Vtech, Switch & Go Dinos Review!!!

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One thing that is a given with my little boys, is that they love vehicles and dinosaurs. When I had the opportunity recently to review the new Vtech Switch & Go Dinos, it truly was an offer I could not refuse.  From the moment the box arrived in the house and I unpacked the contents, they both could not stop asking to play with them.  I was happy to oblige as I myself wanted to see how they worked.  We received Sliver, The T-Rex who is green which is my five-year-old’s favorite color and Horns, The Triceratops which is a great fit for my 3-year-old.

This dinos are packed with great features that my boys just love.  Each dino has over 50 wild sounds and phrases, volume control, sound effect and voice buttons, an LCD screen that allows my boys to customize their toy when it is in dino form or morphed into a dinoriffic vehicle.  I like as a parent that one toy can be switched from a dino to a vehicle and back again.  My boys are having lots of fun with these Switch & Go Dinos and I think they are great when traveling and space is an option because they will have two great toys in the space of one.  The toys are easy to transform and the boys can do it easily and not get frustrated.


The toy is educational too as the action buttons trigger interesting fact s about each dinosaur when they are in dino form.  In vehicle form they can customize the driver which is a lot of fun using the LCD screen.  The LCD custom screen is a feature they love because they can easily change their dinosaurs eyes or driver and  they find this quite entertaining.  There are 2 other Switch & Go Dinos in the Starter Dino series; T-Don the Pteranodon and Tonn the S Stegosaurus.  Available exclusively on Amazon.com begining at $15.99, Buy today on Amazon. Beginning on June 18th they will also be available for purchase on VTechKids.com and this Fall 2012 they will hit the shelves of most major retailers.


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  1. Desiree Gutierrez

    Those look really awesome. I want to get one for my 5 year old son, he loves cars especially and toys that transform. Transformers aren’t built the way they used to be and seem so delicate, this one actually looks tough enough to survive his rough play. Thank you for your review.

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