Closing-JWhat? The End of the Meddling Mom Dating Site, Say It Ain’t So!


Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me A Match…hmmm, you must be wondering where I’m going with that.  Well, I will just get it out there. is an online dating site.  However, it’s a bit of  a shift from other sites like, and is a site where mothers and their adult child have a combined profile.  It is not that they’re each looking for someone, mom is looking for a suitable match for her child.  Oh, and J stands for Jewish.

So to recap, a Jewish mom will start an account, put a brief bio about herself and family, even upload her photo. Then she will upload photos of her daughter or son, fill out their information, and describe why they are a good catch and who they are looking for in a mate. Then other moms contact her to see what she thinks about a potential match with their son or daughter.  Oh and the sons and daughters can contact the moms too if they see someone they like to see what mama thinks.  If she thinks it is okay, then the “kids” will be able to email each other and see what happens from there.

The site was started by siblings Brad and Danielle along with friend and programmer Matt.  Brad was on one of the mainstream sites and not finding a suitable mate.  Mom Barbara, kept pestering Brad for his password so she could take a gander at the available women and he finally gave in.  He left and two hours later she was still at the computer with a list of 10 women he needed to contact. He said she was having a blast, such a blast and so invested that the idea for the site just evolved right there.

This is from their site:

Dating is not easy these days for young professionals. It takes lots of time, money, and can be very stressful. Kids should listen to their parents when they tell you that you’re not going to find prince charming in a bar. We are launching to give the power of matchmaking through the internet to parents. You can browse potential partners in your child’s city, email their parents for more information about their children and family, and set them up on a casual date.

Take some time to browse the site, sign up your son/daughter, and let the matchmaking begin!

Danielle, Brad and Mama Barbara. I could not find Matt. Maybe he found his Beshert. I think Brad and Danielle are still looking.

Danielle, Brad and Mama Barbara. I could not find Matt. Maybe he found his Beshert. I think Brad and Danielle are still looking.

Never mind, I found Matt.  He has a video on how to get the most out of your profile.  You can watch it below. It was on Aunt Elaine’s Blog Tab.  She does the blogging for She was successful at setting up her son with a nice girl, he later married. She is one of the reasons was launched.


I don’t know what your thoughts are right now.  Perhaps you think it’s a great idea, why shouldn’t the mother take an active role in the online dating adventures of their adult children.  Maybe you are disgusted by the idea of meddling mothers already becoming a thorn in the side of a prospective new son or daughter-in-law.  Whether you are actively on the site filling in your information or dry heaving into the garbage, you need to keep reading.

Several, successful marriages were the result of online matches.  The membership is free, there are paid upgrades I believe.  TheJMoms’ Facebook Fan Page has posts written by couples on their second or third child who met and married thanks to their meddling moms.  They say wonderful things about the whole experience of finding their soul mate or Beshert.

Now, for some big news that may make you sad or happy. is shutting their internet doors on March 1st.  Why you ask?  Well, they say they cannot afford to run it any longer.  I really don’t fully understand that. The site was started by a brother and sister along with their friend Matt. Ironic to think their mom was not a partner but I digress.  Their goal was to help people find their ideal match and they didn’t want to use any outside funding. Stating that their lives have changed and that outside funding is not feasible, they bid all farewell.

So if their goal was to help find ideal matches and bring people together, why abandon that?  They can easily make money with sponsors and or affiliate advertising to cover the hosting as well as salaries for the webmaster or administration.  I think that’s the part I find so shocking. Abandoning what seems to be a successful niche market makes me think they are seriously lacking in online marketing skills.

I am almost tempted to run in and capitalize on all the Mom/child dating niches before anyone else does.  How about for Christian Mom or we could go by nationalities and have IMom for Italian Mom, KMom for Korean Mom, GMom for Greek Mom.  Oh my, so many moms, so many markets.  We just can’t allow the only meddling mom dating site to die now can we?  Come on, who is with me?  Where are my business partners? I can’t run this empire alone.


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  1. Elaine Evans

    I wanted to do this for my daughter who USA beautiful human being both inside and outside. How do I do this in the last month that J.Mom is running?

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