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My parents were married over 60 years and together since my mother was a teenager.  When my mom had a sudden stroke and subsequently died 4 days later my dad was devastated.  He was 86 and had been in failing health so it was such a shock that my mom who was very active and full of life died first.  I lived on the same lake as my parents, so myself and children were a sense of joy for my dad through these sad days.  As we approached the anniversary of my mom’s passing, my dad was not feeling well and given his health history of colon cancer and having a pacemaker he ended up in the ER.  While at the hospital, we were told about a nursing service that would come every day to check on him and help him with his daily needs.   We set up the nursing service and it was due to begin on Monday.

Things took an unexpected turn as my dad had a fall that weekend and ended up cracking his tailbone.  He needed surgery and after that he would have to go to rehabilitative care to help him get his strength back and hopefully get him back home.  It was hard to think about the fact that maybe he would not be able to live on his own again, however it was reality and as a family we found a very good rehabilitation facility that we felt comfortable with  We did not know what the outcome would be and we really never got the chance to see since my dad went into cardiac arrest and passed away a day before the anniversary of my mom’s passing 1 year earlier.

It is hard to see your parents age and as the youngest of 5 born to my parents who were both in their 40’s, I faced these things at an earlier age than most with my dad.  It is hard to come to the realization that your parent may not be able to live on their own any longer but even harder to have those conversations with them about alternatives.  Care Conversations recommends getting certain documents in place to make the process easier. For example, Advance Directives ensure your loved ones have a say in their future care. If this is something you or someone you know is facing you can check out the Planning and Preparing section of  You may also want to view the video below on care planning.

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