Electric Picks, “Rock n’ Roll For Your Wrist” Bracelet Review & Giveaway!!!

Electric Picks is modern jewelry with a rock n’ roll attitude, inspired by the freedom and glamor of rock music. It’s for the renegades, romantics and visionaries. Each bracelet is intricately crafted and one of a kind.  Seeking but never finding jewelry that inspired her as much as music did, designer Mj Barton set out on her own and brought Electric Picks to life.

The guitar picks are all either custom or vintage. Mj loves to scour vintage stores for inspiration. Using materials from her travels all around the world (Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona, Morocco, Thailand, Tibet, Monaco, Brazil, India etc) Mj mixes gemstones and authentic guitar picks to create one of a kind looks that aspire to be as timeless as music is.

Mj, a charity event planner turned jewelry designer, played classical piano for 12 years and has been designing jewelry since her day-care days.  She fused these 2 loves into Electric Picks Rock Jewelry.  She is still on the board of 2 charities and heavily involved in children charity causes.  She is influenced by what she calls a “gypsy lifestyle”.  She was born and raised in Chicago, but at 19 set out on her own and has lived in Arizona, Miami Beach, Dublin Ireland, and now resides in New York City.  “I’m influenced so much by travel and culture. The Indian influences from Arizona, the Celtics from Dublin, Art Deco from Miami, I carry them all with me.”

I recently connected with Mj and she let me pick a bracelet to review.  I chose the Purple Rain bracelet which is made of dyed Buffalo Turquoise, a custom guitar pick, and a white Czech crystal.  It arrived in a little velveteen pouch and looks even better in person.  It is such a great piece and since my husband is a guitarist, we are especially fond of it.  The purple for us gives it the Jimi vibe. There are so many great bracelets to choose from for women and men.  If you are looking for a quality, unique bracelet then you have to take a look at Electric Picks.  It is a great present for any guitarist or rock fan.  They will even customize a bracelet just for you, they can use your guitar pick or turn just about anything into one.  A special hotel room key can be made into a pick and then into a bracelet, now that is cool!

 “Purple Rain” Women’s Bracelet

Purple Buffalo Turquoise, White Pave Czech Crystal, & ‘Legendary’ Guitar Pick

This unique bracelet is composed of beautiful handpicked purple buffalo Turquoise. It is accentuated with a stunning white pave Czech crystal. The center is a custom ‘Legendary’ guitar pick. Fits most women’s wrist. All hand knotted on elastic cord.Rock n’ Roll for your wrist!

Electric Picks is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win a single bracelet of their choice.  Thank you Electric Picks for the review bracelet and for sponsoring this rockin’ giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.
Electric Picks, “Rock n’ Roll For Your Wrist” Bracelet Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
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28 Responses to Electric Picks, “Rock n’ Roll For Your Wrist” Bracelet Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. amy

    C H A N T I L L Y-L A C E

  2. Serena Drago

    I like the pretty in pink bracelet

  3. Kim Kelly

    It’s so hard to choose, I love the PURPLE RAIN but the hematite on TEARS FOR FEARS is very cool

  4. Jennifer C

    I would choose C H A N T I L L Y-L A C E-!

  5. christopher sorel

    R E N E G A D E-Men’s Skull & Black Onyx Guitar Pick Bracelet is sweet

  6. Desiree Gutierrez

    i would choose tears for fears or eye of the tiger

  7. Melani

    I would choose the D O D G I N”-B U L L E T S-Men’s Black Onyx & Bullet Bracelet.

  8. For me I would like the Chantilly lace bracelette, but for my boyfriend who is a musician and plays guitar I would want to get the R E N E G A D E-Men’s Skull & Black Onyx Guitar Pick Bracelet. I think he would love it!

  9. Heather Collins

    C H A N T I L L Y L A C E

  10. Pauline

    I like the true colors bracelet.

  11. Wendy W.

    Love the Purple Rain Bracelet!

  12. Eugenie

    I like the C O S M I C-L O V E- Women’s Multi-Color Agate & Lavender Crystal Guitar Pick Bracelet.

  13. Jessica C.

    I would choose the Chantilly-Lace Bracelet

  14. Patty S.

    The last dance teal bracelet is pretty

  15. Howell

    I like the O U T- R U N-MY-G U N-Men’s Green Malachite & Bullet Guitar Pick Bracelet.

  16. Melissa

    I like the true colors bracelet.

  17. Kelly D

    I like the P R I N C E- Women’s Purple Turquoise & White Pave Crystal Bracelet

  18. Rochelle Sindelar

    I like the L I K E-H E A V E N-Women’s Black Onyx, Gold Wings, & Crystal Bracelet

  19. Heather Sewell


  20. Molly

    I would pick the Chantilly lace!

  21. Cristen C.

    “Pretty in Pink” Women’s Bracelet

  22. Christyn Mckenna

    I would get “Janie’s Got A Gun” Women’s Bracelet

  23. Natasha Hudnall

    I would choose C H A N T I L L Y-L A C E- Women’s Black Onyx & Pink Crystal Guitar Pick Bracelet

  24. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I would like this one for my brother
    He is in a band called Devils Due based in southeast Ohio

    R E N E G A D E-Men’s Skull & Black Onyx Guitar Pick Bracelet

  25. Laura Sullivan

    I really like the H E A T-OF-T H E-M O M E N T-Women’s Red Dyed Jade, so pretty!

  26. Fiona N

    I love the “eye of the tiger”! It looks unique 😉

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