Activeion HOM, General Purpose Cleaning System Review!!!

If you are a regular reader of Mommy Ramblings, you probably know I am a serious germophobe.  I love when I can review cleaning products and gadgets.  I was recently sent the Activeion HOM to review. The Activeion HOM™ is a great general-purpose cleaner. It can be used to clean soils, stains, dirt, dust, oils and more. The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, tested Activeion technology against some of the leading chemical cleaners. The results – Activeion cleans as well as, or in some cases, better than, the general-purpose and specialized chemical cleaners selected for testing.  When used as directed, the Activeion HOM™ kills H1N1 and more than 99.9%* of most harmful bacteria (E. coli, VRE, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staph, Listeria, and E. coli 0157:H7) on nonporous hard surfaces with a 6-second spray.  With chemical cleaners you may think that you are wiping away and removing any harmful chemicals, but the fact is, those cleaners leave behind a chemical residue that is potentially dangerous to your family. Activeion leaves behind only water. And water simply evaporates.

I really like the Activeion HOM, it is super easy to use because you just charge the unit itself.  When the unit is charged you add regular water and clean, there is no waiting for it to process or anything.  You are good to go.  The other thing I like is how the water is dispensed in a power like mist spray that lets you cover surfaces quickly and completely.  I really like knowing that germs are killed but I am not leaving any chemical residue behind.  I like to bake and I use my stone counters for rolling dough and kneading, so I want to know they are squeaky clean but I don’t want to use chemical cleaners because of what they may leave behind.  The Activeion HOM is excellent for this.  I can spray my large island in seconds wipe and then sanitize the surface and know that my cookies and breads will not have any harmful chemicals in them.  It is great for cleaning the bathroom because you can easily put the sanitizing water spray on the surface of the tub, tile, counters, toilet and more.  Then you know all the germs are killed before you even wipe it down.  Not only will the Activeion HOM save you money, it is so much healthier for your family and the environment.

Mommy Ramblings likes the Activeion HOM so much we are adding it to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide under Products To Help You This Holiday Season.

Real clean means no germs, no dirt and no residue.

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  1. Nice gift idea, safe for the environment too! I would use this for cleaning the kids toys and the baby gear. I was thinking it would be good for cutting boards too.
    Thank You for sharing.

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