Top 10 Things To Know About Sunscreen & Badger Sunscreen Giveaway!!!


Badger sunscreens are consistently top-rated for safety by the Environmental Working Group, and Badger strives to educate consumers on the best ways to stay safe while having fun in the sun. We can offer tips on what to look for, such as broad spectrum protection and non-toxic active ingredients.

Well, it is getting close to summer here in NY finally and with my kids in the water and running around in bathing suits it is also time to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.  The catch 22 is that many of the sunscreens on the market are full of harmful ingredients and it feels ironic to put something harmful on them to protect them from something harmful.  Even many sunscreens marketed for kids contain harmful chemicals that are not safe for kids.  I am very picky about what I use for sunscreen so I am pleased to let you know about Badger Sunscreens.





Badger is manufacturer of the #1 selling sunscreen in the US Natural Market. Badger Daily Sunscreens are made from the safest possible, most effective ingredients and always include broad spectrum coverage.  Badger never uses synthetic chemicals, “fragrances”, parabens or GMOs.  Badger is a brand I can feel comfortable about applying on my kids.  My four-year old love the face stick because it is easy for him to apply and as a mom I feel okay when he gets a little more than necessary on because it does not contain nasty chemicals.  The sunscreen is easy to apply and provides great protection, my kids have been very active with it on and it has not failed us even in the water.  If you are looking for safe sunscreen options for your kids, check out Badger.

Top Ten Things to know about Sunscreen Protection:

1. Sunscreens are over-the-counter drugs regulated by the FDA.

2. Most people only apply ½ to ¼ the recommended amount of sunscreen. Applying half the amount of sunscreen needed only provides the square root of the SPF. So a half application of SPF30 only provides an SPF 5.5.

3. The proper dosage of sunscreen is 1.2 ounces, or about a shot glass of sunscreen, to cover an average-size adult body.

4. The FDA recommends broad spectrum sunscreens which protect against both UVB and UVA rays. Sunscreens are only required to protect you from UVB rays in the United States – look for the words ‘Broad Spectrum’ to ensure UVA protection.

5. UVB rays may cause sunburns and skin cancers. UVA rays may cause tanning, premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancers.

6.  The SPF number only tells you how well a sunscreen will protect against UVB.

7.   Sunscreens with lots of natural plant oils and vitamin E are rich in antioxidants, which help mitigate free radicals caused by sun damage.

8. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing into your skin (and bloodstream) while mineral sunscreens work by sitting on top of your skin. This is why dermatologists and the Environmental Working Group recommend mineral sunscreens as the safest option.

9.    Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only two approved mineral active sunscreen ingredients in the US. Zinc oxide is the only single active sunscreen ingredient that provides full broad spectrum protection (from UVA & UVB rays). 

10.  Certain sunscreen chemicals have been shown to cause coral bleaching. Mineral sunscreens in a natural base have the least impact on the environment.


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    I like the SPF 16 Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen.

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    Badger Stress Soother

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    Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream

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