How To Make An Adorable Applique Birthday Shirt!!! Easy and Quick Project!

I like to have birthday shirts for my kids and take a picture of them in it on their actual birthday.  A few years ago I made one but most of the time I buy them. However, after the success I had with the Christmas shirts, I decided to try and make an applique birthday shirt for my son.  It was so easy and looked great!  If you would like to try, you can follow the easy tutorial here.

DIY Birthday Shirt Collage


  • Plain Shirt- short or long sleeve
  • Material- small amount for number
  • Number Template- easy to find online
  • Scissors-Craft and Fabric
  • Thread to coordinate with number fabric and shirt
  • Sewable Heat Bond
  • Iron
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Machine with Applique Stitch or you can Zig Zag.


Make sure to wash your fabric and shirt before starting and then iron.


1. Cut some fabric for your number

bday shirt 1

2. Cut a piece of sewable heat bond and iron it on the back side of the fabric.  **Remember when cutting the sewable heat bond or the fabric that has it ironed on, never use your fabric scissors!  You will ruin them.  Always use your craft scissors when cutting anything with heat bond.

bday shirt 2


bday shirt 3


3. Place the number template on the front side of the fabric, pin and cut.

bday shirt 4

4. Remove the heat bond paper backing from the number,  the nice shiny texture will allow you to iron the number on and hold it securely to sew.

bday shirt 6

bday shirt 7


bday shirt 5

5. Iron the number on the shirt.

bday shirt 8


6.Take the shirt over to your machine and use an applique stitch around the edges

bday shirt 10


7.Trim the loose threads and iron the shirt and you are finished.

bday shirt 11

Please share with me if you try this.  I would love to see and hear about your creations.



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5 Responses to How To Make An Adorable Applique Birthday Shirt!!! Easy and Quick Project!

  1. Connie Ehrhard

    Carolyn, You did a wonderful job on the shirt and tutorial.

  2. Melissa J

    This is a great idea! I may just have to do this for my little boy!

  3. Rebecca Parsons

    I love this idea and wish I would have seen this a couple months ago for my grandkids 1st birthday would have been adorable.

  4. Julie Waldron

    This is cute idea and it turned out great.

  5. Amy D

    This is cute and easy to make. I never heard of sewable heat bond before. It certainly makes it easier to keep fabric designs in place. Clothes are so much more special when mommy makes them. 🙂

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