Pong™ Case and Cover for the iPad 2 Review!!!

I totally embrace technology, I don’t know where I would be without the Internet.  I have for so many years said if there was a gun to my head and I had to give up my Internet or my Cable TV forever, the TV would find itself out in the cold.  I have a hard time even remembering what it was like before we had access to the World Wide Web.  I completed my degree taking online classes through my university, I am a staff writer for a major trade publication in the baby and child industry, I manage customer service for another company, I blog for a major motion picture studio and of course, I blog at Mommy Ramblings.  None of this would be possible without advances in technology.  However, with all the electronic devices, tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops that make this possible, I still worry about harmful radiation or electromagnetic fields.

I calm myself by remembering stories I heard from people much older than me, about how when TVs first made their way into American homes, that parents were paranoid about radiation from them.  Parents were known to police just how close was safe to sit, in order to escape the harmful radiation these “magic boxes” emitted.  Well, we laugh about that now but in the late 70’s and 80’s as microwaves made their way into just about every home, there was talk about the radiation that these “magic ovens” released and some people were terrified and did not finally get a microwave until a decade or so later.

We know our electronics emit electromagnetic fields.  Given the popularity of laptops and the fact that they are practically given out at birth now, the scientist in me can’t help but worry.  Are we going to be dealing with infertility at staggering rates due to young women and men working on a laptop that is so close to their reproductive organs?  Are there more cases of learning disorders, Autism, birth defects due to the fact that many pregnant women are using laptops while their baby is developing?  We just don’t know.  So we can just be complacent and see what happens, or we can choose the better safe than sorry route.

I know this is a lot of introduction for a review, but I want you to understand, now that I have finally jumped on the iPad 2 train, and use it mainly late at night to read in bed, the thoughts that have crossed my mind.  I worry about having it close to my chest and breast cancer and other cancers.  So when I was asked to do a review for Pong, I was thrilled.  I was more than willing to jump on the “Better Safe Than Sorry” train with my iPad 2.

Using any case with your iPad or iPad 2 can reduce 3G transmission power by up to 75%! Pong™ is the only solution proven in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect iPad and iPad 2 users from electromagnetic radiation while preserving TRP (Total Radiated Power) of the iPads, and thus the transmission strength.

All 3G iPads have a built-in proximity sensor that significantly reduces transmission power when the iPad is moved to within 10mm of the body. This reduction of power serves to lower the radiation levels experienced by the user (SAR or specific absorption rate), low enough to meet FCC limits. However, the proximity sensor is triggered not just by the body, but by any solid. As a result, all commercial cases for the iPad and iPad 2 also cause the proximity sensor to trigger, which can reduce your transmission power by up to 75%.

Now Pong’s unique design and technology provides the only solution which allows the iPad to be used as designed. Pong’s unique design ensures that the antenna is exposed at all times keeping transmission power optimized. And Pong’s patented antenna technology spreads and redistributes the electromagnetic radiation, lowering the SAR by up to 82% below the FCC limits.

Okay, so the research shows that it protects us, but I was thrilled to learn that the Pong case was more than that.  It was a great case that protected my iPad 2 and the foldable cover was unique in that it supports the iPad 2 in several different positions.  I love that I can pull up a recipe and have it on my island while I bake or cook supported by the Pong case in an upright position.  I think it is neat that just opening and closing the cover turns my iPad 2 on and off and that it even has a fold that will enable easier typing on the iPad 2.  I also feel safer reading in bed and having my iPad 2 on my lap.  If you would like to get a seat on the “Better Safe Than Sorry” train, there are some seats available.  Pong makes cases for many kinds of smartphones and the iPad too.

For news of special promotions, new product introductions and more, be sure to like Pong on Facebook.  For additional information visit www.pongresearch.com. To see videos on the science behind the Pong case or care and instructions, view videos HERE.


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