Incredibeds, Plush Kid’s Bed Review & Giveaway!!! Bonus Exclusive Coupon Code For $30 Off Purchase!!!


About Incredibeds:

Incredibeds plush kids bed frames are helping parents get their kids to sleep in their own bed. Their plush bed frames are unique charismatic characters that bring friendships, sweet dreams for children to grow up with and safety that parents can rely on. They built them out of the need for an alternative type of transition bed that accomplishes these things:

  • To allow parents to safely transition their toddlers directly into a standard twin size mattress set and have the ability to accommodate a child’s growth.
  • To bring a new friendship into a child’s life to encourage imaginative play and help with a child’s fear of sleeping alone.

Incredibed’s mission is to provide fun and safe sleep environments for toddlers, children and all people young at heart. The strive to bring new creative elements into a child’s bedroom inspiring kids to explore, create and most importantly sleep in their own room. They promise never to lose focus of the impact we will have on those tiny little hands that will cross our path.

Our Thoughts:

We recently connected with Incredibeds and were asked to pick a bed to review.  My 4-year-old’s favorite color is green so I choose the T-Rex Incredibed for the review.  Now my youngest still sleeps in a crib and my 4-year-old has a full size bed.  Since this was a twin size, and the only twin size bed we have right now is a twin trundle, we used that mattress for the foundation. With just the one mattress, the bed was obviously very close to the floor and many parents do like this when transitioning their child from a crib to a bed.  We also tried with both trundle mattresses which we thought would show what a mattress and box spring would be like.  I prefer the bed with a mattress and box spring because I think it makes assembling the bed easier and more secure and I like the look better.

We received a large box that contained a space like bag filled with the stuffing pillows and the T-Rex pieces.  The first step was to unseal the bag and fluff the pillows.  Then it was a matter placing the bed material on the mattress and securing the zippers and then attaching the arms and feet with zippers to the body that was secured on the mattress and securing the head, attaching the eyes, zippering the top sheet on and fluffing a bit to get it just right.  When all that was done we put the included blanket on top and added our kids to test it out.

It was a huge hit and although we had set it up in a guest room for the review, my 4-year-old begged us to put it in his room.  The top sheet just zippers off for easy cleaning and the entire bed is machine washable making it easy to clean.  I know my kids love their plush pals and they take so many to bed with them every night.  This bed takes into account that kids love snuggly plush pals to sleep with and goes beyond that to make the entire bed a plush, cozy friend.  This bed will also appeal to little ones who are having a hard time sleeping in their own bed.  With a bed this cute and fun they will want to sleep in their bed and that will make everyone happy.  Incredibeds has a great selection of friendly characters to appeal to boys and girls so that every child will find the perfect bed.  If you are looking for a bed that will make the transition easy and fun for your child, you need to take a look at Incredibeds.

Incredibed Giveaway:
Incredibeds is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win the Incredibed of their choice.  Thank you Incredibeds for the review bed and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Incredibeds has a special bonus for Mommy Rambling’s readers.  Use the code, “MommyRamblings” for $30 Off any Incredibeds Character Bed Frame Purchase!!!
Incredibeds Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
Please enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!!!

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104 Responses to Incredibeds, Plush Kid’s Bed Review & Giveaway!!! Bonus Exclusive Coupon Code For $30 Off Purchase!!!

  1. Heather Dalton

    OMG We’re kind of jaws on the floor with this one! We’re actually building a Dinosaur train bed so this would be the most AMAZING thing ever! This guy inside the train bed. I don’t think my little man could take it!

    If we win PLEASE make it the Trex!

  2. I would love the Dog. He looks so cute!

  3. Colleen Busch

    Love the floppy Dog bed. Thanks.

  4. nici r

    I love the T-Rex bed!

  5. April G

    I’d probably pick Honey Brown Bear!

  6. Serena Drago

    I would pick the t-rex for my youngest son 🙂

  7. Gina Dooris

    I would pick the t-rex for my 4 year old cute 🙂

  8. tracey crum thomas

    Fuzzy Brown Bear

  9. Rhonda Houchin

    Pink Petunia Kitty is my 3 year old daughtwr Sidney’s must have.

