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Hershey's Spreads

Well, if there was ever a right time to experience a taste of summer, it’s right now.  Today was in the high 30’s and I tell you, it felt like a heat wave!  Coming out of that frigid Arctic blast was a blessing and to celebrate we made S’mores.

Now we did not gather around the outdoor fire pit but we took advantage of a new Hershey’s product to help us get to yummy super fast.  I was selected to receive Hershey’s Chocolate Spread from CrowdTap and we wasted no time in fixing up some Winter S’mores!  It was simple to do with graham crackers, Hershey’s Chocolate Spread and miniature marshmallows.  The kids enjoyed a sweet treat after coming in from playing in the snow and we all savored a little taste of summer, which was delightful after freezing our tootsies off the last week!

Hershey's Label Crowdtap


Hershey's Spreads Tapped


Hershey's Spreads Tapped 3


Hershey's Spreads 21

Hershey's Spread 23


Hershey's Spreads 5

Hersheys 6


Hersheys 7


Hershey's Spread 9


Hersheys Spread 10


Hersheys Spreads 11

Hershey’s Spreads come in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate with Hazelnut and Chocolate with Almond. Click HERE to browse some great recipes using Hershey’s Spreads.  So get yourself some today and Spread The Possibilities!

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