SwaddleDesigns, Swaddle Duo Review and Giveaway!!!

I was recently asked to review SwaddleDesign’s Newest Product, The Swaddle Duo.  This great 2 pack of huge swaddling blankets gives you two fabric options.  A super soft cotton flannel and a cool open weave cotton marquisette.  I have to admit when I touched the cotton flannel,which is the ultimate receiving blanket, I fell in love.  This huge blanket was so soft that I wanted to roll up in it.  Most receiving blankets made of soft cotton flannel are so small, with a few washes they shrink even more and end up more like burp cloths.  Not something you can wrap your baby in, for sure.  These blankets are so large that you can swaddle your baby with ease and it also makes a great crib blanket for an older baby or toddler and is wonderful to take out with you because its size makes it perfect for so many other uses. The cotton marquisette is perfect for swaddling baby in warmer climates and will keep baby cool and comfortable with the open weave.  Luke saw the cotton flannel blanket and loved it immediately.  Luke is a blanket expert, so his opinion carries a lot of clout.  It is big enough that it is a great blanket for a toddler and when I had it folded lengthwise he just came and put his head down on it and kept touching it telling me how soft it was.  If you are looking for a set of swaddle blankets that give you lots of options, check out the SwaddleDesigns, Swaddle Duo.

“The SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide™ ~ baby should not be too hot, or too cold, but just right ~ comfortably warm.” The Goldilocks Guide helps new parents remember the importance of keeping baby comfortably warm. SwaddleDesigns strives to help new parents care for their baby by providing accurate and up-to-date information, so parents may make informed choices. SwaddleDesigns Safe Sleep Program includes recommendations from the AAP and the NIH as the company strives to increase awareness of Safe Sleep practices and help parents reduce risk of SIDS.  Visit the Safe Sleep Page to learn more about Safe Sleep Practices and the SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide.  For instructions about swaddling and sleeping environments visit their How-To-Swaddle information.  Join their exclusive email club, to get the inside scoop for special offers.



To show you how large the blankets are, this blanket is draped equally on both sides of the crib side.


SwaddleDesigns is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win a Swaddle Duo pack in their choice of pink or blue.  Thank you SwaddleDesigns for the review set and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.

SwaddleDesigns, Swaddle Duo 2 Pack Blanket Set Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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37 Responses to SwaddleDesigns, Swaddle Duo Review and Giveaway!!!

  1. karen M

    I like the Fresh Pastel baby bib

  2. Rochelle Sindelar

    I love the adult swaddle wraps. They look so cozy!!!

  3. Daisy

    i like the SwaddleDesigns – Stroller Blanket – Fuzzy Dots – Kiwi and Gold with Mocha Trim

  4. D Schmidt

    I really like SwaddleDesigns – Swaddle Duo – Cute & Wild Duo Gift Set – Kiwi Swaddle Blankets

  5. Cristen C

    I like the Little Lovie Security Blankets

  6. amy pugmire

    i love the SwaddleDesigns – Ultimate Receiving Blanket – Pastel Blue with True Blue Owls and Trim

  7. love the adult swaddle wrap!

  8. Karen G

    I like the adult swaddle blanket

  9. Kristine

    I like their Organic Collection.

  10. Patty S

    Adult swaddle blankets, that’s something new!

  11. Kristina S

    I also like the zzZipMe Sack

  12. Bethany B

    The jewel tone owls ultimate receiving blanket, and the zzZipMe Sacks

  13. Jessica C.

    I like the Pastel and Brown hooded towel

  14. Wendy W.

    They have really cute stroller blankets!

  15. Heather

    I would like the organic fitted sheets for my baby’s crib.

  16. Felicia R

    I would also love to try the SwaddleDesigns Organic Cotton Flannel zzZipMe Sack in Pastel Pink Dots & Hearts with Pastel Pink Trim

  17. Sonya

    I love the Adult Swaddle Wraps! They’re actually big enough to covor head to toe!

  18. Jennifer C.

    I love the organic receiving blankets!

  19. Alexis Janiszewski

    I love the security blankets plush dot ones!

  20. A. Casados

    i love the security blankets

  21. Aura

    the SwaddleDesigns – Marquisette Swaddling Blanket – Kiwi Paisleys is beautiful and the angry birds are also really cute and the adult swaddle wraps look so nice and luxurious

  22. I like the organic zzzipme sack!

  23. Jessica Dawson

    I LOVE the Short Sleeve Bodysuit – Pastel with Mocha Dots

    bodysuits are essential for babies

    Jessica D

  24. Melissa

    I like the *NEW* SwaddleDesigns – Baby Lovie – SeaCrystal & Sterling Dots with SeaCrystal Satin

  25. Jolene Johnson

    *NEW* SwaddleDesigns – zzZipMe Sack – Fuzzy Dots – SeaCrystal and Sterling with SeaCrystal Trim
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  26. Pauline

    I like the adult swaddle wraps

  27. Angie M

    adult swaddle wraps

  28. I like the Adult Swaddle Wrap – Violet Puff Circles with Dk Violet Satin

  29. Alex Liz Robinson

    I like the zzZip me sacks!

  30. Alex Liz Robinson

    GFC: arobinson45

  31. Alex Liz Robinson

    My alexa name is: arobinson45

  32. Dee

    With baby girl due next month, I love SOOO much, but especially the zzzip me sacks..they look so soft!

  33. Erin Lawrence

    I love the zzZipMe Sacks!

  34. Casey

    I like the SwaddleDesigns – zzZipMe Sack – Fuzzy Very Lt Kiwi with Kiwi Mod Squares

  35. Gladys Parker

    Love, Love, Love Pastel Pink Puff Circle Baby Lovie!
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  36. Brittany C

    I like their Pastel with Chocolate Brown hooded towel:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Gladys Parker

    You have just voted for Mommy Ramblings!
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

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