  10. Rebecca Chappell Gibson

    Would love to win the Fuzzy Brown Bear!

  11. Monique H

    My son would love one of these! they are so cute

  12. Monique H

    I would love to win the floppy dog bed

  13. Jill Miller

    I love the fuzzy brown bear bed!

  14. Heidi Daily

    I think my daughter would love pink petunia kitty

  15. Janet W.

    I would probably choose the T-Rex Dinosaur Bed Frame with Bedding!

  16. Jessica Bonner

    My son would LOVE the dinosaur bed! He would flip!

  17. Heather Sewell

    The floppy dog would be a hit in my household!

  18. Jessica C.

    I would choose the Honey Brown Bear

  19. Erica A

    I would choose the pink kitty for my little girl

  20. Heather Collins

    Pink Petunia Kitty for my daughter 🙂

  21. Desiree Gutierrez

    i like the fuzzy brown bear

  22. Laurel

    I like the Floppy Dog the best!

  23. Daisy

    i like the Fuzzy Brown Bear

  24. Rhonda Grisham

    I just love them all, but would choose the Fuzzy Brown Bear.

  25. Addison Kat

    This is way cute! My son would love Floppy Dog!

  26. amy

    i think my son would love the floppydog.

  27. Kristi

    I would flip to win my son a floppy brown puppy bed! I think it is great the safety features!!

  28. Vicky Dertinger

    I love the cat one ….

  29. Serena K

    the floppy dog! the daughter absolutely loves dogs <3

  30. Denima Lund

    omg my 4 year old son would sooooo love the dino!!!

  31. Bethany

    I would love to win the Fuzzy Brown Bear bed!!! He is too cute!

  32. flora guzman

    Would love the chance to get one for my son.

  33. holly

    Would love to win this!! thanks for the opportunity!

  34. flora guzman

    This a great new product. Would love the chance to get one for my son.

  35. Wendy W.

    I like the Pinky Petunia Kitty!

  36. Camie L.

    My daughter wants the Pinky Petunia Kitty!!! So adorable!

  37. Melissa O.

    OMG! I want one of these soooo bad! I can not choose between the Floppy dog or the T-rex but if I won I would have to let my almost 4 year old choose 🙂

  38. Karli

    Fuzzy Brown Bear for sure!

  39. Melani

    I would get the Fuzzy Brown Bear Twin Bed.

  40. Aisha H.

    Fuzzy Brown Bear is what I like for my kids

  41. Korisa

    We’re just getting ready to transition my kid to his own bed — this would be perfect! He would LOVE the Floppy Dog bed.

  42. Stephanie Salisbury

    My daughter would love the pink cat and she
    Might actually sleep in it!

  43. tara zamora

    The honey brown bear soo so so cute!

  44. Jennifer Williams

    Adorable!! My daughter would LOVE the Pinky Petunia Kitty!

  45. Dimitria Manning

    I would choose the floppy dog twin bed one 🙂 He’s CUTE!!! We are just about to transition my son and this would be perfect 🙂

  46. katrina zamora

    The floppy Dog! Love IT

  47. Casey

    I like the Floppy Dog bed

  48. Rochelle Sindelar

    I would pick the T-Rex Bed!!

  49. Melissa

    My godson would love the t-rex bed!

  50. Alexis Janiszewski

    They are all so cute…… i think i would with the honey bear since it can be for boy or girl!!!

  51. Patty S.

    I like the pink kitty cat bed:)

  52. Lbrouse1 (at) gmail (dt) com
    It would be a hard choice between the T_Rex & Floppy Dog beds!

  53. brooke t

    Floppy Dog Twin Bed Frame (Male or Female) with Bedding

  54. Lisa

    I would pick the dinosour or the dog. Its a tough choice 🙂

  55. Jennifer Lashley

    Love the beds… I would choose from my son the Floppy Dog Bed if I was to win!!!! Wish I would have seen something like this when my other kids were little… just adorable!!!

