Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, Intelliglobe, Interactive World Globe Review!!! #HolidayGiftGuide


My older kids love geography and it appears my youngest children are following in their footsteps.  The Intelliglobe, Interactive World Globe is the perfect gift this holiday season that’s educational, fun, interactive and way more than a passing fad or something that will be outgrown.  This intelligent globe has so many ways to interact and play it seems endless.

There were ways for my preschooler to play and my graduate school daughter who is getting her masters in urban planning was challenged as well.  It was so refreshing to see something that can truly grow with a child right up and into adulthood.  The trivia and find games were a favorite and my littlest guy loved finding states.  So many facts are available and the quality of the sound is superb.  The globe can be used with headphones and the Intellipen has a port that allows you to update the most relevant facts and information with ease.
 A 48 page World Discovery book is included and both the Intellipen and the book store neatly on and in the back of the globe base.  This globe is a great addition to any home or classroom.  Mommy Ramblings thinks the Intelliglobe is a great gift this holiday season that will delight and educate year after year.

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The Intelliglobe can be purchased at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store along with many other great gifts this holiday season.  Mommy Ramblings is adding The Intelliglobe to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.  


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Metropolitan Museum of Art Store


Intelliglobe MET

Teach young minds about their world with this interactive globe designed with advanced digital technology. Educational and entertaining, the globe’s Intellipen allows the user to partake in trivia and multiple choice challenges, plus you’ll learn thousands of facts on landmarks from around the world, flags, foods, animals, explorers, and much more.

Ages 5 and older (recommended for ages 7–10). Includes 18 touch & control features, 7 compare features, 6 find games, a trivia challenge, a multiple choice challenge, audio in 4 Languages (English, French, Spanish & German), a 1 GB wireless talking reader, which features USB updatable, downloadable information capability, a clear sound speaker and a headphone port, a wireless Intellipen, and a 48 page world discovery book, which is compatible with the Intellipen. Pen uses 2 AA batteries (included). Globe: 18 1/2”H x 16”W x 12”D.

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  1. My son is not quite old enough for this Globe but I am sure in a few years he would love this. What a fun way to learn about the world.

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