The Original Kit-Cat Clock -Made In The USA


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Why have just a regular clock, when you can have one that filled with  whimsy and personality!  The Kit-Cat Clock is over 80 years old and still made in the USA!  Born in 1932 they are still going strong today and it’s estimated a new Kit-Cat Clock is purchased every 3 minutes.

I recently had the great pleasure of reviewing this adorable feline time-keeper.


kitcat clock box open

kitcat clock box

kitcat clock

Our black Kit-Cat Clock has a very classic look that makes my whole family smile.  The pendulum tail and moving eyes really make this clock the Cat’s Meow!


The Classic Black is timeless but if you want to mix things up, they make the Kit-Cat Clocks in other colors and styles.

kit cat clocks all colors

There’s even a smaller version called the Kitty-Clock and  clock stands so you can keep one on your desk or anywhere you can’t or don’t want to mount it on the wall.  There’s also a Lady Kit-Cat Clock with Pearls and glamorous eyelashes.

Classic Black Lady Kt Cat Klock

kit cat clock by kit cat raidant Orchid

For the true Kit-Cat Connoisseur, you can check out accessories the sell like the Kit-Cat Earrings and Necklace. They even have limited edition clocks with changeable bow ties and gift sets of a clock and earrings.

kit cat Necklace

kit cat earrings


Take a look at their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube



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2 Responses to The Original Kit-Cat Clock -Made In The USA

  1. Janet W.

    What a cute clock! I love the different colors it comes in!

  2. Patricia N

    I always wanted one of these when I was a child! They only came in black then. I may have to treat myself to one of these now that I’m a grownup. Thanks for the review!

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