Ariat Women’s Western, Shattered Black Corazon Cowboy Boots Review!!!

I was tickled pink when I recently had the opportunity to review a high quality pair of cowboy boots from Ariat.  I had such a hard time choosing given the incredible selection they offer.  I finally decided on the shattered black Corazon cowboy boots.  I thought they were beautiful in the pictures, but the pictures don’t do them the true justice of seeing them in person.  They are just exquisite!  So, I knew they looked good, but the real test would be how they fit.  These are the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn.  You know what?  I think they are the most comfortable anything, I have worn on my feet, ever!  The first day I wore them, I wore them all day, and they felt great, when I got home I did not even want to take them off.  They are supportive and fit true to size, the premium full-grain leather is refined, and the sharp X-Toe is supported with ATS technology.

Quality is the word that describes the craftmanship of these boots, hand nailed leather soles, the vibrant embroidery, the stitching, the details, all of it screams perfection.  This is my first pair of Ariat boots, but I will never buy another brand!  Every time I wear them people come up to me, whether I am in the drug store, post office, or shopping mall, they ask me where I got them and tell me how much they like them.  I wear these boots under and over my jeans, both ways look and feel great.  Can’t wait to try them with a long skirt.  Anyway, if you are looking for gorgeous boots that will make an impression every time you wear them and feel so great you won’t want to take them off, then you have to take a look at Ariat boots.  Thank you so much to Ariat for sponsoring this review.




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5 Responses to Ariat Women’s Western, Shattered Black Corazon Cowboy Boots Review!!!

  1. Aisha H.

    They’re gorgeous!

  2. Cristen C.

    These boots are SOOOOOO cute!

  3. Linda Skelton

    I am the manager of a western wear store and although I wear and love every brand of cowboy boots we carry (I wear them every single day!) Ariat boots are truly my favorite. They are so comfortable and are always coming out with such beautiful new designs!

    As a sidenote, they are also one of our best vendors to work with as far as customer service goes 🙂

  4. Winter

    A very good friend bought me a pair of these in Shattered Tan, & I am thrilled. They haven’t arrived in the mail yet, but I hadn’t heard of them before my gift/your blog–seeing your pics I’m now doubly excited! My friend bought these as a cheer-up for me and now I too am ‘tickled pink’ :).

  5. Danielle Cherney

    These are so cool! Thanks for posting

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