  56. Harmony

    We would love a dog for my little man!!

  57. Angie M

    dog or Kitty, not sure. I would have my daughter pick if I would win

  58. Pauline

    Love the T-rex bed

  59. Jayme

    Thinking the t-rex bed 🙂

  60. Livivua C

    I know my dollar would love a bear!

  61. Theresa J

    I love the Fuzzy Brown Bear

  62. Gladys Parker

    Pink Petunia Kitty
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  63. Cristen C

    Pinky Petunia Kitty

  64. PJ

    They are all so adorable! The brown (boy) bear would probably be our choice. 🙂

  65. Camie L.

    Pink Petunia Kitty!!!

  66. Abbi

    i like the girl floppy dog

  67. Donna Marie

    We would prob go with floppy dog (girl).
    donna marie

  68. Shannon F.

    I love the dog!

  69. dawn

    I would pick the puppy, well mty son would, he has a real hard time sleeping in his own bed right now, and ive gotten him 3 different beds besides a toddler one, but i think he’d feel safe in the arms of mans best friend:)

  70. Michelle I

    I would love the pink cat.
    Maybe if we had this in my 5 yr old daughter’s room, she wouldn’t always be climbing into her 7 yr old brother’s room to sleep with him.

  71. Heather Galbraith

    I would choose the pink kitty:)

  72. Thrisha Myers

    We would go with the dog, cat or dino Hard to decide.

  73. Jennifer W.

    My kids are all about puppies and they would love these!

  74. Meghan Finley

    She’d love a Pinky Petunia Kitty Twin Bed Frame with Bedding

  75. Julie Lundstrom

    I like the dog or the brown bear.

  76. love the Pinky Petunia Kitty Twin Bed Frame with Bedding

  77. Elsa

    We are crazy for dinos at our house. I have actually been saving up for the trex!! I have wanted it for months!

  78. Tina Holt

    I would love to win that cute Pinky Petunia Kitty one! My grand-daughter is afraid to sleep by herself, & this could probably entice her to get out of Mommy & Daddys bed. : )

  79. Crissy Ingram

    We are moving an redoing all of the kids rooms my two year old LOVES puppies. The puppy bed would be perfect!

  80. I like the flexibility of the “floppy dog” can be a girl for Charlotte or a boy if the next baby is a boy!

  81. Jayne Fleming

    I would pick the Dino Bed

  82. Matthew S

    I would pick the Dinosaur bed for my son

  83. Kelly Ann T.

    I like the Floppy Dog Twin Bed Frame (Male or Female) with Bedding

  84. Jennifer

    I would pick the fuzzy brown bear!

  85. Cynthia P

    t-REX dino bed

  86. Cathy

    Would love to win the Pink Petunia Kitty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Sharon Cosby

    Floppy Dog boys

  88. Laura Jacobson

    Oh Carter would love the Floppy Dog boys bed! So adorable!

  89. Rochelle Luaders

    I would probably choose the floppy dog bed. What awesome beds!

  90. TEH DOLL

    T-Rex Dinosaur Bed Frame with Bedding

  91. Amy Dillard

    Like the puppy!
    amy_a_d is my twitter name, i hit enter before i could post it 🙂

  92. Tim

    I would probably take the TRex dinosaur

  93. amber

    I really like pink petunia kitty best but I have a boy so I’d have to go with the TREX dinosaur.

  94. Daisy

    I would go with the dog. My daugther would love it.

  95. Christyn Mckenna

    Pinky Petunia Kitty

  96. Jacqueline Lowder

    I would love to win the TRex.

  97. Kristine

    Definitely the Honey Brown Bear

  98. Laura Sullivan

    Love the pink kitty! Adorable!

  99. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Pretty petunia kitty

  100. Shelly

    Pink Petunia Kitty is adorable!!

  101. michelle

    Please help!!!! I went on the website and saw the Hello Kitty. They are no longer in stock and from my understanding will no longer be selling them. My daughter then saw the Pink Petunia kitty and once again not in stock. I have checked all websites listed who sell them and again, all out. I am searching for either of the two. thanks

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