Ugglebo, Vintage Clogs, Elvira and Lilian Review!!! Mother’s Day Sale Starts Monday!!!

About 2 weeks ago Ugglebo contacted me to take a look at the new vintage clogs they just launched for spring and summer.  They also were nice enough to provide me with our choice of one to review.  My daughter chose the pink Elvira Vintage clog. They arrived quickly and nicely wrapped with a ribbon and adorable little leather key chain.   When I opened the paper, I was in for a bigger surprise.  The clogs are even nicer in person, the pictures just don’t do them justice.   This clog looks so cute with jeans, it really looks cute with almost anything.  The vintage clogs have the same great quality you expect from Ugglebo and are very well made.  If you are looking for something fresh and new with a vintage feel and look, check out the new vintage clogs from Ugglebo.  Who will you pick?  Elvira or Lilian?  Can’t decide, you might just want to get both while you can.  Happy clogging!!!


This vintage line of clogs is available in very limited quantities, as they are all handmade by Christer himself.   If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, you will truly be unique in the footwear world.

The Lilian Clogs are a remarkable addition to and proof of Ugglebo’s heritage. Featuring a unique and gorgeously complex pattern, these wood Swedish clogs are very alike to what our parents (and even grandparents) wore while growing up and now we are giving you a shot to pick up the reins where they left off.

The Lilian Clogs feature a wooden low-heel base and come with luxurious vegetable tanned leather, which is stapled for a classic look.

We encourage you to show off your Lilian clogs this summer; we promise you that there is not anything out there quite like it.

Heel-height: 1,75” (4,45 cm)

The Elvira Clogs are a stunning part of Ugglebo’s Vintage line. With their intricate and playful pattern, these wooden based Swedish clogs are similar to what your parents (and even grandparents) would have worn in their youth – and now you have a chance to pick up where they left off.

The Elvira Clogs come on a wooden low-heel base and feature gorgeous vegetable tanned leather, which is fastened with staples for a vintage look.

Elvira will be one of the cutest clogs this summer, and as they are a very limited style we encourage you to pick up your pair today!

Heel-height: 1,75” (4,45 cm)

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