FRAAS Tech Gloves Unite Fashion and Technology!!!

I know myself, I am a tech junkie, won’t be out without my iPhone or iPad and for anything longer than a couple of hours, the laptop must come along.  Living in the north it can get quite cold in winter and so having a glove that keeps your hands warm while still allowing you to use touch screen technology is very important.  I am excited to tell you that FRAAS Tech Gloves let us embrace fashion and technology all while having toasty warm hands. The gloves are beautiful and very soft and warm, they also work extremely well.  The rising interest in chic cold weather accessories is evident everywhere. Fashion-savvy women are wrapped in great looking scarves and accenting their look with interesting hats and smart gloves.  FRAAS is on target with a versatile collection of options for Fall-Winter 2012.

More than 100 new FRAAS brand styles are debuting in this season–many in multiple color choices.  Three on-the-mark and very stylish palettes and themes are apparent–Woodland Guardians, Mineral Explosion, and Decadent Traveler. Neutrals, jewel tones and accent pop colors provide savvy consumers with the right styling and best shades to work with existing and new wardrobes.

Although historically known for its scarf expertise, FRAAS has added gloves and hats to its offering over the years and now consumers look forward to adding those FRAAS styles to their wardrobes, too. Technology has entered the fashion accessories scene with TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE GLOVES. FRAAS offers 3 chic options–retailing for about $30–a long scrunch, a ruffle, and a bow–22 options total in all the colors. These are not something to be missed as a self or gift purchase. Anyone with a touch screen device will want a few pair! Those without a device will appreciate the attractive styling and affordable pricing plus one size fits all for buying ease.  Style 060579 is one of these three looks and is extremely popular thanks to its feminine ruffled hem. It is an Acrylic/Cotton/Poly/Metallic blend and is available in grey, blue-grape, black, rose, chartreuse, camel, teal and dark red. Keeping with cutting-edge design, FRAAS introduces these gloves with tech finger tips that are so well-matched to the glove, they are almost invisible. This offers a stylish and more lady-like approach for the tech-savvy customer.
“Our goal at FRAAS is to give consumers great choices of unique products at realistic price points,” says Aimee Zucchetti, FRAAS Brand and Sales Manager. “The technology savvy glove grouping exemplifies the fashion innovation for which we are known and we are pleased to be able to offer such a timely style to consumers.”

“Whenever a woman wants to add a finishing touch and zest to her entire look—she can reach for one of our FRAAS styles and be 100% confident that it will produce the right effect. It is astounding what a difference a scarf can make and our new hat and glove options add that much more excitement to the total look ,” says Ken Krieger, the VP of Sales for the innovative international manufacturer of woven and knit scarves, stoles, ruanas, wraps, capes and related accessories.



I was provided test samples for my review, my opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    Another neat product that I wasn’t aware of! I have a long walk from the parking lot to my building and i like to use that time to catch up on emails but it’s awful cold in the winter to have my hands exposed.

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