New Sugar-Free Children’s Advil, Dye-Free, Berry Flavor!!! #ChildrensAdvilSugarFree

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We are lucky, I can count the times my two youngest have had a fever on one hand.  Last week though, our five-year old started saying he was feeling cold when it was very warm.  A check with the thermometer quickly revealed the reason, his fever was almost 104!!!  Thank goodness we had new sugar-free children’s Advil on hand.  The new berry flavor is dye-free and reduces fever fast-faster than children’s Tylenol.  Children’s Advil lasts longer than children’s Tylenol too, up to 8 hours with just one dose!

As a parent it’s so hard to see our little ones not feeling good and something that can keep them comfortable longer is better.  My little guy liked the berry flavor so getting him to take it was not an issue.  In a few days he was back to normal and I’m so glad we had something to take his high fever down and make him feel as good as possible while he was under the weather.  He got better just in time for Halloween, thanks Children’s Advil!!!

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    Children’s Advil is always the brand I go to for a fever reducer. It’s a brand that I trust and they have flavors that won’t cause a fuss with my son. I love that it is sugar-free and dye-free. I would recommend this product to all of my mommy (and daddy) friends. It has a berry taste, that aren’t going to request…at least didn’t. Children’s Advil works every time for our family.

    When your child has a fever, relief can’t wait. Try NEW Children’s Advil® Sugar-Free Dye-Free Berry, the only sugar-free and dye-free children’s fever reducer and pain reliever.* It reduces fever fast† – even faster than Children’s Tylenol®. It lasts longer, too- up to 8 hours with just one dose. And it has a taste your kids will love!

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