Mega Blocks Blok Squad, Construction Site Set Review!!! Holiday Gift Guide Pick!!!

Recently, I was asked to choose one of the new Mega Blocks Blok Squad Sets to review.  I chose the Construction Site Set.  I actually had forgotten about this review and the other night I was planning my son’s birthday cake.  We are going to do a construction site theme and the next day I received this set in the mail.  I was absolutely thrilled because it contains so many neat items that I can use first on top of his cake.  I am making him a large two layer sheet cake so I have plenty or room to create a great scene.  Then after we blow out the candles he will have an awesome play set.  I love all the little construction site detail pieces that it includes like the cones, shovels, wheelbarrows, toolbox, hand tools, construction men, barriers and work lights not to mention the great trucks.  I am really impressed with the detail of this set, it will certainly light up my son’s face when he sees this on his cake.  My little boys, like most love trucks, especially construction trucks.  With this set you can build a front loader, steam roller and a pick up truck with a trailer for carrying equipment to the job site.

If you are looking for a great gift this holiday season for the little boys on your list, then check out the Mega Blocks Blok Squad Sets, they have other sets available in Fire Squad and Police Squad themes.  Mommy Ramblings loves these sets so much we are adding them to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.



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4 Responses to Mega Blocks Blok Squad, Construction Site Set Review!!! Holiday Gift Guide Pick!!!

  1. Desiree Gutierrez

    Are they compatible with regular legos? I am considering getting the construction one for my son since I bought him some legos for Christmas. Those are too cute and he would love them, and they seem like a better deal than most lego sets. thank you for your review

    • Desiree, Mega Blocks and Legos are compatible as long as they are the same scale size. The large Mega Blocks are also compatible with the larger Lego Duplo Blocks.

      • Desiree Gutierrez

        awesome, great to know! I just love the construction ones. He is getting the smaller type of legos for older kids (so that alone will be an experiment to see how he plays with them since it would be his first big kid legos.). I got the 704 piece lego set at Target in July for under $13 but it would be good to add a set like this that would add to the fun. My boy loves all things cars and trucks too. thanks for your reply. 🙂

  2. Haven’t seen these sets yet, we have both lego’s and Mega Blocks. Makes for a nice way for the kids to spend the day when it gets to cold outside.

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