe or should not be taken if you are breastfeeding your baby.  FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner  is not only safe but increases your mild supply.  In fact if you are breastfeeding and taking FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner you are giving your post baby body a 1,2 Punch!  Since breastfeeding burns calories, taking the supplement can double the amount of fat you are burning.

One of the other benefits of the PostNatal Fatburner is that it increases milk supply and healthy antibodies for baby.  That means it can help build your baby’s immune system while it increases lactation and lets you burn more fat.   There are no stimulants like caffeine or anything hazardous to the health of your child.  The supplement is safe, effective and 100% natural.  It will increase your energy levels and is a thermogenic fat burner. Before starting anything new it is wise to check with your doctor.


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This post was sponsored by FitTea but as always all words and views are 100% my own.

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