String Eggs; A Fun Easter Craft!!!

Sting eggs are an easy and fun craft project you can make to decorate for Easter and other occasions. To get started, you will need balloons, white glue and crochet thread.  The small water balloon type balloons work best because you can easily inflate them to look like eggs.


Make a glue mixture with white glue and water. Use 2 parts glue and 1 part water, this is messy, so be sure to cover your work surface.  Next, cut the thread and dip it in the glue and start wrapping it around the balloon.


You can use a lot of string to wrap or use less, it is a personal choice as to which look you like. When you have have finished wrapping the entire balloon, you can hand them or prop them up to dry. When they are fully dry and stiff to the touch, hold the end of the balloon and pop it with a pin.




Don’t be scared, I made a lot of these, and very few popped with a loud pop because of all the glue they are coated with. Instead, they release the air slowly making sounds similar to the snap, crackle and pop you hear when you add milk to Rice Krispies cereal. Once the balloon is completely deflated you can easily pull it out through an opening in the string.


Place your string eggs in a bowl, put them on a ribbon to make a festive garland, use them to make a wreath, you can even add pretty little string lights, there are so many options, so have fun!

















Let me know if you tried this fun project. I would like to hear about your results and how you used them to decorate. Happy Easter!!!

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