Message To The Oversharers- Thanks So Much For Not Sharing!

Facebook Thumbs Down

Did any of your friends post that powerless legal notice on their Facebook timeline to protect their copyright and privacy rights?  I’m sure you know some that did. You know what I find ironic about that?  They are the very same friends posting pictures on their timeline that I would like to be protected from!  They think just about every life situation calls for a quick smartphone pic and upload to all social media accounts.

I don’t know if the oversharers understand,  the few minutes I spend scrolling through my news feed are accompanied with a cup of coffee.  I  don’t want to see how your C-section scar is healing or the 42 staples in your husband’s leg.

No to compound fractures.  I don’t want to see how you severed your finger opening a can of corn.  I will pass on the chance to see your tibia sticking through your skin following your fall  on the ice. I know your killing time waiting for the ambulance, but please, the visual is not necessary.

I  don’t want to diagnose your mystery rash or see the contents of your new baby’s diaper, nor do I want to see your just delivered placenta.  Please spare me the dismembered rodents your cat brought you, parasites in tuna cans, your bloody nose or the gash you’re taking your child to the ER for.

Oversharing Meme

Come on now people! If you must share that kind of stuff, it needs to have a cover and disclaimer that the following image may not be suitable for all audiences. Then those truly interested in seeing how you just lost the nail on your big toe, can click to view.

Really, I can’t even imagine what it will be like 5 years from now.  Will you ask the nurse if she can take some video with your iPhone as you’re wheeled down the hall to have your gall bladder removed?  At least a few Instagram pics, she should be willing to do that.

How about we ask ourselves if we really need to share the things we do?  Could we do that before we post them and send them streaming though our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts?

Until they come up with the cover and disclaimer, how about asking who ever would like to see the stitching of your perineum to send you a private message . Then you can send them the link to the YouTube video.

Thanks so much for not sharing.


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4 Responses to Message To The Oversharers- Thanks So Much For Not Sharing!

  1. Amy Orvin

    That would be very frustrating and annoying!

  2. Rebecca Parsons

    I had to laugh at some of the things you brought up. Thankfully I haven’t seen much of those things. I agree needs to be a disclaimer or some kind of way of not seeing that kind of content other than un-friending someone.

  3. allyson becker

    I am not sure why people have the need to show every aspect of their personal life. They wear these gross memories like a badge of honor. Sometimes it is just TMI. Too much information!

  4. Heather!

    I often wish there were an option on FB to keep a photo blurred or covered until you click on it. I have come across too many disgusting or offensive photos while scrolling! I especially hate pics of hunting trophies. I understand people are proud of what they shoot, but I don’t want to see it, straight up.

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