I See Me, “Royal Birthday Adventure”, Personalized Book Review & Giveaway!!!

Books are a big hit in our house.  What could be more fun then reading your child a book that he is the main character in.  I See Me! Personalized Children’s Gifts sent me a book personalized for my son.  We received the Royal Birthday Adventure Book and immediately my son recognized his name on the cover and as we read the book together he was so excited to see his name in flags, spelled out in stars, on regal topiaries and more.  His favorite color was mentioned as well as the names of his parents and siblings.  He really likes this book and I have to tell you that it is beautifully crafted.  The high quality cover, binding, thick, sturdy, glossy pages and beautiful illustrations really make a lovely keepsake book that is perfect as a gift.  I See Me! has many other titles so it is easy to find the right book for any child or occasion.  If you are looking for a special book that will celebrate your child, then take a look at I See Me! Personalized Children’s Gifts.

I See Me is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their choice of either the girl or boy version of the Royal Birthday Adventure Personalized Book.  Thank you I See Me for the review book and for sponsoring this giveaway fit for a prince or princess on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

I See Me, Royal Birthday Adventure Personalized Book Giveaway Rules on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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20 Responses to I See Me, “Royal Birthday Adventure”, Personalized Book Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. Kelly L

    My Very Own Name!!!

  2. Neva Hurlbut

    My very own fairy tale

  3. Heidi Gloudemans

    Who Loves Me?

  4. Kimberly Schotz

    I like My Very Happy Birthday Book

  5. Wendy W.

    They also have My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook!

  6. Desiree Gutierrez

    My very own Pirate Tale

  7. D Schmidt

    Another great book is My Very Own Pirate Tale

  8. Lee L

    My very own fairytale storybook

  9. Teh Doll

    The super incredible big sister.

  10. Jessica C.

    My Very Own Pirate Book

  11. Melissa

    My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook

  12. Patty S.

    Super incredible big sister

  13. alexis janiszewski

    Who loves me? cute book!

  14. Shannon F.

    My Very Own Name

  15. Molly

    My Very Own Pirate Tale

  16. Heather Collins

    I think the Who Loves Me? book is adorable, but I would probably by the My Very Own Fairytale for my daughter 🙂

  17. Rochelle Sindelar

    My Very Own Pirate Tale

  18. Jayne Fleming

    Who Loves Me

  19. Jessica

    I like the Who Loves Me? Personalized Book

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