Corolle Dolls Miss Ambre and Bébé Do Review and Giveaway!!! 3 Winners!!!

If you are not familiar with Corolle, let me take a moment to introduce you.  Corolle is a doll manufacturer producing exquisite, adorable dolls that are styled in France. One of the greatest gifts for a little girl is a classic baby doll, one she can love, care for, and pretend with. In addition to their baby dolls, they have dolls for every age and stage, begining with squishy soft baby’s first dolls to fashionable, sophisticated dolls for older girls and everything in between.

I received a Miss Corolle doll named Ambre.  She is a beautiful blonde, 14 inches tall with a fashionable ensemble; a lovely red velour shrug and gray tweed, low waisted frock with a red tulle underskirt. Topped off with a red headband, tights and little black shoes, she is ready for Christmas! Her hair is long, perfect for many different styles. She has a light vanilla scent to her and has a soft body made for hugs from her new mama. She has bold blue eyes with delicate blonde eyelashes that make her look more realistic. She is packaged in a lovely, holiday-ready box!

Bébé Do is the other rosy-cheeked doll that was sent to join our little family, she is an adorably chubby, soft-bodied baby doll that ignited my motherly instincts. Whoever said dolls are just for little girls? Also at 14 inches, she is the perfect size for cradling in your arms, and her oh-so-soft body is perfect for cuddling! Bebe Do is outfitted in charming pink jammies, and comes with a bottle, soft bunny and small story book to show little girls how to take care of Bébé Do just like a real mommy!

Both dolls can be equipped with accessories and fashions from the Corolle collection on their website! They have a 12 piece set of baby accessories, diapers, cradles, strollers and of course fashionable clothing to complete their dolls‘ collection!

Mommy Ramblings is sure any little girl would love to adopt either of these beautiful dolls, so we are adding them to our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, they would make an ideal gift for a daughter, granddaughter or niece!!

Corolle is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  3 lucky blog readers will win their own Miss Corolle Ambre Doll or Bébé Do Doll!! Thank you Corolle for these beautiful review dolls and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway!!!

Corolle 3 Doll Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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44 Responses to Corolle Dolls Miss Ambre and Bébé Do Review and Giveaway!!! 3 Winners!!!

  1. Sonya Morris

    I would love to get the Small Doll Cradle for my little one.

  2. Anne

    I like the Camille Equestrienne doll.

  3. Melanie Morin

    I like the Small Carry Bed

  4. Melanie Morin

    I like the Ballerina Set

  5. Sonya

    I also like the Babipouce Activities doll.

  6. Miranda Welle

    The Bunnies Stroller is cute too!

  7. Miranda Welle

    OOOO> I clicked the see all button and came across the NEW Les Classiques Carriage! BEAUTIFUL for any little girl!

  8. Patricia Williams

    I like the small carry bed.

  9. Patricia Williams

    I also like the Lili Pink doll

  10. Audra Weathers

    I also like the Vanilla Brunette version of the To Cuddle Miss Corolle.

  11. Jeanna

    My daughter would like the Camille Equestrienne!

  12. D Schmidt

    Another great doll is Vanilla Brunette
    To Cuddle

  13. Heather Collins

    I like the ballerina set 🙂

  14. Heather Collins

    I also like all the cuddle dolls!! The Babypouce Darling doll is sooo cute! 🙂

  15. Jessica

    I like Camille Equestrienne Doll

  16. Casey

    I like the Babicorolle (From birth +): First Soft Body Doll

  17. Jennifer Cashin

    Love the bunnies carry bed and doctor set

  18. Jennifer Cashin

    The ballerina set is adorable and my 4 year old would love that!

  19. Angie Moeller

    my daughter would LOVE the Equestrienne doll!

  20. Rochelle Sindelar

    I like the Calin Laughing Flowers Doll

  21. Karen Medlin

    I like the Red Shoes 17″ and the Small Carry Bed

  22. Karen Medlin

    another doll I love is the Paul Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby

  23. Toni

    I love the Red Shoes 14″! They are so cute!

  24. Jeanna

    I’d love the small carry bed!

  25. alexis janiszewski

    the small stroller is nice!

  26. alexis janiszewski

    the small carry bed is great aswell

  27. Jennifer C

    I like the Camille Equestrienne doll!

  28. Jennifer C

    The Denim Pants Set is super cute!

  29. Toni

    Camille Equestrienne Doll

  30. Kimberly Schotz

    I like the Bunnies Carry Bed

  31. Heather Sewell

    I love the doll Carriage!

  32. Kristine Frey

    Camille is adorable.

  33. Kristine Frey

    I like the doll bed and changing table

  34. Jessica O

    I like the Coquette Blonde doll!

  35. lisa

    Camille Equestrienne doll

  36. Laura Jacobson

    Oh she would also love the Small Carry Bed!

  37. Laura Jacobson

    She would also love the Bunnies Stroller!

  38. Jessica

    I also love the Tidoo Candy doll

  39. Jessica

    My daughter would love the Bunnies Stroller

  40. Jessica c.

    I also like the Cradle

  41. Rochelle Sindelar

    Tidoo Raspberry

  42. Melissa

    I like the Babipouce Darling doll

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