Luma Comfort HC12B Humidifier Review-Give Dry Winter Air The Boot

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With winter weather comes dry air, dry skin and chapped lips.  This can make us very uncomfortable and even miserable.  If you get sick with the cold or flu  and have a cough, dry air in your home can have you losing sleep by exacerbating the issue and have you up coughing all night.  Dry winter air can cause stuffy sinuses, make allergies worse and lead to headaches.  We need to replace the moisture in the air.

I just went through this recently in my home.  I had a very bad bout with a sinus infection and then a cough that kept me up almost every night for over a week as a result.  I could literally feel my nasal passages and throat drying up while I was trying to sleep, my cough got worse and I woke up with a terrible sore throat and laryngitis.  I had to get some moisture in the air and fast.

Enter the Luma Comfort HC12B ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  Now, this humidifier not only keeps the air moist and comfortable, it looks great!  Available in black or white it has a sleek and slim vase design that  just fits in with home decor.  Designed to cover rooms up tp 650 square feet make it perfect for medium and large rooms.

Luma Comfort Piano

This humidifier was so easy to get up and running right out of the box.



My husband filled the tank up, screwed the demineralization cartridge into the water tank cover and then screwed the cover on.

Luma Comfort fill

Luma Comfort Filter

Luma Comfort Assembly

You let sit it for a few minutes and then plug in.  You can use the attachments to create 3 different height settings so it will be the perfect height whether you place the unit on the floor or table.

Luma Comfort Assembly 1


Luma Comfortr Short


Luma Comfort med


Luma Comfort Tall

When you turn it on a musical chime will sound and that means the unit is in standby mode.  Press the power button and the unit will turn on at the lowest setting.  To increase the mist volume you just press and hold the power button and you will hear the musical tone which lets you know that it is increasing.  A visual changing of the light from blue to white will also signal that the mist volume is increasing toward the highest level.

Luma Comfort button

Luma Comfort mist


Decreasing the volume once it has reached the highest  setting is easy too. Press the power button, the musical chime will sound and the light will change from white to blue as it cycles back to the lowest setting.  If you find the ideal setting, the unit will remember and as long as it is not unplugged, will return to that setting when turned on.  Unplugging the unit returns it to the default settings.  The humidifier also comes with a matching remote control that operates the unit up to 65 feet away.  When the tank is low on water it will beep and if not filled the light on the front will blink red until the tank is filled.  On its lowest setting it will run for 45 continuous hours.This humidifier operates with a demineralization cartridge that lets you use any kind of water.  Distilled water will keep the unit running in peak condition longer and eliminate white dust.

I just love this humidifier!  From the first day I used this, I could feel a difference.  It helped me breath better, I didn’t  feel like my nasal passages were dry and my cough was so much better.  Since using it, I have not noticed the sinus pressure and pain that I suffered with for so long.  It truly does eliminate dust particles and the table I have it on usually shows dust like crazy but since placing the humidifier on it, there is no visible dust! I had the humidifier on its highest setting for these pictures because I really want to get rid of the dry air as quickly as possible.  Once the air quality was better I used it on a lower setting. If you are looking for something to improve the air quality in your home, take a look at the Luma Comfort HC12B ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.  I am certain that you will be breathing a lot easier if you do.

You can see more of the great Luma Comfort product line on their website and follow them on Facebook and  Twitter.


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