Leaving The Front Loader Behind! Why This Mom Will Not Buy Another Front Load Washer!!!

If you have done any recent reading on our blog, you know I am in the middle of a laundry crisis.  With our washing machine being damaged severely during the moving, stacking, and set up of our new dryer that only took 2 months to get straightened out, we have decided to depart from the front loader washer.

Kenmore front loader

Why you may ask?

1. I am tall, if you have the units stacked you nearly have to lay on the ground to get your clothing out and inevitably you have small pieces of clothing falling on the floor.  That is uncomfortable and yucky for the germophobe in me who must rewash the fallen clothing.

2. The rubber seal smells icky which we fixed with the detergent we use but you still have to leave the door open which I hate and it eats up all kinds of little things like kid’s socks.

3. I hate not being able to soak things in the washer or open the top and check on things and add something without a hassle.

I have had my units side by side on platforms and stacked and still never again will I go with a front loader. Especially since you can get a huge top loader without an agitator in High Efficiency.  I can do super large loads, even larger than with my ultra capacity front loader and have the height and features I want in the top loader.  So I am going back to the top side and leaving the front behind.


LG Washer

LG Washer 1

Interested to know what you have and if you have recently made a purchase of a washer what you went with and why.

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