THE MUPPETS releases on Blu-ray & DVD Today!!! Get You Wocka Wocka Combo Pack!!!

THE MUPPETS releases on Blu-ray & DVD Today!!!

Today is the Day!!!  We were lucky to receive the Wocka Wocka Combo Pack of the Muppets several days ago for review and my kids and well, our whole family have watched it several times.  It is a wonderful heartwarming movie for the whole family that takes you on an adventure of two very different brothers (one is a muppet) to reunite the Muppets and save their studio from destruction.  It has all the elements my kids love, cute characters, lots of singing, adventure and a bad man (the one who wants to demolish Muppet Studios to drill for oil).  It is a great movie about how if everyone helps each other and works as a team, things can get done even when it seems impossible.  All the classic Muppets are back with stars like Jack Black, Jason Segel, and Amy Adams.  My kids loved seeing the Muppets driving in the car driven by 80’s Robot to collect all the Muppets from their various locations and how Miss Piggy was almost replaced until she finally had a change of heart.  If you loved the Muppets as a kid like I did, you will love sharing this new Muppet Movie with your kids.

Special Features

• Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus
• DVD Feature Film + Bonus
• Digital Copy Of Feature Film
• Digital Full-Length Original Soundtrack
• Scratching The Surface: A Hasty Examination Of The Making Of The Muppets — A Surprisingly Shallow But Profoundly Absurd Look At Muppets And Humans Working Together To Make Cinematic History
• Deleted Scenes
• A Little Screen Test On The Way To The Read-Through — The Muppets Bring The Wocka Wocka Wocka To A Routine Camera Test
• Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song
• Unreleased Theatrical Spoof Trailers — And More!
• Audio Commentary — With Jason Segel, James Bobin, And Nicholas Stoller
• Disney Intermission — Pause The Movie And See What Happens!
• The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History**) **We Think — Includes Muppets! Stars! And One Ridiculously Long Chicken Joke! What More Do You Need?

Download Miss Piggy's Fashion Tips!

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Download Printable Recipes!

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