Craigslist Fails, Bloopers and Ads That Make You Say, “What The Heck Were They Thinking???”

Do you have luck finding  great deals on Craigslist?  I have found some great treasures like my huge, oak roll top desk and some antique furniture for incredible prices.  However, it does take some searching and the luck of good timing.  While browsing ads, you are bound to run into some ads that truly will have you scratching your head.

There are people selling things who cannot even bother to close a drawer or dust the top off a desk or dresser, take pictures of a mirror showing their shirtless selves in the background, think anything old is antique, vintage or worth a lot of money.

I want to share some recent “What the Heck?” moments with you and let me know if you have found some funnies in your neck of Craigslist.  Another brilliant ad are the ones that say something like “curb alert” or state that if this does not sell tody it will be on the curb tomorrow but the asking price is firm.  LOL, yes let me come pay you tonight instead of getting it off the curb tomorrow.  I am so amused that they are not budging on the price now but in less than 24 hours they don’t care to even get one dollar for it.  These had to be the ones who were at the top of their marketing class!


Fine old chair the ad states, just needs upholstering. I have no idea what could have caused those rips and I am telling you now be very wary if he says it is from a pet free home, but it’s yours for $75 much to the cat’s dismay.

cat chair

Found an Antique Snuggle Bear in the Antique listings, was not aware the Snuggle Bear was a sought after item much less an antique!  $15 is the asking price for this heirloom!

snuggle bear antique

Should I close the drawers and at least kick the mess away from the floor?  Nah, that is such a quality piece that people will not even notice.

Messy Dresser

Man in the mirror times 2!

miror with man in pic


Guy in Mirror


They said it will be clean when you pick it up.  Eww, if you are going to clean it, how about wait until you do to list it for sale.

Toilet Dirty


Felicity is an antique? I guess so since she is listed as an antique doll.  People should really look the word up and vintage, discontinued, collectible or old do not qualify everything as antique.

felicity 1


I myself would not classify this as Antique but apparently this man does along with “Highly Collectible” and for $30 he will even let you take some VHS tapes to go with it!    Hey better jump on this fast it only has minimal flaws!

Vintage TV

ANTIQUE INDUSTRIAL REPRODUCTION DISTRESSED LARGE WALL CLOCK – $185 (sold by an antique store)  I know he says reproduction but he says, “sold by an antique store”.  He fails to mention he picked this up at Hobby Lobby on the bi weekly 50% off sale.

Clock Antique

Yeah that looks like the back of an antique! LOL

Yeah that looks like the back of an antique! LOL

Are they selling the rocking chair or the plants? Apparently the rocking chair because they need to buy a plant stand.

childs rocking chair plants

Now for something sad, sometimes the furniture itself is so embarrassed it leaves in what we call “furniture without borders.”

The dresser is trying desperately to get away and almost made it, until the woman found it and is trying to force it back in the house

women behind the mirror

The dresser distraction was not in vain because it allowed the coat tree  to high tail it down the road.

Coat Tree in Road

This is for sale under Vintage Artificial Fruit!  That certainly looks exactly like what you buy in the Walmart craft aisle.

Vintage Artifical Fruit

Listed as Metal Thingy–Guy selling it says he has no idea what it is but it has to be worth something.

Metal Thingy

Hey wait, I have seen these before.  I guess the sales were not so brisk with the man in them.  Now we have the dog sitting patiently on the stairs

mirror with man 2

Guy in mirror 2

Look the ultra safe Vintage Lawn Darts complete with several layers of dust and filth.

Vintage Lawn Dart Set




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