The Prepared Pantry,Gourmet Cinnamon Chips Review and Giveaway!!!


My husband and kids love cinnamon, you cannot believe how many times my husband whips up his famous cinnamon rolls.  It was the perfect match when I was asked by The Prepared Pantry to review their Gourmet Cinnamon Chips.  I found a great recipe online for Snickerdoodle Blondies with Cinnamon Chips, and I knew I had to bake those.  The Cinnamon Chips smell so good, not artificial or too strong, but just absolutely yummy.  I prepared the batter, added the chips and put it in a greased 13 by 9 pan.  After sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar, I baked it and it smelled so wonderful that I could not wait until if cooled an grabbed a piece while warm so my piece may have not been so pretty but it was warm, moist and delicious and reminded me of a cinnamon streussel coffee cake.  Every one else love it too and I can tell you that there is very little of the pan left.  If you are looking for a delicious cinnamon chip to use in recipes, then you must try The Prepared Pantry.


Some information from Prepared Pantry’s Website:

A Prepared Pantry exclusive! These are the best cinnamon chips.


Cinnamon chips make wonderful bread, cookies, muffins, and more!

You’ll find hundreds of uses!  If cinnamon is good in a recipe, cinnamon chips are better.  Use these chips in all kinds of recipes. Add them to almost any recipe that calls for cinnamon–you’ll add a burst of cinnamon in every bite.  They make wonderful baked goods with a burst of cinnamon in every bite–made with real cinnamon for an intense cinnamon flavor!
Add them to breads, muffins, cookies, and pancakes, use the following amounts. Always add them right at the end of the mixing or kneading process.
These are sold by the truckload to the national bakeries but you can buy them only at The Prepared Pantry.  Compare these gourmet chips with those sold in the grocery stores.  You’ll like what you find and ounce for ounce, gourmet doesn’t cost more. If you don’t like these better than what you find in the store, return the empty package and we’ll refund your purchase price.
These are the most versatile baking chip.  Consider adding them to any recipe that calls for cinnamon. Use these cinnamon chips just as you would chocolate chips–in cookies, in bread, or in muffins–any of your favorite recipes.
  • Intensely flavored cinnamon chips for wonderful baking results.
  • Mini-chips for a cinnamon burst in every bite.
  • Easy to use, just like chocolate chips.
  • Quality gourmet cinnamon chips used by major national bakeries so that you know they are good.
  • Packaged in stand-up, Vista® bags for a longer shelf life.
  • Resealable, zipper-type closure to hold that cinnamon taste longer.

Your family will love what you bake.

* The bulk 50 lb box of cinnamon chips ships free to the 48 contiguous states.
  1. This is a “zero trans fat” product.
  2. The manufacturer intended this to be a multipurpose cinnamon chip–either to hold its shape and create cinnamon nodules in the baked good or to be dissolved for a cinnamon presence throughout the loaf or muffin.  We have used these cinnamon chips extensively.  They will melt if added early in the mixing process.  If you want them to hold their shape, add your cinnamon chips at the end of the mixing process, the last ingredient that you add.  You will then have nodules of cinnamon as shown in the bread picture.
  3. We sell lots of these cinnamon chips and have never had a complaint.  Though we use these cinnamon baking chips in breads and muffins, it seems that the most popular use is for cookies.  We have included our favorite cinnamon chip muffin recipe below.
  4. It is recommended that you store these chips in a cool place to avoid melting.  We are not responsible for melted chips.

The Prepared Pantry is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky reader will win their own 11 oz bag of Gourmet Cinnamon Chips.  Thank you to The Prepared Pantry for the review chips and for sponsoring this super yummy giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US residents.

The Prepared Pantry, Gourmet Cinnamon Chips Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
Please enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!!!

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  2. betsy barnes

    I would love to try the Strawberry Baking Chips.

  3. Lynette Cruz

    I would love anything from Prepared pantry! They have great items! I used to buy their bread mixes all the time,havent purchased in a while,but they are a great company!

  4. Rebecca Rivera

    Love their products..all of them

  5. Kelly

    I am dying to get some of their chocolate mint chips. I was trying to create my own thin mints.

  6. Amanda J.

    i would love to try the chocolate lover’s brownies. YUM!

  7. john

    Their donut mixes look delicious! and there is a spudnut activity this Saturday!

  8. Julie

    These look absolutely fantastic!! And, an alternative to choclate that I can live with, or maybe half chocolate/half cinnamon– either way, yum!!
    Thank you for this post!!

  9. Molly

    Ooh, the Chocolate Mint Chips sound yummy!!

  10. Rochelle Sindelar

    I would love to try the strawberry or raspberry baking chips.

  11. Mary Lloyd

    I love Prepared Pantry!

  12. Cristen C.

    I would love to try their pie crust mix.

  13. Patty S.

    Pancake and crepe mixes

  14. Wendy W.

    Their Sour Cream Potato Roll Mix sounds yummy!! Their Chocolate Mint Chips also sound yummy!!

  15. Meryl

    I’d like to try their Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder.

  16. Heather Sewell

    I’d love to try the crepe mixes!

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    I’d like to try the strawberry chips

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    I want to try the Green Olive Tapenade and Dip.

  19. Casey

    The Maple Nut Bars would be good

  20. Meryl

    The Chocolate Fancy Designer Sauce.

  21. Meredith F.

    I LOVE The Prepared Pantry! They have a lot of great baking tools that I would love to get someday, including the dough press, a donut baking pan, tortilla press, and a muffin/cupcake top pan.

  22. Meredith F.

    They also have some great-looking baking & bread mixes that I would like to try!

  23. Carrie W.

    Strawberry chips sound delicious!

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