Walmart Family Mobile Has The Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!!!

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Walmart Family Mobile -Lowest Priced-Unlimited Plans-#FamilyMobile #Cbias-#Shop

I am one of those moms who has kids ranging from young adults to preschoolers.  When your older kids start driving, believe me, you’re going to want to know you can reach them and that they have the capability to call if anything happens.

However, it can be very costly for everyone to have a smart phone not to mention an unlimited family mobile plan. That’s why I am so excited about Walmart Family Mobile, it’s the lowest price unlimited talk, text & data/web plan!

Family Mobile In Store 2 #FamilyMobile  #Shop #cbias

You can purchase a variety of smart phones for under $100 with some under $50 right now!  I went to Walmart today to purchase a gift from my son for Valentine’s Day!  I bought him the Evolve Smart Phone and it was just $79.00!  Walmart’s lowest priced unlimited  plans for talk, text and web are just $39.99 a month!  There’s no contract and you just pay monthly.

The low price gets lower when you add a line because you save $5 when you add other family members to the unlimited plan.  That’s a great value and much less than we are paying with our contract service.

Family Mobile In Store #FamilyMobile  #Shop #cbias


With phones and unlimited plans this affordable, staying in touch with everyone is easy and the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.  Since many families are now receiving their tax return, this may just be something you want to consider using it toward. Unlimited plans are so great because you don’t need to worry about anyone going over their minutes or data/web allotment and then being slapped with huge fees you didn’t plan on.

It couldn’t have been easier to buy the phone and the start-up for the Family Mobile Plan.  As I made my way to the electronics department, I immediately saw the display with the phones and signage about Walmart’ s Lowest Priced Unlimited Plan.


 A very nice young man immediately approached me and was very knowledgable about the phones and plan.  I told him I wanted to buy the OneTouch Evolve and he picked the phone for me, then I asked him how it works with setting up the unlimited plan and he told me I needed the start-up pack,  picked the right one and told me I could activate it online or on the phone.

That was it, I paid and was on my way.  Of course I picked up a Valentine’s gift bag for the gift that keeps on giving.  When I got home I wrapped it up and put it in the gift bag and now to wait and see his reaction.  I know he will just love it! I will update with his reaction.

Walmart Family Mobile -#FamilyMobile-#Cbias-#Shop

Walmart Family Mobile-Unlimited-Lowest Priced-#FamilyMobile-#Cbias-#Shop

Walmart Family Mobile-Unlimited-Lowest Priced-#FamilyMobile-#Cbias-#Shop

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2 Responses to Walmart Family Mobile Has The Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!!!

  1. Birget

    I think these are really good valentines gift for kids 🙂 I’ll buy my son too

  2. Danielle

    I’m sure your son is going to love his gift! Such an awesome idea on a phone and a great plan. #client