Lelli Kelly, Hand-Beaded, Mary Jane Shoes Review!!!

About Lelli Kelly:

Lelli Kelly shoes were designed in Italy by Attilio Attilieni, chairman of Lelli Kelly and his wife Mariella in 1992. Their idea came from the consideration that there were no brand of footwear that was dedicated exclusively to girls, which they would like and want to wear. The name “Lelli Kelly” was born when their six-year-old son thought of the name Kelly Kelly, when he was asked what his girl school friends would think was an attractive name. Kelly Kelly became “Lelli Kelly”, and this excellent idea took off and became increasingly popular all over Europe in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the Untied Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Lelli Kelly shoes are among the best on the market, with the combination of unique design/fashion and good quality. They are anti-transpirant, due to a patented technique which was perfected in their facilities using a Latex Foam material. Under a soft leather perforated insole of your Lelli Kelly shoes,there is a layer of Lelli Kelly LATEX FOAM or Dryz. The soft leather perforated insole wicks away respiration from the foot. These antibacterial agents in the layer of Lelli Kelly LATEX FOAM and in the Dryz attack odor-causing bacteria, by absorbing wetness and pulling it into a gel away from the foot. The wetness trapped in the gel escapes through holes in the sole throughout the day, and evaporates completely after the shoes are removed. Lelli Kelly’s patented LATEX FOAM inserted under the perforated leather insole, will keep your daughter’s feet dry, comfortable, and fresh in all-weather conditions.

Lelli Kelly shoes are the result of an intensive study of girls’ environment and their quality demands as they grow. All the components of your girl’s Lelli Kelly shoes follow the high European quality standards. The inner sole is made of real perforated leather; the outersole is light and antiskid. Each and every one of the beads and sequins are hand sewn and single stitched. Your daughter will love these adorable highly adorned fashionable shoes, almost as much as her parents do, knowing she is wearing the latest fashion and good quality shoe!

Our Thoughts:

Most young children are very independent and insist on putting their shoes on by themselves. More often than not, they get them on the wrong feet! At young ages, most children do not know their right from left. I’m sure many parents would agree that there are few if any products available, that allow their children to tell the difference between right and left shoes. Recently we had the opportunity to do a review for Lelli Kelly’s Zoo shoes, and think they may just have something here! I am excited to offer you one of the first ever previews of Lelli Kelly’s Zoo shoes which are designed to stimulate girl’s creativity! The Zoo shoes make it possible to distinguish the right foot from the left according to the little girl’s liking! Unlike usual pairs of shoes which come two in a box, Lelli Kelly’s Zoo shoes only come one per box, right or left. There are four different designs, each shoe had either an elephant, giraffe, pelican or zebra on the toe.

The girls were excited to be able to choose which animal they wanted for each foot. Having different animals made it easy to remember which was the left or right shoe.  One chose a zebra for her right shoe and a giraffe for her left, another had a pelican for her right and zebra for her left. I coached them on how they can tell which animal shoe goes on which foot, and which is right and left.
These shoes were a hit with all the girls,  even the older girls, who already know right from left, still loved these shoes because they were so pretty with all of their favorite colors and so comfortable.  Some of the girls were so excited about their shoes that they made up a new dance. After wearing the shoes for a few weeks, my 4-year-old niece proudly showed me what she had learned and remembered, showing me which animal went on which foot!
These shoes are very good quality, and I can see them lasting a long time! The inner sole is made of natural perforated leather, the outside material is white canvas, covered with colorful, sparkly, sequins and beads! The outer sole is pretty pink, antiskid rubber. They are bright and colorful, perfect for spring and summer!
Lelli Kelly shoes are available at major retailers and upscale children’s boutiques.

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  1. attilio attilieni

    Hi Molly, thank you for your fantastic support to the LelliKelly Zoo – you have really well described the spirit of it. One question: the shoes are not in the market yet, can I ask you were have you bought them? Thank you for the cooperation

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