Trikke, Bikee Balance Bike Review!!!

If you are looking for a great balance bike that is lightweight, super easy to assemble, adjustable, quality made, colorful and fun at a great price check out the new Trikke, Bikee Balance Bike.  I was thrilled when Trikke asked me to review their new Bikee.  My sons love riding balance bikes and when I saw they had a green and blue combination it just sealed the deal.  My 4 year old’s favorite color is green so we were all in.  It arrived and it truly is so easy to assemble.  I think my husband had thought it was going to be a big ordeal as he got the box but was pleasantly surprised minutes later when it was all assembled.  The first thing I noticed was how light it was.  That is very important because I am usually the one that has to carry it down our steep long driveway and back up when we ride them on the road.  This bike is so light my son can easily carry it down himself.  We adjusted the seat and Ethan was off and running and coasting on this bike.  He loved it so much that even though it was quite chilly out  he said he was going to ride it all day.  I really like that it has a little foot rest so he can put his feet there when coasting.  He took to that right away and even liked to keep one foot there and kick off with the other like a scooter at times.  That is a unique feature that I have not seen on other balance bikes.  The handlebars have nice big soft grips on them so it feels very secure for little hands.  Mommy Ramblings thinks this balance bike is great!  We are adding it to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide because we like it so much.


Bikee is built with a strong, durable and lightweight (only 7 lbs) steel frame. Your child will be able to lift, drag and handle it with ease.The Bikee design and construction are intentionally minimalistic: frame, handlebar, seat, and wheels (with maintenance free tires) – that’s all. Simple, no hassle, no unnecessary parts to get in the way and add weight.The area for the legs are cleared of any obstruction for free and comfortable scooting and longer stride.Handlebar and seat are adjustable in height to maximize the performance and ergonomics, and grow with your child. The frame size fits the average size of children from 2-5 years of age.The assembly is as easy as 1-2-3 and takes less than 10 minutes.The Bikee balance bike was safety tested and approved according to CPSC (frame safety), CPSIA (free of toxic materials) and European Conformity CE standards.

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