Duck Tape Craft–Super Easy To Make Hair Bows!!! #JollyVoxBox

Ducklings Tape


As an Influenster blogger, I was sent a Jolly Vox Box Full of great products. One of the included goodies was a Ducklings mini roll of patterned Duck Tape.  I have quite a variety of Duck Tape in large rolls and sheets but did not have any of the smaller rolls.  Now besides being adorable, this size is great to use  so you do not have to cut the larger rolls into strips when you need more narrow pieces.


I saw some bows online and it gave me some inspiration.  Without following a tutorial I just grabbed some Duck Tape and improvised and I can tell you the results look great.  If I did it on the fly and they turned out so well, anyone can do it!  I was getting ready to groom my puppies and my Maltese came to mind when I thought to make these.  With the rain and snow any bow in her hair gets dirty and yucky fast.  Bows made of Duck Tape would be super easy to wipe clean!

To make the bows, I started with a  piece of tape about 12 inches long from the big roll and then folded it in half on itself.

Duck Tape 1


Duck Tape 2

The first one got a little wrinkle so I trimmed then end, this took care of the wrinkle and made a sweet petite bow for my petite puppy.

When I had the folded piece, I then took each side and folded inward making them meet in the middle.

Duck Tape 3

Now was the time to add some contrast and finish all the ends. I used the Little Ducklings tape and cut pieces as large as the sides and thenttaped them onto the folded large piece.

Duck Tape 4


Duck Tape 5

After this I did an accordion or fan fold until it was all folded and took a piece of the tape from the Little Duckling roll and wrapped the middle.

Duck Tape 6


Then I grabbed a small hair elastic and taped it on with another piece.  You could use a clip too if you like but for dogs the elastic is what holds the top knot.  After it was attached you fluff the sides and it looked so cute that I immediately made another.

Duck Tape 7


Duck Tape 8


Duck Tape 9


Duck Tape 10


Duck Tape 11


Duck Tape 15


Duck Tape 14

How darling these are to also attach to collars for doggies that don’t have a lot of hair, you can make them bigger for bigger dogs of course.  The tape is very heavy duty and I pulled and pulled on the elastic to check if it would come off but it did not loosen at all.  So I hope you enjoyed this little craft.  It’s so super quick and easy, I hope you give it a try.  If you do please share how it turned out.


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11 Responses to Duck Tape Craft–Super Easy To Make Hair Bows!!! #JollyVoxBox

  1. What a cute use for Duck Tape. They look so easy to make too!

  2. Sandra VanHoey

    Oh my….when I first read it I though, no way but how cute it turned out. Love this!

  3. Jordan

    How clever!

  4. Ronald O.

    What a great idea! We have a little Shih -Tzu, and this would be cool to create little bows for our little girl, Sissie. I will have to let my wife know…thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. nicole dz

    What a neat DIY craft! I love how many things you can do with duck tape. And I love that they came out with so many colors and patterns. Very cool! These are so cute!

  6. D Charte

    That is awesome – I have seen many ideas to make from Duck Tape. I love all the colors and patterns they come in also.

  7. Linda Manns

    This is amazing. These are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. Kelly

    That is such a cute project. My neighbor makes Duck Tape wallets and sells them. These are even cuter!

  9. allyson becker

    I wouldn’t make these for kids or pets. I might make them for myself. They are so much fun!

  10. Julie Lundstrom

    This is a cool idea for my daughters. I will try this out.

  11. Rosie

    I haven’t made anything with duct tape, but oh, this is just so adorable! They would be good for the kids at the beach, too. I’d like to try it!!!

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