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Waggers by Stacy Nyikos

Waggers is so lucky to be adopted by a great family.  He tries to behave and be good but he is just so excited all the time and when he gets excited he has a tail problem.  His tail goes crazy!  You might wonder what harm could sweet Waggers tail do, his family is about to find out.  In the kitchen, baking cookies, it just smells so good and Waggers tail goes crazy and the dough hits the ceiling.  Unfortunately that is not the only mishap.  When Waggers is helping the kids defeat the monster in the living room, the sofa does not escape unharmed.  Out in the garage it is not any better, Waggers excitable tail scrapes off the paint on te car!  Mom and Dad are starting to wonder if their home is the right place for such an excitable pup.  Is it the end of the line for Waggers or is there a way the family can stay together?  You will just need to pick up a copy and find out.



About Stacy Nyikos


Stacy Nyikos is the award-winning author of many mischievous books for children. She’s not sure how that happened. She didn’t get into trouble as a child. Well, if you don’t count borrowing sandwiches from her dad. He wasn’t eating them anyway. Stacy holds an MFA in Writing for Children at Vermont College, which she didn’t borrow. They gave it to her. Really. Ask her kids. Or her dog. Just don’t ask her husband. He’s misplaced a few sandwiches. When she isn’t chasing stories—or sandwiches—Stacy can be found scribbling in the wilds of Oklahoma. She is currently working on a new adult novel about her grandfather’s adventure canoeing from Indiana to New Orleans – over 2,000 miles of paddling – in 1939.


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