Decoupage Furniture with Fabric and ModPodge

Hope you all had a super weekend.  I had a really busy week, so I was thankful to have a relaxing and fun weekend.  I spent some time finishing or nearly finishing some of my many projects.  I finished decoupaging one of two little chairs.  I still need to seal everything with ModPodge and then I am going to seal the whole chair with a Poly Acrylic.  I have to do the other chair, but it should be easier now, since I know a few shortcuts and better ways to do things. I used fabric instead of paper, and it turned out really nice.

I’m almost done with the other school desk I am refinishing, I should be able to finish it tomorrow, at least I hope I will.  Then, I have to start on my 3rd desk project and start working on refinishing an antique desk for my studio/office.  After that, I plan to start that stair painting project that I told you about for the basement stairs, and the stairs to my studio.  I cannot wait to start painting the stairs!  All I need is time.

I need to decide whether I am painting the table that goes with the little chairs with grape or turquoise paint.  I am also toying with the idea of decoupaging the table top, but I don’t think I will, because I think the paint will be a nice contrast. Who knows though, I may change my mind and decoupage the table.  You can see the chair below that needs to be sealed. Let me know what you think of it.

decoupage chair


decoupage chair 1

Have you ever done any decoupaging with fabric. Let me know if you have, and how it turned out.


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9 Responses to Decoupage Furniture with Fabric and ModPodge

  1. Audra Weathers

    I’m loving it! Makes me want to do something crafty. Can’t wait to see how you do the table. 🙂

  2. I really love the chair, it is gorgeous.
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  3. Leela

    That is pretty awesome. I’d love to make a kids craft table like that.

  4. Sam

    Actually I have not done any before. This is the first I am hearing about it. I would love to try. Do you have any videos for beginners or do you know of any good videos I should check out?

  5. Brittany Carter

    I love decoupage I do it with stickers too recently did a dresser top and a lamp table

  6. Angela Ingles

    I’ve never done decoupage yet, but would love to. We have an old farmhouse and I think decoupage would be such a fun touch.

  7. Amy D

    The chair looks amazing. I would love to do this to my kids little chairs that they’ve colored all over. It’s a great way to refinish them.

  8. Edye

    this looks super cool!!

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